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What point

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:43 PM
If origins are original, then no thing or person was created.

If you make a sand castle, was it not originally somewhere already before? Like, say, your mental picture itself? That mental picture of the sand castle is no creation because it is an original which happens to be darely seen. When you try to make a copy of an original in going away from the orginal, that which you think you create is a cheap mimic or a cheap imatation you mistake for being the original. It is a down grade from the original, actually.

Every time you get an idea it is like seeing in mind a slide show of the actual originals. In mind you see them 'as is' original or you see how to build them originally. But when you use your hand to copy the original you see in mind, the building it is surely not original if the mental picture did not show itself being built.

That is the magic of the mind. You see things remote that are originals that are just keep from this plane, but nonetheleast already existing somewhere. A somewhere you may enter sooner or later, and behold the originals into infinity.

If this universe and cosmos was created, then they are a down grade. And you know a down grade cant compete with an original no matter how close it may seem. Looks can be decieving. Plus, a down graded material and down graded order can be extremely corruptible and error bound. Glinches occur with a down graped cosmic order version.

You here have yet to see the actual original anything that is far from a down grade. Think of the best movie idea put into being a movie you've seen here in this universe's world (this plane)... Say, "Breakfast Club"... Now just think if there is an original to this down graded version you've seen here... Hmm. The original order it is carried out with its original characters and original detail to the T should be way better than any down graded version, where the whole idea is not grasped since the mind here in this plane doesnt allow any one to grasp the original to the T in any way, shape, or form.

Even you are a down graded version here in this plane that cant access your true height. But the original you is with height that these bodies here wont allow you to let seen.

So ask yourself at what point is something original. In mental picture? Or after build with hand outside the mental picture?

Any one else see what I'm implying? Any with 2 cent to share about creation vs origins?


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