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Robert Mugabe forces Zimbabwe aid agencies into cash crisis

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 12:57 PM

Aid agencies have accused Robert Mugabe of cutting their lifeline to millions of starving Zimbabweans after he imposed sweeping new bank restrictions which have made it impossible for them to finance their operations

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Honestly this guy is an absolute tit, I really wish some country would pay for a cou or at the very least an assassination and let the other guy take over fully and sort this mess out. although I doubt any of the worlds governments are going to do anything and his control of the armies makes it nigh impossible for the people of that country to do anything.

His policies and behavior favour only himself while the people around him starve and die, it absolutely disgusts me that our countries still trade and profit with this idiot.

If we all chip in a quid we can raise enough to have someone pop one in his knee and put him out of action.


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