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Leave "Joe the plumber" alone

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 08:19 AM
I think this issue has gone too far from day 2 of the media and candidates using he names and workings of the people to enhance an artificial reality they create using implication and belittlement in the subtle realms of idea transmission.

I.E. its childish that the media and politicians are acting like babies that want america enslaved but cant quite reach the bottle of nub nub slavey time.

Picking on citiznery is far below rational for the media wolves, and wont win them points unless they dont care about points, I guess thats why immaturity always follows the money.

See people like you and me hold this bottle away because to them its like candy but what they dont know is that it will cause their demise and ours, but they know this too. The people surrounding 9-11, the economy, war on drugs and the media are liars and fakesters, who act like babies (lying, stealing, cheating, accusing, framing, even killing to get their lowlife form ways of greed and criminality.

And to think they dont see that the public is waking up is naive, why they attack joe. when i listen to the speeches all I hear are people who know of mind control programs, and word things to fit within another mans construct, but what mans construct? whos idea was it to turn america into pinnochio land, we all know what happens to the kids on that island cit paradise. they morph into asses, a disney sync wink to the future? Dumbing down americans before they destroy things for real.

Jpe the plumber has been used as he knows,I for one find it
I think its pathetic that people find it so difficult to reason with themselves over these situations. I believe that someone half gone mentaly has more reason than the collective populace of voters. They treat voting like football, and footbal like god, and they treat the real God like cr*p.

Real God = spiritual movement that creates corrections using mystery or non mystery to connect one macrocosm to the multiple microcosms.

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 08:03 PM
Joe the plumber isnt really joe the plumber buddy, and its becoming increasingly evident that the man is a plant.

He went in there with no intention to change his mind for McCain, instead his obviously motive was to make a mockery of Obamas plans. Its funny, the many doesnt even make half as much as 250 thousand, who is he representing? ignorant middle american that dont want to consider the man with the funny name.

His a fake and he chose to put himself into the medias eyes.

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