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Dreams and meaning

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 07:29 AM
Two nights ago I had a dream, when I awoke I turned on the computer and typed what I remembered.

This is my dream.

Let me set the scene; I was in a small apartment, (the apartment wasn’t familiar but the area it was in was), it was a little messy; I was there with an old childhood friend. I knew him from when I was about 7yo his name was Christopher, we hung around together for about 2 years maybe. I never spoke to him in adulthood very much, about 5 or 6 times really, although on one of those occasions he seemed pleased to see me and we reminisced about old times briefly.

Back to the dream though, we sat in his apartment although messed up I did not mind, we were teenagers again and I had no place to go having been kicked out of the house by my mother, He was very friendly allowing me to stay and he seemed he didn’t mind the company. We conversed for a while, but the conversation has become quite vague since I woke up. I remember saying I was leaving and he said I was welcome back at any time and asked me where I would stay, I told him Id probably go to a friends or sleep out at the side of the road near my friend’s house. As I said that I knew I would probably go to my father’s house.

It jumped to the road outside my other friend’s house, we talked briefly and then I was back in the apartment getting my things together.

Before leaving, I said "I remember your older brother", I couldn’t remember his name though. He looked down at the floor, and said "ye, Michael" Michael died a few years ago, I’m not sure how and I didn’t want to ask. I then said, " I remember your younger sister too, Angela" she to had passed away about 6 or 7 years ago in her sleep through alcohol I’m told, He's got another brother too, he's still alive and well, although he never came into the conversation really. He had another sister who also died but I’m not sure if I thought about her in the dream or she came to mind afterwards.

As I was about to leave I thanked him for letting me stay, he said it wasn’t a problem and to come back if I was ever stuck again. I had a really warm friendly feeling while talking to him again after so long, and the feeling appeared mutual, he seemed very happy to see me. That was the moment I began to awake, I still had this nice warm feeling inside.

Then it hit me............. I remembered he had died about 5 years ago in his mid 20s, devastated by the fact his younger sister passed, he drank and took drugs until his body couldn’t take anymore. I’ve thought about him only 4 or 5 times since hearing about his death, so he was never on my mind a great deal. That’s why I find it strange; he appeared in my dream out of the blue, all of sudden. I did at one point feel very emotional and shed a tear for the first time in many years. I’m not sure if there's a message in all this, I just felt compelled to write it once I had fully awoken.

I was going to post this and ask for opinions yesterday but changed my mind for some reason. I post it now because I recieved a phone call this morning, my cousin and long time friend was found dead in his apartment in the early hours. He was only in his mid 30s, cause of death is unknown at this moment, but he was heavily into drugs and alchohol. For reasons I wont judge him on. I also named the file I wrote it in "An old friend".

I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, nor am I looking for sympathy. Im not religious and never have been. I post it for people to offer opinions on, if it is just a coincidence then I find it a very interesting one.

R.I.P. Paul S. 1974 - 2008

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 02:42 AM
Firstly I commend you for writing down a dream as soon as you woke up... I have been meaning to do so for years.

Secondly, I empathize with you. I have been upset by dreams as well, sometimes very deeply though never irreparably.

My understanding of dreams is as follows, though I expect it to be correctable. The brain could be compared to an exceptionally powerful computer, and our senses allow real-world information to pass into it's "RAM" (short term memory) in the daytime. A massive amount of information passes through here and we are only consciously aware of a small fraction of it. Another portion is "processed" into subconscious things such as reflexes; for example, if a truck is coming down the road and you jump out of the way.

We also can know things without being consciously aware of them, or without being able to explain them; for example, morality and subconscious interpretation of body language.

The events of the day can then, as we sleep, be transferred from the "RAM" into the "hard drive", i.e. long term memory. They can also be analyzed more deeply, and this, I believe, is where dreams are rooted. Your brain is attempting to make sense of information it was given during the day. You may have been subconsciously reminded of your friend, or something similar. Or your brain could be reflecting emotions.

I do happen to think that some degree of knowledge can be gained from the proper conscious interpretation of dreams, the same way looking at an animal under a microscope can produce new understanding of it's biology; you can now see details that were always there but that you weren't aware of. But, I don't believe that brains can precognate or "tell the future" because there is no way that they could know what it will be. They reiterate and interpret real world info, but because dreams are just a by-product of this process they can be very bizarre and seem very unworldly.

So, the point being, you probably miss your friend.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by SlyCM

Thanks for sharing your views on this subject, an interesting read.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 03:58 AM
I had two friends who died in a car accident. The driver who was also my friend survived. A couple months before they died I was with one, (we'll just call him John) at a grave yard and him and I went into the crematorium. He told me that he thought it was beautiful in there and that if he ever died he wanted to be cremated, then he told me he wanted a pack of Marlboros with two removed and two replaced so to speak without the obvious drug reference delivered by his friend Mark, then he said but I think that we will die together.

A couple months after that I recieved the news that they had both died together in a car accident the following day. What is strange though is the things that happened after that.

I attended the funeral with my HS girlfriend at the time and after the funeral I noticed that she had made some advances and some that were made back from my best friend. So soon after that we had broken up and then I later found that she was dating my best friend.

I felt like the world was caving in on me. Within the period of a month I had lost four people that I loved and many of the other people that had lost the two along with me always looked to me for some reason as a support system.

I became very suicidal and at one point I swallowed a very large quantity of pain pills. The interesting thing is that Johns ex-girlfriend from when he had passed away had contacted me and found out and called the ambulance and well basically saved my life.

She for some reason seemed to be interested in me romantically and though we had gone on a few dates after this, I just never felt the same about her.

I had been visiting with Johns parents quite a bit after their loss and I was the one who brought the driver over to their house to confront his parents for the very first time after the accident. I also brought Marks girlfriend over their to see his folks for the first time, which oddly enough I was briefly ating her at the time and I actualy was interested.

On the way home that night I had speed up, down the road where me and my highschool buddies often would to hit a speed bump so that we would get the thrill of fellling the car lift from the ground. Shortly after a cop pulled me over and said that he didn't catch me on radar, but that he knew I was going way to fast and he wrote me a ticket for not signing the back of my registration. Not only that but my parents had filed a missing persons report and forgot to call it in when I returned. Let's just say I was a pretty crazy teenager and me and a couple of friends took a road trip to California one day which prompted the missing persons report, but thats another story.

So in conclusion my parents had to pick me up from the police station and we had an argument afterwards and m parents had talked to Johns parents and they had both decided that it would be best if I stayed with them for a week.

So basically when I got back to Johns parents they confronted me the same way they would have the driver of the car in the accident. His father said to me "Who's son or daughter are you going to kill?" and then his mom handed me the card from their funeral which said. John and Mark would do anything to help their friends and family. Then she asked me if I knew about their accident before hand would I put a few police officers out there to stop it from happening. Of course I would have, I replied. She then answered me with her silence.

We planted a tree that wweek and I enjoyed the time I spent with them very much. His dad plays guitar and so do I so we also spent alot of time doing that.

A few years later, I don't know what I was thinking at the time, but me and a friend had gone to visit the site where the car accident happened. We had a couple of beeers and we were just going to go out there and check out the stars and what not. I had just opened my beer and set it down and went to take a leak on the site of the road. Soon as I started to, right there with my pants down, two police officers pulled up and saw the open container. I wasn't driving thank God. But I was still underage so they wrote me a ticket for underage drinking.

In any case I think that sometimes people that have passed away that have been close to you at some point have a way of helping and communicating with you if it becomes necessary. Because they have escaped the physical reality of time and matter they might understand things better and try to communicate with you, especially if you need some sort of intervention or help of some kind. Or maybe just to look out for you somehow.

in any ase you reminded me of that story and I thought I should share it with you. I call Johns parents sometimes and last I talked to his father we had sort of made plans to get together. Often times though I get caught up in the hustle and bustle and don't make time to do thee types of things. He had told me about the tree that we had planted and how big it has gotten. I have also since had a chid of my own who I would like them to meet but I have been sso consumed in my own life that I nearly forgot and I haven't spoken to them in a very long time. I think I will give them a call tomorrow.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 04:33 AM

Originally posted by 12.21.12
In any case I think that sometimes people that have passed away that have been close to you at some point have a way of helping and communicating with you if it becomes necessary. Because they have escaped the physical reality of time and matter they might understand things better and try to communicate with you, especially if you need some sort of intervention or help of some kind. Or maybe just to look out for you somehow.

Although Im an extremely logical person, I would like to think this to be true.

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