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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:51 AM
This is one thing,that annoys me. And I've just had to deal with it on a massive scale. (well,it's only little,but I've built it up in my head and let it get to me)

All i want to do,is change the name on my sky account from my partners name,to mine. You'd think that'd be an easy task,wouldn't you? But no,I've tried over the last 2 months to get this simple little thing done,but these shower of useless surplus meatbags can't get it right. Why? That's all I want to know,it's like I've asked them to cut out a kidney and post it to me. I haven't. I've not even sworn at them yet,I've been all polite and nice. (I took it out on the t*at at BT instead,more incompetence) if I have to ring them up to ask them to do it one more time,I think I'll kill the nearest thing to me. (don't worry,I'll make sure that I'm either in a payphone in the countryside,or parlement.)

this has been a rather calm rant,because I've had to take all the norty words out

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