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sEagle Eye & Operation Guillotine !SPOIlERS!!

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 03:28 AM
Not sure how many have seen this movie yet, so be cautioned what I am going to mention will be a spoiler of sorts. So please continue if you have seen the movie, other wise you were forewarned.

I honestly, could in a way agree with the AI intitiating the op. One exeption though, minus the lethal direct action.

To follow the reasoning Eagle Eye used, is virtually verbatim of what I have posted for years. The US of A could use an over haul of the entire executive secton of our government. But I wouldn't stop at just the executive, the entire government needs to be replaced. Every one has been up there on capitol hill for so long they are out of touch with the reality of our nation, besides a hand full of them.

It is so broke and disfunctional, that trying to repair it is a waste of our time and resources. I've posted about that before so won't go into detail on that, but will say this much.
It just needs replaceing.
The world knows it.

They are ruining the vision the Founding Fathers had for this country. Blinded by their illusions, they no longer see the damage caused by their ignorance. The people need to stand together, disolve the political ties and put aside the petty polarized differences which only distract us from achieveing unison.

Every one of us knows change must occur, but are unsure or unwilling to see it through. What's needed is an organized middle ground to rally on.

Not an easy task given the diversity of this nation. It is not impossable though. And only requires effort. Five minutes day, each states kinsman could hash out the general conscensus. A message board would work, it works here and else where.

The hard part is takeing the intitive and spread the word. Just imagine if every one donated one dollar to the funding of such, even if just a fraction of the population got it started, it would be enough to get noticed and draw in others who feel the same.

If our State representative won't do their job and speak then we have to.
It is some thing to consider, and I for one can only gage the potential by seeing how those of you who may read this, reply.

Could we the people, take a stand as our American forerunners did, and unite for the better of our nations future?

Or just stand idly by as those who have ruined this country stay in place and continue to drive us further into the ground.

The choice is ours, each of us must decide. Nobody can help some one, who won't help them self. But we can decide to help each other, and not forget one thing-

United We Stand, The Rest Is, Not An Option!


Free fall

Eagle EyeFacebook

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 04:04 AM
If your suggesting I have to have seen the movie to grasp this post then your right.
However from the majority of what I have read I can honestly say I’m in agreement with you.
Nothing would make me happier than knocking congress and the administration down about a dozen notches.
Until Americans get their mind right I don’t see people doing much of anything.
Nowadays aside from a small minority of concerned citizens of which I count myself; the rest of the populace however is too easily distracted and amused.
That’s not meant to be a cutting remark, nor am I really wanting to call them “sheeple” because I know they can do more.
But with the wave of a hand Washington can seemingly hypnotize the American people into submission, wrangling the minds of the masses toward whatever goal they feel is best for their (Washington) wallets.
I’m honestly tired of seeing the congress pass bills left and right without proper deliberation then when they are finished stand up and boast to each other about how the American people should be proud they accomplished something.
Im sorry I find that philosophy to be sickening and steeped in arrogance.
How the hell can I and we be proud of a congress that fulfilled the basic requirement?
All they did was perform the standard of their job and have been found to drag ass doing so.
If they want to be cocky they are going to have to go above and beyond the standard or get the hell out.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 04:17 AM
They have had more than enough time, I say "get the hell out".

As far as the movie goes, it is crazy, and I saw where it was going right about 3/4s way through. It was interesting to say the least. I'm going to buy it when it's out, and hope for a directors cut.
It makes one think, and I like those kinds of films.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 04:39 AM
Well in all honesty, how do you suggest we the American concerned oust the corrupt and lame congressional leaders?
They are dug in in pretty good and they have an ample supply of lifeblood being supplied to them by the American cash cow, I don’t see how they would be taken out of power by anything less than physical methods.

Though truly nothing would please me more than dragging that bitch Nancy Pelosi out of the capital by her hair. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!!! I’m also coming back to drag the rest of the traitors out with an extreme amount of prejudice. LOL….

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:05 AM
Advisor, I did see the movie, and you make some very valid points.
Even though Iam not American, I can totally understand your point of view.
I actually didn't think too much about that when I saw the movie, as it was so over shadowed by the whole "Big Brother" concept. It was that , that had me looking at the world from a different angle.
It would be one thing to take out all the highest positions of government, but how far down the chain of command would you have to go to be sure you are making the change correctly?
Who would make that decision?
You wouldn't want it to be made such as the movie depicts. That has far too much of a Terminator feel to it.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:30 AM
5th of novembers coming up grab some barrels of gun powder and a guy fawkes mask and have at it

probabily not what you were thinking but i watched V for vendetta last night ^_^

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:56 AM
As mentioned above, the nation is going to have to come to a census of what we feel is best.

I would suggest a peaceful assembly around, senate, congress and the white house whiile they were there. Plus others by the subway to keep the escape tunnel occupied by peaceful assemblers.

That right is ours still. Then we state the demands, as entited by the Bill of rights, Constitution and Declaration of Indendance.

It may take a while, but if enoough people begin putting heads togeter, we can find a way.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 08:19 AM
I think that the current cabinet needs an overhaul, and that Obama can bring it. Typical, I know. Politically, he's very young, but that might be a great change.

Also, ARIA would have been perfect if it hadn't used Jerry. It shows that she has a developed intelligence aside from her programming, which is contradictory to her preference of following her programming verbatim.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 10:12 AM
I have not watched the above mentioned movie, but once again, V for Vendetta and the Last Castle was enough for me.

This should have happened in 1913, but because the opposition owned the media back then, no one was being told the truth. What really changes...

I think the best solution would be what Russia did. It saved allot of lives and focused the energy where it needed to be. I'm certain it would be far more easy to reactive loyal God loving generals to lead this, than it would be to awaken an entire population. We have a force already. Why not consider use it?

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 11:02 AM
The event was the people standing up, but in a controlled way.

The 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt (August 19-August 21, 1991), also known as the August Putsch or August Coup, was a three-day period during which a group of members of the Soviet Union's government briefly deposed Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev and attempted to take control of the country. The coup leaders were hard-line members of the Communist Party (CPSU) who felt that Gorbachev's reform program had gone too far and that a new union treaty that he had negotiated dispersed too much of the central government's power to the republics. Although the coup collapsed in only three days and Gorbachev returned to power, the event undermined the legitimacy of the CPSU and contributed towards the collapse of the Soviet Union.[citation needed]

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by ADVISOR

COUNT ME IN! I'm very vocal to my local gov't in issues that ,I care about and I have posted many messages to my Senators and Representatives,over the years.

Because I do this I know something that others who have a mistrust of gov't don't get to find out . That is these kinds of communications are heard and acted upon

So while I agree wholeheartedly with a reorganization of government ,I also know that continuous input is what they need

You see a lot of Americans believe that just voting for someone fixes problems,but voting is only the first step, we have to give our elected officials our input every step of the way. I f the only voices they hear are special interests ,of course that's all they will base their decisions on
So be frequent and be loud ,oh and be informed and informative,polite and friendly, I'm 100% on board with your message!


posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 12:36 AM
Operation guillotine

Sec of Def last man standing ?

General Robert Gates

Gates to sit out Obama inauguration

WASHINGTON (AFP) — US Defense Secretary Robert Gates will sit out Barack Obama's inauguration at an undisclosed location as the "designated successor" in the event of a catastrophe, the White House announced Monday.


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