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Investigation X UFO Show

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 02:11 AM
In case you missed it, the Discovery Channel's new series Investigation X is re-airing it's UFO show tonight (Saturday Oct. 18 at 10pm eastern). It features the Stephenville Texas sightings and others.

And the premier of the History Channel's UFO Hunters Season 2 is on Wednesday October 29 at 10pm eastern:

UFO Hunters: Invasion Illinois

"Analysis of video taken of an alleged UFO over Illinois suggests the object could have been as large as 1500 feet across. The video, featured on UFO HUNTERS, captured three bright lights in a triangular pattern. It was part of a mass sighting of over fifty reports near Tinley Park, Illinois in 2004. Upon investigating, the team discovered that similar objects were reported all over the world in the days surrounding this event--from Australia to Canada. Sightings of triangular-shaped UFOs have been on the rise in recent decades, but was the Tinley Park mass sighting a solid object, or as some believe, a hoax involving weather balloons and flares? Analysis of the video suggests it could have been a solid object larger than any known craft."

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