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You are Dreaming.

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posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 09:37 PM

I am also curious, as to what your opinions are on 'dream characters'. I have come to believe that 'dream characters' are in fact 'real' people and perceive themselves to be real. Just as 'we' perceive ourselves to be 'real'. I also believe that in our perceived 'dream state' we come across other 'dreamers' as well. I do not believe that everyone is awake and is conscience of their dreaming up themselves. I believe that these 'dream characters' have motives, and ambissions, and other emotions as do you and I (or so we perceive).

I'd like to go into this topic and these ideas further with you if you are interested in talking.

I believe in objective and subjective dreaming, whereby in an objective dream, those dream characters can be our friend, family and others. Shared dreaming, not sure if you are aware of it, is another phenomenon with this whole dream spectrum. There are people who write about it, Linda Lane Magallón wrote a book called “Mutual Dreaming” which goes into her experiences and thoughts on shared dreaming.

I have had these experiences also, and have spoken with several other people who have had shared dreams. Again, anecdotal evidence of objective dreaming.

Feel free to keep exchanging ideas, experiences and questions.

Originally posted by TXMACHINEGUNDLR
Let me snap your arm over my knee and keep telling yourself "it's just a dream" Come on, life is not a dream, unless you live in a fantasy world.

Sure, my arm will break, I could suffer a blood clot and die. The physicality of this world is not in question, cause and effect, physics and everything we derive from our physical understanding is in check. I will die, I will cease to be human and my life will terminate one day.

I try to stay away from the Matrix movie analogy, although it fits to a degree. All of us reading this thread, are not just Human. We are consciousness experiencing what it is like, to be human. This entity that we are, didn’t start as a human, rather it came here to experience being human.

This reality is really a sub-reality, I never have considered it to be the greater reality. We come from that greater reality, to this sub-reality for a very human experience. And this reality is a program, a system that has been intelligently designed at a level far surpassing our current conscious level of reasoning.

However, the fact I can even talk about the nature of reality from the perspective of thought and consciousness is only because I have lots of personal experience with being outside this reality, and also part of it through dreaming.

I mention it in other threads, and it has relevance to my life, that I remember existing before this lifetime, in my early childhood. I know I existed before this life, and have ample pre-life memory to also reflect on.

There is a lot going on behind the curtain of reality, just peel it back a bit and take a good long look. You won’t be disappointed.

@ Ownification – You bring up an interesting point as you dive into Quantum Physics. At the quantum level, we look at the atomic structure. In my model of thought, the atom represents a pixel within three-dimensional space. It’s role is to form the dimensional boundary.

In my experiences of precognition, we know we are starting to address the 4th dimension, or the transitive dimension. I do have one analogy which leads me to believe that although conditioned and trained to see the 3rd dimension, we are also able to see in the 4th dimension, and let me explain.

There is a fractal mosaic in reality, of which the geometric layout of atoms and molecules form the dimensional array of this energetic system. As consciousness, we move through a fractal field in dreamtime called Hypnogogia, which really is a fractal hallucination in mainstream science.

However, what mainstream science doesn’t really understand is the shift of our consciousness, into this fractal reality is the shifting between dimensional layers from one focus to another focus.

When I come into a precognitive state in this reality, I have noticed a circular rotation of my mind, and I catch a fractal glimpse of pixilation as reality emerges into focus, synchronized with a precognitive event. It feels like in this waking state, I have now traversed through that dimensional shift and it feels for a moment, and how I interpret the feeling, 4th dimensional in nature.

I could be wrong, but that is how I interpret it at this time.

Originally posted by SonicInfinityWe aren't dreaming - we are watching television.

I agree that dream is a loose tongue and cheek word to slap on reality, however it starts the focus into phenomenological realizations people have when their dreams come true. If you read through this thread, I am slowly explaining the expansiveness of the nature of reality from the conscious faculty of dreaming.

Which in turn is thinking. I think we are making great progress in this thread.

We may be watching TV, but we forget we helped direct it.

@Flyingdevil – Well, keep learning to fly in your dreams then… good luck

Originally posted by undermind
Have you connected to the internet during a dream?

You must have, because you are connected to the internet now, and nothing in this reality is separate from your subconscious reality.

It is all interconnected, fun times here on Earth. What are your experiences with dreams? Any precognitive ones?

@ Epsillion70 I think Paul Dong, who wrote “China's super psychics” had some compelling evidence of super-human ability. I would love to meet some of the people he photographed. What most here don’t understand, this knowledge is suppressed, but is not an unknown to the establishment.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 10:22 AM
October 22, 2008

Same intent as last night, I am focusing on precognitive dreaming as I fall asleep, but my sleep gets interrupted a lot, wife keeps waking up, kid keeps crying.

I almost couldn't remember the dreams I had fortunately, I just sat down in front of the computer and slowly I started to remember some of them.

Dream 1:
Nothing to special, just me over at my friends house and they are drinking having a party. I go outside and see them through open blinds having fun. This friend has moved away from where I live to a new city in real life, I have not been to the place he is staying at, so curious if there is any relevance to this place to RL.

Dream 2: This dream is actually a little more scary considering my focus is future dreaming. I am walking down an alley way and turn left on a main street. There is a massive line of military police all wearing black uniforms, brandishing live weapons and only ~20 feet away from me.

I look around and I see other waves of them on other streets and I just deliberately fall to the ground as they are pointing guns at me and marching forward, I place my hands above my head and say, "I am not resisting, I am obeying all you commands."

They yell at me to put my hands face forward instead of on my head, spread out, so I comply. A few police strap my hands with these plastic zip straps and pull me to my feet.

"You are under arrest.", the police man charges.

"I am obeying all your commands, I am not resisting you. I am cooperating with your authority and power.", I tell the police.

I do not question the charge, but tell the police. "So this is martial law, and you are taking me away to process me as a criminal for crimes that I will never commit."

The cop looks at me and nods. "That's fine. It matters not, this means nuclear war will follow soon.", I tell the police officer.

The cop looks at me and his eyes widen, and he is actually looks at me kind of concerned.

"You follow tyranny, and this global tyranny is a brand that is so twisted, that it spawns resistance so fierce, that nuclear war follows it.", I tell the cop.

The dream starts to shift with all these militarized police stop moving forward and look around in fear.

The sky is completely dark with thick smokey grey clouds. The mountains are all on fire, trees burning and the fires not tended to by firefighters. Buildings are scorched and cars burned out, tires gone.

"This is your future you follow.", I tell the police.

They undo my zip strap and let me go. "I DON'T WANT THIS!", cries one of the cops.

They all drop their weapons and just stare at the destruction before them in total horror.

I walk through the destruction, and the dreamworld starts to regenerate and heal as I move forward through it.

Soon people are bustling about, and I am at an Italian restaurant. The owner has this Volkswagen pizza delivery car and he wants me to paint the Italian flag on it. His daughter is there and she wants to watch me paint the car. She's the one who drives the car to deliver the pizza so is kind of picky about how the car looks.

"Yeah, I can do that no problems, it will be easy.", I tell the man.

He brings me paint, but the brushes are large and worn. "Oh, these brushes are too big for fine detail, you need to get me at least one smaller brush", I tell the man, he leaves to go get one.

His daughter wants me to paint another symbol which looks kind of like a trumpet. "Sure no problem, as long as I can see what it is, I can paint it.", I reply.

She shows me this poster with all these emblems and flags on it, and the trumpet like symbol is in the upper left area. Looks very simple to reproduce.

Dream 3:
In this dream, I am looking at my friends facebook and see a picture of myself with his Mother and himself, grouped for a portrait shot and smiling happily. I am taken back because I look very young, like 16 in the picture and I don't remember ever being in a picture like that.

It strikes me as very very odd, and I scroll through other pictures in his album and see my father in their. This is also disturbing to me because in no way should my father be photographed in this album, there is zero connection between him and my friend or his family. The album had other inconsistencies that just didn't add up to the people it portrayed.

He had pictures of his older sister, and she was looking like she was model making model poses, nothing explicit, just the kind of portfolio type poses one would expect for a person pursuing a career in modeling.

I think she looks pretty but the makeup doesn't suit her, the hair is way to poofy and I don't recall her ever being into modeling.

I didn't realize I was dreaming, but clearly the album although correct in some ways in relevance to the person who was my friend in real life, it was incorrect in so many other ways.

It would be the last bit of the dream I remember before waking up.


Well, the nuclear martial law dream can quite simply be my read into these kind of threads of late on ATS, I don't think this is the future I was seeing, however it is always disturbing to me in a dream, when I speak of anything as a future.

Post thread, I have had a lot of nuclear related dreams since my childhood, and it has always appeared as a possibility in my life that nuclear war ends it, based on the dreams.

Nuclear dreams I have had:
* Ones where I see a missile detonate in the upper atmosphere over the town I am in, instant flash, and an immense burst of instant death follows.

In 1998, I dreamed that North Korea sailed a boat into South Korean waters near a US military base and detonated a hidden nuclear bomb in the boat. The dream intimidated me greatly, I remember seeing the black rain fallout over the waters landing on a Korean fishing boat with the people aboard it looking at the black ash in horror, as they watch the coastal shore burning.

That was one of my most graphic and detailed dream I had had.

In 2003, I dreamed a small nuclear bomb, a terrorist like nuke went off in some City, it was much smaller in comparison to other nukes, and only took out a few city blocks.

This trend of dreaming I think is uncommon for me, I just don't like the ones where I am in line of fire and I try to get out of the way, only to be killed by it. Never any fun. Fortunately, none have come true, and hopefully can be dismissed as fear rather then future.

Not claiming any of these dreams as precognitive.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 10:58 AM
After my morning shower, I remembered another dream, this one is actually one of the first dreams I had.

In this dream, what made it very interesting was how deeply technological it was.

I was working on a very, very advanced circuit board array, much like a blade server. I was designing them, and then testing them. The sheets of circuits where about 2 feet x 2 feet. I would take electrical readings from certain contact points, trace information data transfer along the very thin micro pathways.

The entire computer system was part of an anti-gravity ship engine, and in my lab, we had a few working prototypes of anti-gravity ships which would hover and levitate perfectly balanced against the field of gravity.

The ship I was working on was much larger then the prototypes, and the computer I was building was the central mainframe in a network of systems which created a network across the whole of the ship.

What made the technology even more interesting was, I was an alien, not a human. The thoughts I had didn't even make any sense when I woke up, rather the visual imagery of how I thought did.

There were no words, only clear concise pictorial images of the designs and technology. My alien dream thoughts simply conjured up in the mind, very precise technological plans and effortlessly think through the design, with the desired outcome, clearly depicting how the energy was required to flow, what it was to do.

Since it was an alien dream that I didn't remember until it popped back into my head during my shower, I thought some might find it an interesting dream.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 07:11 PM
Yes indeed You are dreaming there are those who are called Qigong masters in China and the mystic Siddha's of India
who have indeed mastered themselves of mind and are able to do these Superhuman feats with their bodies that modern conventional science would would only understand as a complete fallacy and impossibility and hence would label it as a trickery show of smoke and mirrors.

See book link: n-&sig=zGoG0kLuzTeUpizZIvZYSHmEilQ&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=7&ct=result#PPR7,M1

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 08:03 PM
reply to post by Epsillion70

I believe it, largely due to the limited awareness I have due to this introduction into precognitive dreaming. The potential we have, as the creators of our reality clearly is evident in the very diverse realities we exist in.

Hopefully, in time if I keep consistent with posting dreams, perhaps some interesting tidbits will come through on ATS. I'm having fun, so that's encouraging.

What are your experiences with phenomenology?

[Edit on a side note]
The uncle that I spoke about coincidentally just added me on facebook, which is interesting since it times well with the dream I had of him. Interesting coincidence.

[edit on 21-10-2008 by YouAreDreaming]

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 04:40 PM
Correct me if i'm wrong :
- your theory is that the dream and reallity are directly connected and things that are happening in the RL allready happened in our dreams. So you're telling that dreams are like somekind of "the making of... " thing or blueprints.

If i got this right i can't deny this theory or confirm it. It's the interesting one. It could be right to some point but i still think it's not the case (just my opinion).

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by baburak

The phrase I have heard it called, is the Creative Process, and the initial dream is the "blue print" so to speak.

The reality that follows later is the final product.

Change the blue print is easier then changing the final product, for me at least, right now.

I've been swamped with work, so = less ATS time and less sleep.

My dreams yesturday didn't make it here due to time constraints and I have forgotten them now.

This morning, my dream of interest that I can remember dealt fully with cognitive reality, and how we move into a state where one reality is forgotten, and another reality is remembered and experienced.

For example, as demonstrated by the dream. Consciously, we are awake and aware of this reality, but when we sleep, we loose awareness that we are in this reality, and become aware of a dream reality.

While in that dream reality, we are not aware of this one. There is a direct shift on awareness that blocks knowledge from focus to focus when we are not fully conscious of ourselves.

The dream I had continued on this premise showing ample analogy and diagrams showing how consciousness compartmentalizes itself for its expressions in reality.

If I have time to draw some of the diagrams I will try, but again I am in a very loaded work cycle so time is very constrained for me right now.

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 02:59 AM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

My experience of Phenomenology has indeed been an awakening of sorts with a lot of my understandings coming from the a book called;
A Course in Miracles.
This books main emphasis is that the Mind is the source of all that is in physicality of form and that the mind is the ultimate creator of the reality that we percieve through

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by Epsillion70

I have heard of "A Course in Miracles", although I have never read it. If I never had any precognition, or out-of-body experiences, I'd quite simply be a skeptic, and probably a physics major.

The introduction of these experiences simply put me on a path that demanded logical understanding, and emotional understanding of these experiences. Knowing there is a creative process, and that we are all part of it, makes it easier to understand the phenomenology.

On that note, here are today's dreams:

Dream 1: Had to do with the Bus, and getting my kid on it. There were other kids running and playing near the bus.

Dream 2: Went to a night club with my family, had my mother, my aunt, my brother-in-law, my sister all there. It was a country bar, and I personally hate them but my family likes them. This club was in the town where my Mom lives, in RL, I haven't been there in over 7 years.

Dream 3: This dream was in cartoon, and it was very interesting as it was a metaphor.

In this dream, there where four cartoon animals, like your standard cartoon pig, cat and personified into cute cuddly characters. These characters would meet 4 different, lesser cartoon characters whom over and over again, they would subsequently kill in a funny cartoon fashion.

Motive for killing was the others where different, and it represented racism, hate crimes, prejudice, intolerance. What was interesting was each time the group killed a lesser cartoon group, the lesser cartoon group would return looking slightly more like the original four characters.

In the final meeting, the new group of four arrived, looking very close, but still different to the first group and one said,

"I have a realization, you have been killing us over and over again, and each time we have come back different. Next time we come back, we will be you, because we are you, and you do not realize it. So please stop killing us, because it's only yourself you kill!".

The leader of the other group, who throughout this dream was always starting the conflict and initiating the killing, didn't accept the realization, pulled out a cartoon hand gun and shot all four in the head.

This time, no new group came, and the original four just shrugged and left.

This dream was an interesting metaphor for reincarnation, and how we are all part of the same whole. Plus it was in cartoon, which is just a bonus for cool factor.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 11:48 AM
October 26, 2008

Dream 1:
I had another dream today regarding how we are all part of one massive reality system, and unified into experiential reality.

This dream is hard to remember because it was one of my first dreams. It dealt with metaphorical symbolism representing how we are all part of the same whole, and how we are one. My deceased grandmother was in this dream, and she was asking me what happens when she becomes one with the whole?

Where we were standing a square 2 dimensional window opened up with a smaller circle in the center representing a portal.

"It will be an experience that will change you forever.", I explained, "You will remember and realize things that have long been forgotten."

I continued on, "Once you go there, its difficult to want to come back, but you'll realize that you can come back, and that you do have a personality all your own."

There were other points I was making, but too hard to remember them now.

My grandmother moved lied down underneath the portal that had formed, and I am not sure if she went through it.

Dream 2:
I remember being with my daughter, she must have been about 4 years old. She isn't born yet in RL, 2 months to go. We were walking to a chinese restaurant for lunch. She was holding my hand and asking questions about everything and anything. She had curly light brown hair, it was fairly tight curls, and her hair was fairly long, at least to the top of her shoulders. I know we went into a Chinese restaurant, but after that point not to clear on what we ordered, very fuzzy.

Dream 3:
I was walking down the street, and there were a group of drug dealers. One guy had a bag of crystal meth, and as I walked by him, he asked me if I wanted to buy some candy.

I didn't know what he had was crystal meth, but I knew he was dealing drugs and not candy.

"I don't use drugs, thanks.", I told him as I walked passed.

"Oh, that's because you never tried a drug as sweet as this.", he told me.

I decide to turn around and talk with him and his friends as they stood there. "What kind of drug is that?", I asked as he held a small plastic bag.

"It's crystal meth", he said.

"I don't think that is a drug I would ever do. Have any of you tried Salvia Divinorum?", I asked the group.

They didn't seem to know what it was. "It's a highly psychedelic herb that is currently legally sold and can give you quite the trip. You can pick it up at the hemp shop down the street."

They people in the group seemed interested, but the guy selling the meth was angry that I was promoting a new drug that anyone could buy locally.

He stood up and grabbed me, and started yelling at me, threatening. I made a roll of black electricians tape appear in my hand and told him that maybe he would rather I shut him up with it.

He watched it materialize in my hand and freaks out asking how the hell I made it appear.

"It's a dream, and I can make anything I desire appear.", I explain as I cup my hands and make a sizable amount of salvia for the group.

I give it to them, "Smoke this, it will make you trip balls."

I believe this dream blended into a new dream from this point, as I shifted focus and was engaged in a totally different activity and environment.

Dream 4:
This dream was interesting, it had Zachary Quinto, who plays "Sylar", in the TV series, "Heroes". In this dream, I was teaching phenomenology classes to a few people. Zachary was as the character "Sylar", in the dream and he points a finger at me, and tells me he put an "S" on my forehead.

"Um, thanks.", I said, "But we don't target people with this ability, and the goal is to simple validate an awareness of dreaming."

"If you can do more then stick shapes on things, then why not do anything you wanted?", he asked.

"My goal, is subtlety, as the interest I have in the experience is not for control, rather for realization.", I explained.

We talked more, but I can't recall the dialog, but it was in regards to dream control.

Dream 5:
I was at my wife's shop, and some transient person had came in, she started shopping around only to end up in the back area. I was at the front of the shop talking with my wife. I recognized the woman earlier when I was outside near Safeway. She had been walking down the street with her assumed boyfriend who looked native.

I went to the back of the store to check on her, and she was eating my wifes fruit that she had.

"Excuse me.", I said, "Why are you back here stealing food?"

She looked up at me scared and her lips colored with juice stains. She was filthy and smelled.

"Don't worry, I am not mad at you. If you are hungry, eat the food but the point is you don't have to steal, you could have asked. Mind you, my wife is pregnant and probably wouldn't let you eat her fruit now would she."

Her assumed boyfriend at this point had entered the shop and the dream shifted... now it was my shop and the back of the store became the front of the store. The store was a "Dream" store, and I was wearing a shirt and a hat that said, "You Are Dreaming" on it. Which in RL, I do indeed have a shirt and a hat that say this.

The native was now a Muslim, and the girl was a psychologist. "We were outside and saw your that your store was a "Dream" store. And wanted to come in to understand what you sell?"

There was some article on my door that someone had posted which was had Christian ideologies on it. "That is someone's belief", I explained, " but not mine."

"This store is non-religious and I respect the beliefs and views of all people.", I explained.

"Then what do you do here? What do you sell?", he asked.

"Oh I don't sell anything here. This store is a dream store, because this is a dream.", I answered.

He looks at me, then looks at his assume girlfriend and is confused.

"Let me ask you this question, have you ever dreamed something, and one day later it comes true. Like deja vu but your remember the dream?"

The man doesn't know what deja vu means, so I have to explain it another way, "You know, you go to sleep and have a dream, wake up and later on in your life, what you dream, comes true?"

The psychologist answers, "Oh what you mean is temporal-lobe epilepsy, this is explained and can occur in the parahippocampal cortex."

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 11:49 AM
[Continued from previous post...]

I look at her and laugh, "Oh I am sure everything is explained by modern day phsychology now isn't it. I am certain they have a perfect explination, but this is not just deja vu, it is dreaming something and having it come true someday later."

"What you are saying is impossible.", she argued. "There is no way to dream something and have it come true."

"You are dreaming right now, and you probably say that isn't possible.", I argued back.

The man and lady both look at me confused, they look at my shirt and hat. "Sorry, but reality is not a dream.", she answered.

"If by reality, you mean this. And by this, you mean, this is not a dream. Then I have to break the news to you, that you are in fact, in a dream right now. The only reality it has, is the reality we are giving it. We are what is real, the dream itself is the product of our reality."

I end up waking up, which is a shame, I was just reaching full lucidity in the dream but have to go help my brother-in-law move.

Dream Fragment:
I was with a person who I work with, and we were driving around for lunch. We end up at my place for some reason, and I end up eating left-overs. Then we try to drive back to work, wanted to stop on Dillworth for food... no idea what on earth is there short of a pub and a pool hall that serves food. The car is missing the drivers seat and I can't drive... end of fragment.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 01:30 AM
I have often wondered if this were some kind of matrix we are in. I have no proof, though. Just speculation.

Sometimes it feels as if I am about to break through into a more "real" reality, but it never quite seems to happen. So I go about my mundane activities instead, carrying out the matrix activities as usual.

I wonder why I feel that way?

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 05:46 PM

you dream a lot

maybe you should fix your thinks before you fall asleep...

fix a point, somewhere you feel well
where normaly nobody is, like in the prarie, or desert, or at the ocean
go there in your mind
you must completly feeling easy, then you think at something you want to know, maybe a question, for what your dreams are

then, maybe, you fall asleep, but dont remember something when you awake in the morning.
maybe you will remember,
and maybe you will have an exactly dream

follow always the light in your dreams
be carefull about the dogs in the dark
if you see the lightning, dont be afraid... it could be me, looking at your way in the dreamland ;-)


posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 05:48 PM

cartoons are the "signs" for a dream of the "afterlife"

so.. you walked there in your dreams... our death-family-loves, sometimes put us up there... and you dream a cartoon


posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 07:04 PM
A movie comes to mind with this thread
-What Dreams may come starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding JR

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 11:07 PM
reply to post by Epsillion70

A great movie, I have had a bit of a bout too much work lately and its been chewing up my dream recall lol, but last night, I had some bland dreams that didn't seem to link to much, however I do recall petting a very strange looking rabbit, what was interesting was how accurate the fur, warmth, bone and weight of the rabbit, very very real despite being just a dream.

The dreamstate can be a very convincing reality.

Hi NW111, how are your dreams these days?

[edit on 30-10-2008 by YouAreDreaming]

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 04:35 AM
reply to post by Epsillion70

I know this movie... fantastic :-)


*lol* the same stuff like ever.. heaven in my dreams ;-)


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