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Flashback: German Minister Says Building 7 Used To Run 9/11 Attack

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 11:45 PM

Originally posted by Areal51
reply to post by mybigunit

Yeah, man, that stunt that Dana Perino pulled a couple of months back was really something.

Anyway, I agree with you.

Not only Perino you see the dick cheney interview? Check this out....

I mean didnt we go to 2 wars because of this guy? Also on the FBI site Bin Laden isnt charged with 9/11.
So if Osama Bin Laden didnt do 9/11 who did?

Why the cover up of who did it?

Why was this done?

Who funded this and what did they gain?

I mean thank goodness for the truth movement. There are things that I take issue with but I also know a cover up when I see it. And there is some things things that do not pass them smell test at all on 9/11.

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by mybigunit


First time I've heard that.

So now they're parsing Bin Laden from Al Qaeda. How convenient.

Bin Laden has lost his terror factor. So now they conveniently get rid of him as a suspect.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 12:11 AM
reply to post by TheRealDonPedros

Trust me, sarcasm never carries well here and is hardly as funny to the reader as it was in our head when we wrote it.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 12:21 AM
reply to post by GenRadek

What does he base it on? What about the thousands of New Yorkers who say they heard repetitive explosions. What about the fireman who are very familiar with implosions and stated on tv that they heard a pop pop pop down the two buildings like set explosives? Or, what about the french film crew who shot the second plane going into the second tower, the plane didn't have windows...AND, there was a small explosion at the tip of the plane just before impact.

Oh...and, what happened to the gold that was under the WTC in the federal reserve bunkers?

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 12:39 AM
Good topic.

I highly doubt if Bush was anything but an observer to all of this. He is not 'king' status by any stretch of the imagination.

It seems to me that his father may have had to 'talk' with him prior to this in order to get him to go along with the whole thing. He seems a bit dense. A perfect candidate, being the son of an 'architect'.
I think when he found out what he had gotten into that he threatened to pull a Kennnedy and attempt to warn Americans of the danger that looms.

A move that would have gotten him silenced, for sure.

I do believe Cheney was strategically placed in Bush's cabinet to oversee the endeavor. That guy has sneak written all over him.

I originally thought this attack was intended to usher in the assault on the middle class American. That is to say, someone wants the middle class out of the equation. Looking at more recent events, it seems even clearer that the ever shrinking majority sees it's power slowly eroding.

In a few weeks History will be made when Obama wins the election. This victory will mark and ending of an era dominated by a white majority. This means that our Democracy must morph into an Oligarchy if those who have ruled as kings wish to continue to do so. They seem to be openly mocking the minority that has been for so long silenced, by even placing him in this position of power in the first place.
This is like the last meal of a death row inmate ...

China is breathing down the neck of the US.
Soon, the States along with the middle class will be gone. Canada and Mexico will join ranks with the US and the rich will rule the poor. ... This 'super-nation' will have all the resources it needs(canada).
The brains to run the show..(corporate america) and all the cheap labor it can stomach( mexico).

As far as Bin Laden goes. He was probably already dead at the time of the 9/11 attacks. Dead men can't deny anything. A perfect scapegoat.
I read an article about a month after the attack that his medical equipment arrived at a hospital in Pakistan. It had been donated.
I think I read it here.

I really do hope that middle class Americans do not think that Obama is anymore on their side than Bush was. If they do, they are fools. He is probably only being brought in so that the 'kings' can say 'i told u so' once more 'attacks' happen. That will allow them to take even more liberty from Americans in the guise of security.

The next election is in 2012? Isn't that a 'token' year of some sort?
I am not real up on the subject but could the 'major change' be connected in some form to the fate of the USA? Will China emerge victors and put its john hancock on the NWO format? Will the Super-Nation of North America pull even?

As always , time will tell the story ...
That goes for 9/11 as well.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 01:20 AM
reply to post by arizonascott

we need more people like you! also add the nice angular cuts on the ibeam at wtc full view in the immediate aftermath of the implosion.cut on an angle on all main beams so building wouldn't shift.
also add mr. silverstein's tv news release that they pulled number 7.
it would take more than a day to plant thoose explosives. just look at pictures of during construction of the wtc blds. and you will see that their description of it's construction does not come close to what was built. i have always felt intuitively and rationaly from the first release that it was our nazi usa dictator and company who planned and allowed this to happen. i have been so ridiculed because of my observations.
please do not call me a sheeple nor the man to whom i am replying this post and his other very good post.i commend you!

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 02:20 AM
great post ... very observant ... thanks.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 03:35 AM
It seems silly that so many say that one cannot trust what any authority says and yet if one comes out and says something that is in line with the CT position, they must be telling the truth. Some people on this site believe so adamantly that all governments are in a secret conspiracy that I find it amazing that they could believe this guy even though he was in line with their beliefs. What's with, denying ignorance. I say that this guy just wants attention. He's a politician and does not care if he lies. If the conspiracy was real like so many believe, he should be dead. If the conspiracies were real there would not have been so many spilled beans, leaks, and contradictions.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 06:01 AM
On Sept. 11, 1990, first Bush gave a speech mentioning the new world order. Coincidence that these attacks occurred on 9/11? Also read that Bin Laden was a CIA operative, Jim Osmond. I'm really beginning to think they're all in this together. To bring about their new world order. Can't wait to see who'll be the head of this lil order! Maybe Bin Laden not being accused for these attacks proves he might still be CIA. Who knows.
Who really "runs" America?

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 06:48 AM
Von Bülow is stating the obvious for all conspiracy pro's.
But where is the evidence?
There is none!


Why was the building "pulled"?
( The firemen said that all fires were under control and that no "weakening" of the structure could have happened in the short span of time)

Major Secret services and the IRS had offices in the building, Doe's anybody here believe that they had no say in this matter, what about all the computers with hard drives which held sensitive material, filling cabinets, etc.
(Did they have enough time to get all of it out? I think they did, because their was no "sensitive material" there at all, except for the "command post" which co-ordinated the attack, and that was out long before the decision to "pull" was made.)

Herr Von Bülow has had in his past a problem with alcohol which eventually led to his demise in German Politics, I say this not to belittle the man, he told us here in Germany a lot of "truth's" whilst he was in office, I think he couldn't take the hardness and deceit which a Politician has to have, and he eventually turned to drink.
Hope he has it now under control.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 07:55 AM
Problems with alcohole in the past...?

Now, however... But people should be aware, that von Bülow was Secretary of the Ministry of Defense from 1976 - 1980 and Minister for Science and Technology from 1980 - 1982. He left politics in 1994. So he was not one of those, who were more informed about 9/11 than any other, despite that he had some common knowledge about secret services from his past.

He started to write books than and is known as a conspiracy theorist. His critics say, that he does not do own researches, but takes his knowledge from newspapers and the internet...

So I would not put too much weight into his views. Nevertheless the official version IS a conspiracy theory and it is one of the most unbelievable ones I ever heard. The official 9/11 report tells enough to be in doubt.

Here is one quote:

"President Bush told us that before 9/11 there was an appetite in the government for killing Bin Ladin, not for war. Looking back in 2004, he equated
the presidential directive with a readiness to invade Afghanistan.The problem,
he said, would have been how to do that if there had not been another attack
on America.To many people, he said, it would have seemed like an ultimate
act of unilateralism. But he said that he was prepared to take that on."

(Official 911 report, p. 209)

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 10:54 AM
Thanks IvanZana for post about Von Bulow.

What Von Bulow says is not as interesting as what he does not say: such as six of German Mohammed Atta’s associates at Florida flight schools were from German elite families.

ATS folks who disagree w/you ...
...are correct in suspecting intentions of von Bulow in censoring & withholding truth & his inability to be precise and revealing his true intention: spreading anti-U.S. propaganda (even if this info about WTC is, or is not, true … it is half-truths and therefore propaganda that doesn’t shine light on Germany O-WO-NWO-CNWO 3rd, 4th & 5th Reich involvement in WTC/911).

ATS folks who agree w/you...
...need to note that while Von Bulow reinforces their beliefs … he is manipulating them by failing to list Germany's participation in planning, training, executing and selling short about WTC/911.

About German disinfo agent Von Bulow:
1. He was an associate of Reinhard Gehlen & Martin Bormann:
Nazism never went away, from Gehlen running Fed/City of London/Hitler's anti-Soviet intelligence in WWII then taking over CIA's U.S. anti-Soviet intelligence & running post-war intelligence in Egypt & Spain via Skorzeny, then also running Nato intelligence then post-war New Germany intelligence ... tightly aligned w/Bormann's Odessa & Rockefeller/Bush/Thyssen/oil-weapons-&-narcotics running interlocking directorate of fed/city of london/bundesbank who are funding ALL terrorist/paramilitary units & their centers in Tri-border area of South America & Afghanistan from their headquarters in Fed & City of London & Bundesbank. (You really must read this entire thread someday where all this is documented, ‘For neo-Nazi holocaust deniers, at:

2. we have neo-Nazi son of Kohl's minister in association w/Timothy McVeigh “Extremists residing at Elohim City received military-style training from number of sources. One of trainers Andreas Carl Strassmeir of Germany, neo-Nazi & son of Guenter Strassmeir, chief aide of disgraced former German chancellor Helmut Kohl. elder Strassmeir regarded as architect of Kohl’s reunification plan that merged former East Germany w/Federal Republic in 1991. & Guenter’s father original member of Nazi Party in 1920’s.” Andreas Strassmeir, German neo-Nazi, son of former Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s chief of staff was mastermind of Oklahoma City Bombing


Mohammed Atta ... at Terrorist Motel ...same motel reported to be host to Timothy McVeigh … “One reason for FBI’s apparent lack of interest might be motel’s alleged connection to Timothy McVeigh & group of Iraqis who worked in Oklahoma City. … “motel owner reported...

4. Von Bulow mentions CIA, ISI (Pakistani) & Saudi intelligence working together, but fails to mention six of Mohammed Atta’s associates at Florida flight schools were from German elite families, & Mohammed Atta, who co-trained in U.S. military bases & was supported by a German foundation & was paid $100,000 by Pakistani intelligence day before WTC/911.
see, Pakistani Intelligence ISI wired Mohammed Atta $100,000 on Sept 10 – news censored in U.S.

5. Von Bulow fails to mention U.S. Treasury operations: WWII’Operation Safehaven’ -- to interdict Nazi Bormann flight capital

6. While Von Bulow mentioned U.S. has records that airline stocks were sold short, he fails to mention that a majority of these transactions were initiated by Deutsche Bank … opps.
here we have Deutsche Bank selling airlines stock short a few days prior & right up to & DURING attacks...

Krongard-Deutsche Bank
A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard who worked for Deutsche Bank-A.B. Brown, firm accused of handling huge spike in shorting of stock on AA & United, put options ("bets" that these stocks would fall) 1-3 days prior to 9-11. WSJ reported it. Congress & DoJ declined to investigate. [Source: Herzliyya International Policy Institute for Counterterrorism (ICT) (Israel)]

-Krongard appointed by DCI George Tenet on March 16, 2001 to serve in newly created role of Exec Dir of CIA. Krongard later advocated amnesty for Bin Laden, & Bush agreed that Bin Laden not important.

Now "Buzzy" consults for Blackwater, while his brother Howard "Cookie" Krongard IG over at State, obstructing Blackwater investigation. House Oversight & Gov't Reform Cmte. Hearing on State Dept. Inspector General (from Mike Ruppert's 'from wilderness' site & from an Israeli think-tank (probably Mossad-related) report. (Plus Cheney & Bush & FBI stopped O’Neill’s investigation of bin Laden before WTC/911)

Sept 15, 2001, New York Times reported Mayo Shattuck III resigned, effective immediately, as head of

Alex Brown (A.B.) unit of Deutsche Bank previously run by Krongard.
---Brown Bros-Harriman Bush Nazi folks.

7. He fails to mention Nazi/neo-Nazi/ & Bush companies involvement in contemporary U.S. politics: 'Obama (almost?) backed by Bush & Deutche Bank, Union Bank, Brown Bros Harriman, neo-Nazi's & Enron'

8. And Von Bulow fails to mention Deutsche Bank has lost lawsuits in U.S. for mortgage fraud and intentionally and illegally causing foreclosures -- the red herring for our current world financial crises.

9. This theme of NWO snobbery & blind-sided vanity is related to theme of my post, 'Joe Plumber part of a deeper conspiracy', -- because it shows that NWO thinks we're totally stupid, & this is a variation on that ... powers that be in Germany helped orchestrate & profit from WTC/911 -- THEY are part of "insiders" who planned an "inside job" … & they parade in front of us like we’re too stupid to know part they played.

10. note comment in this string by Seymour Butz (please make any comments on that response at following url):

In US, we have instruments called ETF's. They are generally industry following funds. But each fund has what is called an inverse fund. IOW, price of an inverse fund goes UP as price of those stocks in fund goes DOWN.
-- billions are being made in this stock market by traders ... they're happiest they've ever been.

also see

it looks like some ATS heavy-hitters are weighing in on 'naked short selling'... here's an excellent ATS post, this one by loam (326982 ATS points) that explains what 'naked short selling', is,
'Our Economy Was Pushed Off Edge', at (please make any remarks about his post at his posting--thx): -- from two sources,

In 1999, Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) was created as holding company for Depository Trust Company (DTC) & National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC). Each of those companies had been established decades earlier in an effort to convert paper trading transactions into electronic transactions.
DTCC depository provides custody & asset servicing for 3.5 million securities issues, comprised mostly of stocks & bonds, from U.S. & 110 other countries & territories, valued at $40 trillion, more than any other depository in world.

In 2007, DTCC settled vast majority of securities transactions in United States, more than $1.86 quadrillion in value.

(from 'Ming Mechanic: unknown 20 trillion dollar company'-- In brief, they process vast majority of all stock transactions in U.S. as well as for many other countries. & - & that's real interesting part -

99% of all stocks in U.S. appear to be legally owned by them.

11: He fails to mention Fed was started by Paul Warburg, a German, at same time Paul’s brother in Germany co-directed German Central bank & advised German Command against allies. Plus he fails to mention Fed/City of London/Bundesbank ARE NWO fascists, nazis and neo-Nazis.

12. And, forgot to mention that Illuminati was founded in Germany by German Weisenhaupt who together w/the Vatican bankers interacted w/Rothschild & non-jewish German bankers & w/the City of London in founding Bank of England then eventually succeeding in founding Fed in 1913 as a German economic warfare endeavor was totally successful in bankrupting U.S. in only 20 years, by 1933.

by EastCoastKid, ‘Whispers of 1913: look no further than Executive order 11110’, at (please make any comments on this at following url):
originally sources at &

Executive Order No. 11110 returned to U.S. government power to issue currency, without going through Federal Reserve. Mr. Kennedy's order gave Treasury power "to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in Treasury."

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 11:36 AM
watch "9/11 for dummies" new short movie i found...

there are things in it i didn't knew, like other false flags the government did

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 11:37 AM

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 11:56 AM
Why does everyone assume either Bush or Clinton were involved?Couldn't
someone else that stood to gain have masterminded this?What about the central bankers?These people like wars.They profit from war big time.In fact most of the wars they prod us into they back both sides.Are not both Clinton and Bush just puppets for the federal reserve bank?Have you heard either Obama or McCain say the federal reserve bank has to go?Well guess what you never will.Lincoln payed the same price for a loaf of bread that Washington payed why?Because we were still on the gold standard.Then Wilson gives us the federal reserve bank and they give us fiat money,deflation and inflation.
Then to make thier little schemes more profitable they invent fractional reserve banking.Now included with the bailout bill they don't even need to hold the fraction.These people are just what Jackson called them when he routed them out the first time,thieves and vipers.If you think these international bankers care who or how many died in 911 I'll let you borrow a screw driver to tighten your loose ones.Was 911 a conspirecy?I have no idea,a lot of things seem fishy to me but Clinton and Bush are just puppets and the federal reserve bank pulls both thier strings.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 01:16 PM

Originally posted by TheRealDonPedros
I don't know how you guys can miss the sarcasm in my post. You must have some preprogrammed response to the word "911 Commission Report" but I can assure you I understand the illegitimacy of the whole investigation.

Perdoneme DonPedros. You're right - by mentioning those 3 words you're standing on my sore toe.

Originally posted by TheRealDonPedros
the "911 Commission Report", which also contains mountains of overwhelming...

I think I catch a whiff of sarcasm now.

Originally posted by pooty
Why does everyone assume either Bush or Clinton were involved?

I don't think those who have given it any serious thought suppose their involvement went any further than their puppet roles required. In the case of Bush though, he's failure to act as Commander in Chief on the day and the failure of the Secret Service to remove him immediately from a public location when the attacks were in full swing suggest that he is a thoroughly treasonous puppet.

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 02:28 PM

What Von Bulow says is not as interesting as what he does not say: such as six of German Mohammed Atta’s associates at Florida flight schools were from German elite families.

As long as people post stuff like this, there will never be a way to see an inch of truth anywhere.

I wonder if this is disinformation or just none-information.

Read at least the official 9/11 report...

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 03:45 PM
Being A New York Native and USMC Iraq Vet, this stuff always hurt's.
I know they killed our brother's for money. BIZNESS AS USUAL
This is what I like to see. Some one with credential's in THEIR system speaking out. They hurt us working F^cks out here, and we won't ever forget what it was like to collect our shattered gut's up off the floor and keep going on.
I don't want to hurt anyone ever again. I sacrificed for this country in this war and it was one on pretense of profit just like 911
BIZNESS AS USUAL But I don't belive engageing the enemy in combat and destroying him dammages your soul. It strengthens it. Men have fought contless war's for the profit of the rich, I'm not mad at em... It's just BIZNESS

ANyway, it was beautiful here in NY today, trechorus bastards in control or not.
They call the shot's, i just don't want to get hurt....


posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by Siddharta

Or the fact that Mohammed Atta and others were seen training at U.S. military bases.

They were U.S. trained but by what Operatives and what level of intellegence. What about Atta and some of the other terrorists seen on a Casino boat of a well known U.S. representative a month or so before 9/11!

There is just too much ignored and not enough elected officials forcing anyone to answer to these charges. We need to get rid of 90% of Washington starting with Bush, Rice, Cheney, Rove, Pelosi and quite a few others! Not that Bush and Cheney would mean anything more than a political statement at this time but it is very necessary! When you take the oath to uphold the Constitution it doesn't mean you can help destroy the United States and not have to answer for it because you have a bunch of top Harvard lawyers~!!

[edit on 19-10-2008 by arizonascott]

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 04:51 PM
reply to post by arizonascott

You got it right there man
There needs to be a genuine up-standing official that speaks for everyone
and demands the truth.A person that can and will swear under oath,not someone that wont because they're paying their lawyer god knows how much to make sure they dont.

Btw can u give a link about the Mohammed Atta in an American training camp story,I haven't heard anything about that before

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