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Another Exposed Canadian Role in NWO?

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 10:36 PM
Sarkozy blesses idea of Canadian unity

In his speech, Mr. Sarkozy also applauded Quebec's ability to reject sectarianism and remain open to the world. Quebec's message is that it has been able to defend its identity without rejecting others, he said. “It is a lesson to the world where all too often the identity is an experience that leads to withdrawal, where all too often the love we have for ourselves is expressed by hatred toward others,” he told members of the National Assembly, to enthusiastic applause.

France is to Europe what Quebec has become to Canada, he said, a nation promoting free trade and seeking greater global co-operation that could eventually lead to a transatlantic deal between Canada and the European Union. “France is your ambassador and Quebec must be our ambassador to make all of Canada understand that it is in our interest to have a transatlantic community,” he said.

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With the Northern end of the Transcontinental Corridor running into Canada, as well as a Canadian Bilderberg location (Ottawa) it seems obvious to me that there is a friend to the NWO in the Canadian government.

Sarkozy's speech carried an undertone of essential unity, both within Canada/Quebec relations and Canadian-European Trade ties. The parallel he drew between Quebec/Canada and France/Europe culturally and economically could be construed as an element of the advancing NWO, especially considering the discussion of a new Transatlantic trade route, with France being a theoretical gateway to Europe for Canadian trade.

I am not a Separatist, and am quite in favour of Quebec remaining as a part of Canada. That said, would not Canadian unity and the crushing of the Quebec Separatist movement not be in the best interests of the NWO? A healthy, but non-controlling separatist faction in Quebec might be the best alternative to Quebec becoming its own country, as far as hindering NWO's progress and keeping the country together are both concerned.

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