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Humans Divided _ souled/non-souled 'Organic Portals Theory'

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 06:51 PM
I came across this article that I find extremely fascinating and on some level makes allot of sense to me.

''Organic Portals Theory

Aristotle defined a slave as an "animated malleable instrument." This terrifying
description has never been more true than it is today, if applied to human
beings in general. The individual is merely an appendage and a sounding board
for the species. Homo sapiens is the same as other animal species: he has a
collective soul which regulates and directs the evolution of the human race. The
collective soul produces the migration of the birds, regulates reproduction,
directs different changes and adaptations, brings about periods of mating, and
in general, directs the instinctive behavior of the beasts. As he belongs to the
animal kingdom, sapiens is not free from this directing force which in effect
controls, directs, supervises, and regulates the species, acting as a common
brain, which stifles individual thought.
This common soul has been called the "collective unconscious" by Jung.
He did not talk of an "animal soul" but he certainly possessed this knowledge. This collective unconscious is in truth
the animal soul of sapiens. The mere fact of understanding, accepting, and
comprehending the significance of this subject means visualizing the most
important foundation of sapiens' life, because the bestial impulse acts as the
basic motive of its actions.''

'There are other forms of life as well as ours whose sphere of evolution impinges upon the
earth. In the realm of folk-lore we constantly meet with the idea of intercourse between
the human and the fairy kingdoms; of the marriage of a human being with a fairy spouse,
or the theft of a child by the fairies, an impish changeling being left in its place. We shall
be rash if we assume that an extensive body of folk-belief is entirely without foundation
in fact. Let us therefore examine these old and crude beliefs and see whether we can find
any grounds for them, and if so, what the real nature of the facts may be, and whether
they throw any light upon modem psychic phenomena of the kind we are considering in
these pages.
There are many of us who have met people who might well be described as non-human,
soulless, in that the ordinary human motives are not operative with them, nor do the
ordinary human feelings prompt or inhibit them. We cannot but love them, for they have
great charm, but we cannot but dread them as well, for they spread an infinitude of
suffering around them. Although seldom deliberately evil, they are singularly detrimental
to all with whom they come in contact. They, for their part, are unhappy and lonely in our
midst. They feel themselves to be alien and uncompanioned; every man’s hand is against
them, and in consequence it all too often happens that their hand is against everyone and
they develop a puckish malevolence, though there is seldom calculated evil-doing.
Gratitude, compassion, good faith, morality and common honesty are utterly foreign to
their natures, as far beyond their conception as the differential calculus. They are not
immoral, however, but simply non-moral. On the other hand, they possess the virtues of
absolute sincerity and great courage. In terms of human ethics they are “undesirables,”
but they have an ethic of their own to which they are loyal, and that is the beauty which is
truth, and this is all they know, and, as far as their life is concerned, all they need to
know. In appearance they are usually small and slight, possessing unusual physical
strength and endurance but very liable to nervous exhaustion and brain-storms. In social
relations they take violent likes and dislikes; they show a facile and demonstrative
affection towards those they like, but quickly forget them. Gratitude and pity are
unknown to their nature. Towards those they dislike they are pettily malicious, and in all
relations of life they are utterly irresponsible. One cannot describe them better than to say
that they resemble nothing so much as a blend of Persian kitten and pet monkey. They
have the beauty and aloofness and charm of the cat, and the amusing, mischievous
destructiveness of the monkey. Many human beings hate them at sight; others are
fascinated by them because they bring with them a sense of unearthly beauty and a
quickening of the life-forces. I have been able to investigate the history of two such
beings, and it is interesting to note that both of them were conceived while their mothers
were under the influence of drink. There is a very great deal of information available
concerning the occult aspect of the incarnation of souls, but not much of the knowledge
concerning the actual facts of conception has ever found its way into print. I have given a
little in my book, The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage. I cannot enter into the
subject deeply in these pages, for it would be too much of a digression. Some points,
however, it is essential to touch upon for a comprehensive survey of our subject.

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 06:58 PM
David Icke – Infinite Love Is the Only Truth,
Everything Else Is Illusion
Think of horses on a carousel. Whether anyone is sitting on them or not they still go
round with the rest. Our ‘physical’ bodies are biological computers reading software
programs and they are running all the time. The question is whether self- aware
consciousness chooses to experience this illusory world through one of those software
carousel ‘horses’ (human bodies) or not. If it doesn’t, the ‘body’ will still play out the
program, because it is a biological computer capable of ‘thought’ (assessment of data).
But it will be nothing more than software without consciousness as defined in this book.
Everything you see in the Matrix is part of the program, including your own body. The
exception to this is your consciousness, those that have any that is, because, in the way I
am defining consciousness in this book, not everyone has. The phenomenon of the
‘woman in the red dress’ in the first Matrix movie, the woman who was just part of a
software program despite appearing ‘real’, is not confined to a Hollywood sci-fi script.
These ‘computer’ creations, these carousel horses with no rider, are everywhere. There
are three main groups of ‘people’ in the Matrix[...]:
1) First there are the software programs whose only consciousness is the DNA/RNA
receiving instructions from the Matrix. They are constructs of mind, not
consciousness. All energy/consciousness is Infinite Oneness, but not all expressions
of this are at the same level of awareness. The ‘human’ interactive software programs
are sophisticated robots following a ‘life’ program dictated by the Matrix and their
free will is basically zilch. I’m sure you must have met many. They appear to be the
same as everyone else in the way they look, but the best special effects studios can
now put digital ‘people’ into advertisements and you can’t see the join. There is a
television presenter in Britain who is famous for being enormous and she appeared in
a commercial with a far slimmer body to sell a food product. You could not see the
join and anyone who didn’t know what she really looked like would believe the body
in the ad was hers. This is why we have to be extremely wary about ‘Bin Laden’
videos that suddenly come to light at just the right time from the agenda’s point of
view. Producing a fake Bin Laden saying fake words is a cinch to the state-of-the-art
special effects houses. The same principle applies with these ‘Red Dress’ programs,
as I will call them. They are bodies without consciousness, interactive software
programs. The lifeless look in their eyes is one way of picking them out, as is the
lack of energy coming from them. They resonate to a different frequency to
conscious awareness and again you can symbolise them as the horses on the
carousel with no one on board. These interactive software programs can
malfunction, go off message, and ‘hack’ into other programs - as with the Agent
Smith character in the Matrix movies. A lot of that is going on, too.
2) Other people do have consciousness, but are so entranced and deluded by the Matrix
that their DNA programming calls the shots and dictates the path that they take.
These horses do have a rider, but the horse is still making the decisions. They go
where the DNA program takes them because they don’t think they have a choice or
don’t choose to make one. They can be lovely, caring people and express their
consciousness in that way, but they can’t see beyond the illusion. These are the main
energy source for the Matrix because it feeds off the emotional energies of fear, guilt,
and frustration etc., generated by consciousness trapped in this virtual reality prison
and identifying with its programmed ‘personality’. Once consciousness identifies
with the mind and emotions - the software - it begins to resonate to those frequencies
and this invariably means an expression of fear. These people, with what you might
call ‘back seat consciousness’, also represent by far the biggest section of ‘conscious’
humanity. They are the system fodder who overwhelmingly do and think as they are
3) The third, and by far the smallest, group are those who are aware enough to see
through the illusion and have begun to access the knowing of Infinite Oneness
beyond the walls of the software program. This doesn’t mean they understand the full
nature of life and reality, but they have at least a subconscious knowing that the world
is not as it seems. They are the only ones with free will in the sense that they have the
awareness and power of consciousness to break the control of the DNA software.
They can ride the horse and, in doing so, rewrite the program. These people stand out
from the crowd and are dubbed dangerous or mad because they don’t see the world
like everyone else. The Matrix is a six- stone weakling compared with consciousness
in its true power, and this group is like a computer virus that has the means to
scramble the program and download another reality. The Matrix targets these people
with a vengeance to protect its control and also because if it can manipulate this level
of consciousness to become caught in the illusions and succumb to fear, it is a
massive potential energy source.
Consciousness has become trapped by the Matrix in a maze of smoke and mirrors that
has implanted a false reality. The ‘Red Dresses’, or software people, are no problem
because they just follow the codes. The targets of the Matrix are those with self-aware
consciousness who find themselves, for whatever reason, caught in the flytrap. It is in
pursuit of these people - this consciousness - that the system of society is so designed in
this part of the program. I have been saying in my books for years that the system has
been structured to hold consciousness in a prison of the five senses. You can see
everywhere that this is so obviously true. But what is this five- sense jail cell? It is a
prison of the brain and body - the DNA! While we are focused purely on the five-sense
reality we are slaves to the DNA that dictates our thoughts, emotions and actions. The
consciousness of most people never gets its hands on the wheel of life because the DNA
will not vacate the driver’s seat. Consciousness in its reconnected infinite power could
easily take control, but it is difficult to do this when you are not aware that you are
Infinite Consciousness and you think that the DNA thoughts and emotions you are having
are yours.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 06:58 PM
This is how the movie constantly plays out while slumbering consciousness
thinks it is calling the shots! The aim is to turn conscious beings into generators of fear in
all its forms to empower the Matrix, and to take away freedom and replace it with what I
call feardom - domination by fear. One of the major ways this is done is through the
software programs that we call ‘leaders’. You will recall the emphasis I have placed on
the obsession of the Illuminati families with interbreeding and genetics. As I have already
suggested, what we call procreation is the recording of two software programs (father and
mother) onto one disk - the child. All bodies are software programs and the difference is
whether they are pure software (Red Dresses) or whether consciousness is involved.
When consciousness expresses itself through the body it rewrites the DNA programming
which, in turn, is transmitted to other DNA and to the Matrix in general. These people
change what we call the bloodline and, as a result, these Red Dress genetic lines become
increasingly less controlled by the dictates of the program. Such people will have a heart
dimension to their views and decisions; they will have a sense of empathy, compassion
and fairness. They will not, in short, react as a programmed disk in the way the Matrix
demands with violence, bigotry and an absence of empathy with those who suffer the
consequences of their actions. The world is awash with this mentality because it is awash
with software people.

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