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Chris Mathews caught in a lie about Ayers on Hardball tonight.

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 07:29 AM
reply to post by skeptic1

Skeptic, the thing with Obama is that you don't have to dig very hard. he seem to have surrounded himself by radicals, some of which wish they could bomb more. The simple fact is, if this were a Republican who surrounded himself with racists, he wouldn't have a chance (rightfully so). Suddenly when the hatred and violence is used to further left wing agendas, the media and left don't have a problem with it.

Not only a glorious demonstration of left wing media bias, but a very clear example of hypocrisy. In fact, its pretty disturbing .

reply to post by nj2day

Or perhaps since the time he met him, he was a professor, and on the board of an organization that is trying to better their local area, he felt it was irrelevant?

By saying that he doesn't regret setting bombs and wish e could do more, on 9/11? This man has no business in education and the fact he isn't run out of town is testimate to the left wing extremism thats being taught in our schools. If this man was teaching that kind of hatred about blacks, he would be run out of town. Since his hatred is geared towards America and the right, you folks don't have a problem.

Again, very disturbing.

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 08:10 AM
So.. the democrats have complained for years about FOX news and the radical right saying anyone who doesn't support the war hates America and so on but they'll trip all over themselves to make excuses for Obama?

Ayers wasn't some hippy war protester - he was the bomb maker for a terrorist group who killed police and even managed to blow up some of his own team. Yet he manages to stay out of prison and become a professor leading to his political adviser and writer position for Obama. But that's cool?

Ayers was a foundation plant, he engaged in false flag terror for the elite and now he's helping another one of their plants, Obama.

Before you start jumping up and down to attack my politics I am not a McCain supporter, I'm a true independent. You want change so you support Obama? Good luck with that, the only change your going to get is a faster slide into fascism, (same thing you'd get with McCain, just the window dressing would be different).

Everyone with an IQ above Palin's knows the President is a puppet. That's why you have to look at the people with their hands in the puppet. Obama has Ayers (who is a NWO scum bag Orange revolution plant), ZBig (hope you like war with Russia) and Soros. This is the team who ran around staging color revolutions in E Europe. The polls which have you thinking Obama will win are fake and the republicans are going to flip the e voting machine counts even bigger than the last two times thanks to completely centralized tabulation this time around.

As long as people want to stay comatose and support candidates from the major party with two masks you can look forward to more of the same you've enjoyed under Jr. If the complete fail perpetrated by the democrats in Congress these past few years hasn't taught you anything then what will? They've worked hand in hand with Jr, continued to pass Constitution killing legislation and now they've passed the bailout package which will end with us as officially part of the North American Union / Big Banking Families Slavery Inc.

Defending Ayers is every bit as moronic as defending Sarah Palin.

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 01:31 PM
How can you justify the bombing of US facilitys,and say your an anti war movement? doesn't take a genius to figure this out,what scare me are the people posting in here trying to justify the fact,they are the ones that fuel terrorists

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