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Starting a Village

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 07:25 AM

Originally posted by Northern Raider

Earth mothers, usually with 7 kids who follow Gaia but dont think education is neccessary for her kids.She believes in RESPECTING everyones rights, but still trespasses each year into Stone henge, scales the fence to gain entry at Glastonbury, and breaks into farms to liberate the wild boar being grown there.
Born again christians so lovey dovey and happy clappy they are frightening, while smiling and praising god with you over an evening meal they will probably try and screw your wife when you are out in the field.
Geriatric hippies who never managed to get to Goa or San francisco.
Rabid vegans who will cry if a bug gets stoood upon, but will stab a fellow human to death for eating a big mac.
Cannabis farmers and magic mushroom farmers.
Conspiracy theorists who KNOW the govt is out to get them
Eco warriors who drive old diesel buses doing only 8 MPG while they tour the nation living on benefits campaigning to save the whale from loggers.
Control freaks who's sole aim is to impregnate every female aged 10 and over in the commune.
And of course the unbiquitous socialists who want to redistribute everyones wealth, even though no one in the community has any more than the job seekers benefits to live on.

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Bats*@t funny; mainly 'cos it's true.

Jonestown anyone?

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 01:38 PM
for those that are interested check out the world freeman society,

in Canada and the us Common law still exists, nothing is on the books to stop you from opting out of govt control and being what is known as "a freeman on the Land", then "laws meaning Statutes and acts do not apply to you as you are a sovereign individual.

you dont get handouts from the govt and they cant collect or control you beyond ensuring you do not breach the peace, or damage the propety of others or infringe others rights.

so planning approval and other such rules no longer apply
lots of links out there, the url i included is a good starting point.


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