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The "up-to-the-minute Market Data" thread

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posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 06:53 PM
No reason to complicate things folks. The volatility has been a day traders dream but this market is on it's way to test the 2010 a minimum. I hope buy & hold investors will move to protect themselves.

For those that aren't familiar with Harry Schultz, until his retirement this year at the age of 87, he was known as 'The Dean of Newsletter Writers". 'Uncle Harry' carried a lot of weight in the mainstream investment community for good reason, though not many billion dollar hedge fund managers and corporate CEOs would be quick to admit publicly that they followed his newsletter like gospel.

In January 2007, before the onset of the financial crisis, Harry published an important missive that I still like to review from time to time. At critical junctures cross the past 5 years it has helped prevent me from falling victim to the false sense of security & recovery that the [MSM] Bullhorn would have me embrace.

A Warning from Harry Schultz

Sauvé qui peut (save who can, or every man for himself, or run for your life). - Harry Schultz

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 04:31 AM
So, they give money to the NYPD. The police will be better equipped to fight criminals.
The "hard" work so valued...

JPMorgan Chase recently donated an unprecedented $4.6 million to the New York City Police Foundation. The gift was the largest in the history of the foundation and will enable the New York City Police Department to strengthen security in the Big Apple. The money will pay for 1,000 new patrol car laptops, as well as security monitoring software in the NYPD's main data center.

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly sent CEO and Chairman Jamie Dimon a note expressing "profound gratitude" for the company's donation.

"These officers put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe," Dimon said. "We're incredibly proud to help them build this program and let them know how much we value their hard work."

Gee, I wish I was a policeman...

P.S. I Love You.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by DangerDeath

Funny that Cities like NY and Chicago have such long and colofur history of corruption when it comes to police department and government officials, things has change in modern days, first they were call " briberies" now they are call "donations".

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by marg6043

Marg, you sure do have a way with words. Beats the MSM hands down.


Bank of England could pump more money into economy this week

Weak economic prospects set to be highlighted this week could prompt the Bank of England to pump more money into the British economy in an attempt to kick start the stalling recovery.

The Bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) could vote on Thursday to spend a further £50bn on assets, on top of the £200bn it spent between March 2009 and January 2010, to try and boost growth during the recession.
"There is a very good case for being bold and acting promptly," said Philip Shaw, economist at Investec. "Our view is that the MPC will sanction a further £50bn of QE [quantitative easing] at [this] week's meeting..."

Michael Saunders, economist at Citigroup... said the Bank was likely to increase its stock of purchases under QE to a total of £500bn over the next few quarters.

Difficult to hide the desperation, is it not?

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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by pause4thought

We have been in ATS long enough to witness and post the deterioration of the financial world worldwide, yes people keep asking "when is going to happen, or why is not happening" the truth is that is "happening" everyday every week the signs of financial meldown is escalating, is interesting to watch and witness how the financial fat rats and their bought out governments in the nations in world are trying to keep the appearances of stability.

Where the money for more bailouts are coming?, well they are robbing the nations dry and the future of generations.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 12:55 PM
Yes! Even the language they use: Pumping money INTO economy FROM banks - proves that economy has been killed along the way to the better future.
The only economy this global system knows is - plunder.

"Financial meltdown" is about chain-reaction of radioactive financial particles which have killed the economy. And now they want to start radioactive therapy to revive that same economy

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posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 01:38 PM
Well some are taking advantage of the US currency woes to bring the Gold standard.

Plan to Return America to the Gold Standard Set to Be Offered at Washington

The next big step in the gold standard debate is going to be taken next month at Washington, when one of the original members of the Reagan-era United States Gold Commission offers a five-step plan to return America to sound money.

The architect of the plan, Lewis Lehrman, a businessman and scholar, will present his program in an address October 5 at a conference in Washington on the how to return to a stable dollar. He will outline a five-step program to return America to a gold-backed currency within five years.

Forbes: US Will Return to Gold Standard After 2012 Elections

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by marg6043

I think this is just one of the many manoeuvrings to provoke HOPE in people. Okay, let's just have done with the next elections, and then, there will be gold and milk running around....

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 07:29 PM
The Age of Banking is over.
Time to clean the lice and cure the Typhoid.

Australia -2.17%
Japan -1.91%

China is going to miss today's ride cause of holiday

Greece to miss budget deficit targets in 2011 and 2012

I swear I read somewhere it's holiday in China... Well, Hang Seng is taking a ride.

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 01:29 AM
I thought some of my fellow insomniacs might enjoy this great little 2010 documentary. The 24hr access market (Globex electronic platform) has really rocked the world of the traditional pit trader. Also known as 'locals', these guys are fast becoming dinosaurs, unable to adapt and compete effectively against their more nimble adversaries' computer generated algorythms.

If you haven't seen it, I think you'll like it.


FLOORED Episode 1

A world that's more riot than profession, the trading floors of Chicago are a place where gambling your family's mortgage is all in a day's work. Floored offers a unique window to this lesser-known world of finance. These men may not have degrees, but they've got guts, and penchant for excess that solicits simultaneous feelings of revulsion and admiration. But like many aspects of our economy, technology is changing the way these traders do business, and these eccentric pit denizens aren't the type to take kindly to new tricks. - Watch

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 05:53 AM
Okay time for a few predictions leanered friends
what do you think the picture in the EU, US and asia look like in 3 months.
I think greek defualting will happen, and some of the other poor performing and debt ridden
countries, banks insolvencies and a second bout of the credit crunch. would all that cause
a derpression?
Sorry spelling and gramatical errors is part of my online persona.

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 05:57 AM
Something you should all know about Europe.

Lars von Trier, Europa.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 06:12 AM

Originally posted by DangerDeath
Something you should all know about Europe.

Lars von Trier, Europa.

Excuse me, but what the HELL was that?


On another note, anyone know why Europe is rallying back? More "hope"?

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 07:03 AM
That was an accurate artistic vision of Europe, filmed in 1991.

The inherent viral process is in charge, its effect is like a viaduct exploding and train falling into the abysmal river...

If you want to understand Europe by watching the situation on markets, you will realize that it is the image of a nightmare caused by fever. Lets probe the reality for a moment:

Was there really a 2 trillion bailout last week? What happened to it?

I think it was one big lie. Remember the indifferent passiveness from the G20 members a week before this "bailout"? They had no idea, no plan. All they did was a simulated activity which resulted in this farce.

Europe was lifted from ashes after WW II on the American Idea. Now, American Idea is failing, Europe is also failing.
There is an older, actually very old, pattern which is underneath the present image of the world.
Four centuries ago, the New World was a place to outsource the bankrupt and fast sinking Europe. That was a temporary life saver. Now, America is outsourcing to Asia... American dream has lost its momentum.

A stiff, politically correct society is unable to adapt to this volatility swarm which predicts and predates the Big One. I've been watching some traders on videos, and noticed their "dancing" eyes. They are horrified by the prospects and dare not speak openly. But it is obvious they are fastening their life belts.

Political correctness, multicultural tolerance, free market - those are all bankers' "inventions", a complex projection which is too stiff to contain the ever growing bubble of debt nonsense being sold as "economy".

Classic markets have absolutely no influence on political situation right now. The only thing valid to happen is abandoning banks as they are. It is going to happen. Corporations will too have to go down.

The significance of the "Occupy" movement is in this. It is a political action and it is backed by some influential politicians and most probably by the military.

There is a choice to be made. Either take it on the dissatisfied masses, or on the bankers. I think, it will be the bankers. Screw bankers, who the hell they think they are? The confidence in them is lost...

There will either be war or writing off debts. Because debt economy isn't working as it was promised.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by DangerDeath

That makes more sense. I was just watching the video and thinking "How does this have anything to do with today's Europe?"

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 07:59 AM

Originally posted by mossme89
reply to post by DangerDeath

That makes more sense. I was just watching the video and thinking "How does this have anything to do with today's Europe?"

Well, it is difficult to read data the very moment it appears on screens. Markets reflect various influences and all in real time.
Things may change fast on the surface, politics in Europe is still just one big experiment. It has no historical roots. It might go away just like that.
You see, if Greece goes down and is abandoned by EU, there is the lurking Turkey which may just be bold enough to send its troops to "quell the situation". And, back we are to 15th century!
If Ukraine goes down, Russia might just feel in the right to "protect its Black Sea interests"...

And so on...

Saving banks has proved to be futile. May be even fatal. People need much harder foothold, even if it means making a few steps back.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 09:24 AM
Well, it's a lock now . . . everyone stop worrying . . . the Dow is up despite Greece's toes going the same way and according to CNN, the manufacturing sector growth 'improved' in September.

Rejoice . . . Rejoice.


Everything's fine . . . .

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by OBE1

Taking into consideration that Chicago is also known by their corruption and mafia history I imagine that the markets are not different.

In the floor seems like they are ready to fight like pit bulls.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by GoalPoster

It may have been up, but something is going on because now is down almost 100. So I wonder from where the bad news are coming from.

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