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The "up-to-the-minute Market Data" thread

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posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 03:35 AM
USD fell to 78.343 around 5 am est LoL

Ben must be real proud...I'm waiting for a few interventions soon...

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posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 05:11 AM
There is soon some elections in the US.... So, is the FED going to do more QE before the election ?
By the way, gold is goign higher and higher : 1317$ now (12.10 Paris).. So it's normal to see the dollar going down... (especially when China try to sell its US Treasury)...

posted on Oct, 4 2010 @ 11:09 PM
Wow i wasn't expecting this news from CNN today

They clearer say a stock crash will happen, but yet again bring the odds back down to 33%

posted on Oct, 5 2010 @ 07:05 AM
Thousands of teachers in Romania are protesting...

After all their salaries were cut by 33%.... can you imagine if that happened here? Teachers all across the country would quit indefinitely until the government had resigned....

And the worst of it all... it's gonna happen sooner or later here. And not just to teacher salaries.

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) - About 5,000 Romanian teachers and education employees protested Tuesday in the capital over austerity measures implemented by the government to trim the budget deficit amid a deep recession.

posted on Oct, 5 2010 @ 09:35 PM
Gold forecast's going up for 2011 at Morgan Stanley: Gold 1,500 an oz?. It seems like no one is calling a peak this time, as has been the general reaction to any quick rise in gold prices over the last few years.

posted on Oct, 7 2010 @ 03:46 AM
Gold at 1362 $

Is everyone buying gold to offer it to the Anunaki ?

posted on Oct, 7 2010 @ 08:41 AM

Originally posted by Terviseks
Gold at 1362 $

Is everyone buying gold to offer it to the Anunaki ?

When the end of the world comes, people take money from bank and take it to church

posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 04:09 PM

Originally posted by time91
Gold forecast's going up for 2011 at Morgan Stanley: Gold 1,500 an oz?. It seems like no one is calling a peak this time, as has been the general reaction to any quick rise in gold prices over the last few years.

Well, every time they called a "peak" they were wrong. Now they are not calling any sort of peak.... I am prepared to sell soon.

The rats are off the ship and hopping on the next bubble. Gold will be a fast bubble and I think it is popping. If I had to guess, the appropriate price for gold is in the $900 range and it has been pumped up quite a bit. Now it may fall a bit before going back up.

Make no mistake, I think it will eventually break $1,500 but my guess is that it tests $900 before going back up. If it didn't there would not be much money to make in it - and we cannot have that in a bubble!

posted on Oct, 9 2010 @ 02:58 PM
As the currency wars escalate, real money (gold & silver) will continue to rise. Bubbles are what paper is capable of. A paper bubble as compared to real money is meaningless. Saying that an ounce of gold is worth 100 Trillion Zimbabwe dollars or 1500 US dollars is just a function of how far off track a given gov't has gone. Real money still accomplishs what it's supposed to regardless, as it represents a fractional portion of all goods.

In order for gold to fall we would need to see the bad debt in the system allowed to default. Which of course hurts the banks, which own the Federal Reserve. So it ain't gonna happen. And even if it did it would just mean that gold's purchasing power was just as effective at 900 as it would otherwise be at any higher level under QE to Infinity.

The real potential behind gold and silver is the excess money ALREADY created that is sloshing around looking for safety. When more and more people realize that real safety is represented by real money and they go into real cash, then we will see these monetary metals truly representing the goods that they should be if not for fiat illusion.

posted on Oct, 11 2010 @ 08:29 PM
Come on guys...

Keep the thread going.

There's a ton of action about to hit...

Max Keiser: Dollar to be hit tomorrow ... gold to go up to $1,400 soon .... possibly tomorrow !! ... "they are going to take amerikA off line..."

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posted on Oct, 12 2010 @ 02:51 AM
If the iranians start to believe and pay attention to Max Keiser, I guess the end of the US supremacy is at the end...
Hope that iranians don't only use Keiser to destroy the "Evil West World" but also to make a better economy, it will be more interesting than declaring a war...

Why Obama doesn't listen to Max Keiser ? Why governments only have stupid councelor ???
In France it's riot day, and I guess it the beginning of the end alos... Governments should listen to their citizens !

posted on Oct, 12 2010 @ 03:56 AM
look at the dow at the end of the tradingday yesterday
and where was it going?

posted on Oct, 12 2010 @ 04:03 AM
reply to post by voorbereid

The bottom line appears to be the time,so can you tell me who would be trading at 9.45pm on Columbus Day.Seems odd from an outsider's perspective.Also what sort of volumes would have been invovlved as I understand low volumes are usually fairly meaningless on the stock markets.

posted on Oct, 12 2010 @ 05:56 AM
reply to post by Nineteen

sorry i had to mention that time is yesterdays c.e.t.
and yes bottom is the timeline
so there is no trading in us today (tuesday okt 12) ??
sorry if this is a stupid question, but i am not familiar with al the world's holidays
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posted on Oct, 12 2010 @ 12:09 PM
reply to post by voorbereid

Here's the US holiday calendar. Last scheduled US market closure was Labor Day...the next is Thanksgiving Day. The Canadian exchanges, e.g. TSX and TSX-V were closed yesterday (Oct 11) for Canadian Thanksgiving. Frustrating for resource investors, especially with the Canadian listed Jr miners breaking-out.

posted on Oct, 13 2010 @ 12:47 PM
An Earthquake just hit Wall Street.

49 State Attorney Generals Launch Investigation Into Forclousuregage. Wall Street Nightmare Begins

This will have a massive impact on the housing finance industry. Massive.
We are talking unprecedented. Unless someone has a snake in a bag, we could see mortage holders
sueing the financial institution asking for all thier money back.

posted on Oct, 13 2010 @ 03:39 PM
Gold price soars up again, considerable jump today.

ip $23.80 at $1,370.50 an ounce, the latest in a recent series of record highs. Some analysts believe gold could top $1,400 an ounce by year's end and perhaps climb higher next year until economic conditions improve.

posted on Oct, 14 2010 @ 07:04 AM
Gold highs hitting $1,388 today! And dollar down to 76.44
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posted on Oct, 15 2010 @ 07:27 AM
The market is beginning to move into its third down leg of the bear market. Based on technical's, when the Dow closes above its April high of 11,258; the limiting factors for the five movement trend will have been fulfilled. Once the new high has been established, the rally off the March 2009 lows could end at any time.

posted on Oct, 15 2010 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by Surfrat

Newbie question: Benanke sees case for more Fed easing. The story is from 9am EST and states that the USD started to fall on the news but at the same time there was a sell of of gold from $1385 to $1365 and an eventual rise in the USD index from 76.20 to 76.90 all in a short period of time.

The explanation on the news is that there was profit taking on gold ahead of Bernanke's speech. Does that make sense? I suppose it does if you wanted to convert from gold to a different currency other than the USD expecting that other currency to rise on the news? Am I right on that?

I know the USD has fallen to a new low against most of the currencies in the index - so why the big jump shown here?

US Dollar Index Chart

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