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The "up-to-the-minute Market Data" thread

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 07:17 PM
Intel reports better than expected profit, shares leap AH 7%. I did a July 09 strangle on Google for their earnings on Thursday, so it is all good

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 08:31 PM
Let me ask everyone something......

What would happen to stocks if the senate passes this cap and trade mockery?, if this bill is passed would that not cause instability in the markets.

I know i'm a newbe when stocks are concerned. I've invested 25 shares in amzn and am quite please at how this market is behaving, that's not a tip but an observation on my part. I've a long way's to go, I still have to figure out what are 'stops', 'holds', and 'puts'. but I'll learn one way or another.

I come to this thread everyday to get the latest, good thread!!!!.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 08:36 PM
reply to post by tiso_us

I'm still learning myself, but if the cap and trade passes I would buy shares in the companies are wonderful politicians are invested in. Like GE and solar power firms, etc. Do lots of research on the companies though.

There will be the "green bubble" is what would happen.

That is all my opinion it is not meant to be taken as trading advice.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by Hastobemoretolife

After awhile, i was thinking 'oil', as in USO, not sure. my main goal for amzn is to see if i could turn 25 shares into 50 shares just for learning experience.

I guess researching 'green jobs' stocks a little is a 'must do' on my list.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 09:01 PM
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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 09:02 PM
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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 10:56 PM
reply to post by tiso_us

I'm actually waiting for the Govs (or more govs i should say) start taxing internet transactions..

I just bought a new sexay guitar, but I went to a local store, shopped around, tried some out, came back and bought the same one online for 1. (a lot) less money and 2. no sales tax. Same thing with all my books, games, computers, even the desk im using right now.

Ohio had I think a 7.5% sales tax where I lived, and when I left they were raising it again, Oregon is thinking of implementing one as well. But as taxes are increasing nationwide as far as sales taxes, this shopping season I am willing to bet more people than ever will be buying online.. Last year the online stores fared very well, so I will be waiting for an "in" to some of these sites.

also as someone else said, green energy corporations are another thing to watch, though I am not good at monitoring who's getting what contract for how much, and much of it is local, I think it's safe to assume what giant corporations will obviously be dipping their fingers into the Green market Obama is trying to create.

Whether or not the Green market will save us, I have very serious doubts, but that doesn't mean we cannot make money, no?

Does anyone here know who got the contracts to start construction on the new US Rail system? None of the stories I'm going through will specify.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 12:06 AM
Core CPI
Empire Manufacturing
Capacity Utilization
Industrial Production
Business Inventories
Crude Inventories
Minutes of FOMC Meeting

All being reported tomorrow. A lot of news. Everything will be reported at 10:30am or before except the FOMC meeting. INTC earnings and possible CIT rescue will lift markets as long as the economic news is okay.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 12:41 AM
reply to post by Rockpuck

I noticed this......the states were trying to pass laws forcing amazon to pay taxes in their state, then amazon cut affiliates in that state to avoid taxes.

ALOT of people shop online, but i found out today also was amazon bought netflix, so they must be holding up pretty good for now, and here's another indicator.....have had no lay-offs yet (knock on wood). Amazon also ships internationally also, probably the major reason they have not gone belly up.

as far as the 'green stocks' are concerned, the only thing that comes to mind would be 'energy companies', why....because with this cap and trade, the energy companies would be raising their rates to pay for that carbon tax credits.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 12:43 AM
reply to post by RetinoidReceptor

God i hope your right....I could use some good news for once.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:06 AM
The dollar index is down in the 79's again and a lot of good news has been factored into the market the last 2 days. We might see some profit taking start this afternoon but I'm not sure what will trigger it. Despite the lower dollar oil is off its peak yesterday.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:28 AM
The way I heard the Amazon thing is that if a state would want to create their own tax law for internet transactions Amazon would not sell in their state. But really each state is their own state, so they want to make the tax law in their own state. Each state has their own food tax and clothing tax, etc. anyway so let them control their internet tax if any.

Amazon is upset because Amazon would be left out of that process. So Amazon is bluffing and saying they won't deal with a state that makes its own internet tax law.

However, Amazon says they are all for a Federal internet tax law.... as long as Amazon approves of the Federal tax method.

Jeff Bezos just wants to be the chosen ruler of the world and have his say in the law making process.

''''''' Amazon has countered that it's not just about money; it's about logistics and the Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon "would support a federal effort to streamline state tax laws and give signatory states the authority to require all sellers to collect taxes, regardless of whether they are physically present in those states". '''''''

Like it would be really difficult to have different tax rates for different states?! Get out of here. Amazon wants control over the whole thing. They can't stand the idea that each state could regulate taxes and possibly affect Amazon's business in that state. Perhaps California would have the highest tax rate?

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 07:54 AM

Inflation jumps 1.8%

Surging energy costs pushed up US wholesale prices by a sharp 1.8 percent in June, the Labor Department reported Tuesday.

The producer price index (PPI) accelerated following increases of 0.2 percent in May and 0.3 percent in April.

The main cause was energy prices, which jumped 6.6 percent in June after advancing 2.9 percent in May. Food prices also saw a strong 1.1 percent increase following a 1.6 percent drop in May.

The so-called "core" PPI index, excluding energy and food prices and sometimes seen as a better long-term indicator, rose 0.5 percent in June after edging down 0.1 percent in the previous month.

The price increases were far steeper than market expectations for a 0.1 percent rise in the headline PPI and a 0.1 percent gain in the core.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by warrenb

I can do you one better...stocks are on the rise today on reports Industrial Production wasn't as bad as predicted...
but whats the real story?

The 0.4 percent decrease in output at factories, mines and utilities was smaller than forecast and followed a revised 1.2 percent drop in May, Federal Reserve figures showed today in Washington. Capacity utilization, which measures the proportion of plants in use, decreased to 68 percent, the lowest level since records began in 1967.

They were expecting a .06 drop

So Basically things are bad, real bad...but there not as bad as investors thought and that's good enough for a rally!

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 09:59 AM
Everyone read this and tell me whats going on please

VISA - 3 strange cases: hackers, bugs or market manipulation???

something very fishy going on with VISA credit card company

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 10:13 AM

Originally posted by warrenb

Inflation jumps 1.8%

Shush! That's too much.

The Labor Department said Wednesday that inflation at the consumer level rose by 0.7 percent last month, slightly higher than the 0.6 percent increase that economists were expecting. It was the biggest one-month gain since a 0.7 percent increase last July.

There you go. Better, huh?

I heard the word that indexed bonds (sometimes called "inflation bonds") rose in demand yesterday.

The Dow is doing so well right now. Is it because of the economy?

Technology stocks rose more than 2 percent Wednesday following a slew of economic reports that fueled the notion the economy was showing stronger signs of a turnaround.

Yes indeed. That means that the inflation index is a powerful barometer to go by. Notice that those criminal speculators don't even bother to admit that inflation can hurt the folks who stay honest in making their living.

"If you don't cheat, you are stupid." That's the motto of success for the new millennium.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 10:52 AM

Originally posted by stander

"If you don't cheat, you are stupid." That's the motto of success for the new millennium.

It has always been that way I am afraid.

This is how the markets operate. Everyone became fearful again that we would plunge back down to AT LEAST 825, instead we melt up to 925

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 01:23 PM
Wow, about time this rally showed up. I am a big believer in Elliott wave - although I am a n00b at using it - and a bump in the markets seems to have been in the books for awhile now. The question is where will the spike go? Some are eyeballing 9200 - 9600 before the next leg down. If that is the case, expect this rally to lead to optimism though most of Q3 but brace yourselves for Q4. It is interesting that this is popping so late though, many expected the spike to start in June/July rather than July/August. The only other possibility is that the spike will make it only to 8800 - 9000 and will be quick followed by a very fast but comparatively shallow drop (low 7000's?). I think the lower this tops off, the less the fall will be when the down leg happens.

How can anybody deny K-wave / Elliott wave when it is clear the economy is in shambles but the markets can continue to follow the pattern? Humans are humans and we will act in very predictable ways. The markets are simply a reflection of human interaction and that is why the markets can be rather predictable. Those that have been 'hoping' for things to get better will get the wish for a bit, but the reality is that our system is corrupt and broken and it will indeed fall in on itself before something better can come along. It is all part of the cycle and should be embraced rather than feared.

Well folks, enjoy this rise but don't forget that it is a short one.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by nydsdan

Oh yeah

There are EW people calling 6 months ago for total destruction

There are also about 100 ways to read a wave and you hear people arguing all the time about which one is the b c wave etc..

If you can read it well though, that is all that is important - just never listen to the opinion of anyone else ever if you can key it in..

I have been anticipating this move, but was thrown off by that last little flag down we had after the trading range in early july

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 01:59 PM

Originally posted by fromunclexcommunicate
The dollar index is down in the 79's again and a lot of good news has been factored into the market the last 2 days. We might see some profit taking start this afternoon but I'm not sure what will trigger it. Despite the lower dollar oil is off its peak yesterday.

No, the financial guys have deemed themselves undervalued. I'm not sure how they cooked it up but it's almost across the board. American Express joined in by announcing that deliquent accounts keep dropping. This is a sign of an upturn that will build a max point which overvalues the banks. Then comes the cash time.

The old-fashioned analysts are talking even minicrash of the market, coz they see that the figures do not dance the way they did when Mr. Analyst went to Pepperdine.

With a bit of discipline, "the traders will take it higher."

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