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The "up-to-the-minute Market Data" thread

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 09:15 PM
Big day today -

I think it's time for me to get
"skittles for everyone" t-shirt for my Mr. Chimpy avatar...

Tue 4-7-2009

Whirlpool -5,000
Camosun College -18
Citizens Financial Group -9,000
JP Morgan Portland Oregon -19
Latitude Corp. -113
Exmark -80
MeadWestvaco -106
Eau Claire School District -40
EcoQuest Closes -192
22 Chicago Area Companies -2,500
Marathon Equipment Co. Closing -71
Betts USA Closing Plant -114
Milwaukee Journal Sentinal -31
Radio Systems Corp. -12
Energy Conversion Systems Closing -165
American Medical Association -100
Zounds Inc. Bankrupt -40
Caterpillar Foundry -200
NYC Zoo -100

TOTAL - 17,900+

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 09:38 PM
Still early but............

S&P 500 -8.70 805.30 4/7 10:20pm

Fair Value 812.08 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -6.78
NASDAQ -6.00 1274.75 4/7 10:08pm

Fair Value 1274.40 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* +0.35

Dow Jones -93.00 7669.00 4/7 10:14pm
Shanghai Composite 2,417.16 10:22PM ET Down 22.02 (0.90%)
Hang Seng 14,551.41 10:22PM ET Down 377.56 (2.53%)
Nikkei 225 8,658.63 10:00PM ET Down 174.22 (1.97%)
Seoul Composite 1,276.45 10:18PM ET Down 23.65 (1.82%)

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 09:42 PM
Nikkei took an ugly hit this morning (or evening, depending where you are) on fears about upcoming earnings reports. bad vibes:

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 09:58 PM
April 08 Calendar
US - MBA Purchase Applications (wk4/3, 2009) 7:00 AM wk4/3, 2009
Purchase Index - Level
US - Wholesale Trade (Feb, 2009) 10:00 AM Feb, 2009
Inventories - M/M change
US - EIA Petroleum Status Report (wk4/3, 2009) 10:30 AM wk4/3, 2009
Crude oil inventories (weekly ch
US - 3-Yr Note Auction () 1:00 PM
US - FOMC Minutes () 2:00 PM
US - Chain Store Sales () 8:00 PM
US - Equity Settlements (4-15-09) 8:00 PM 4-15-09
ALL - 52-Week Bill Settlement (52-Week Bill Settlement) 8:00 PM 52-Week Bill Settlement
US - Weekly Bill Settlements (Weekly Bill Settlement) 8:00 PM Weekly Bill Settlement
US - Quadruple Witching () 8:00 PM
Hang Seng 14,432.12 11:01PM ET Down 496.85 (3.33%)
Hang Seng 14,403.44 11:05PM ET Down 525.53 (3.52%)
Hang Seng 14,393.35 11:05PM ET Down 535.62 (3.59%)
Hang Seng 14,383.29 11:07PM ET Down 545.68 (3.66%)
Hang Seng 14,353.23 11:09PM ET Down 575.74 (3.86%)
Hang Seng 14,331.15 11:10PM ET Down 597.82 (4.00%)
Hang Seng 14,302.05 11:37PM ET Down 626.92 (4.20%)

Nikkei 225 8,658.63 10:30PM ET Down 174.22 (1.97%)
Seoul Composite 1,273.36 10:57PM ET Down 26.74 (2.06%)
S&P 500 -9.90 804.10 4/7 11:44pm
Fair Value 812.08 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -7.98

NASDAQ -10.75 1270.00 4/7 11:16pm
Fair Value 1274.40 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -4.40

Dow Jones -92.00 7670.00 4/7 11:27pm

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 11:02 PM
Asian markets dumping again,GM is down,gun and toilet paper sales are up,lots of bruised ego's next week,has the bottom sprung a leak?or will this be another weekend at Bernies

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 11:46 PM
S&P 500 -9.00 805.00 4/8 0:30am
Fair Value 812.08 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -7.08

NASDAQ -10.75 1270.00 4/7 11:16pm
Fair Value 1274.40 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -4.40

Dow Jones -91.00 7671.00 4/8 0:28am
Hang Seng 14,324.75 12:31AM ET Down 604.22 (4.05%)
Nikkei 225 8,601.75 12:26AM ET Down 231.10 (2.62%)
Gold $885.40
Negative returns plague 93% of quoted companies

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by all2human

"Exports" have been going down the tubes for 16 month's now world wide. They can only fall so far before forgien investor's start to get cold feet and pull out of everything and stay at home with their monies. Get ready for one really bad month ahead.
If they can keep it out of the news we won't hit our previous low's. But if it goes totally main stream and they start reporting that "everyone" across the board is having massive pull backs on exports the market will make our previous lows look like the years high's.
Either way the major players know what is coming everyone's way and when they start to pull out en-mass get ready for a panic sell off by everyone beneath them too.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by Hx3_1963

good evening sir, lurker attack

is that 4% loss on hang market done,

i mean is that market done its business day yet, and closed with that loss?

cuz ill be dreading the US market opening in 8 hrs

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by Seany
Not all Asian Markets are getting ready to close shop yet...

They start closing from NZ, AUS...sliding toward the west as the day/nite drags on...

Nikkei225 closes at 2:00 EST...6:00 GMT/UTC

Hang Seng 14,324.75 1:22AM ET Down 604.22 (4.05%)
BSE 30 10,212.96 1:27AM ET Down 321.91 (3.06%)
Nikkei 225 8,565.99 1:14AM ET Down 266.86 (3.02%)
Seoul Composite 1,262.49 1:18AM ET Down 37.61 (2.89%)

S&P 500 -10.90 803.10 4/8 1:17am
Fair Value 812.08 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -8.98

NASDAQ -10.75 1270.00 4/7 11:16pm
Fair Value 1274.40 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -4.40

Dow Jones -90.00 7672.00 4/8 1:02am
Gold $886.90

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 12:40 AM
It seems like when the futures are down for the DOW, it bounds back in the black right after the market opens... and vice versa. What's up with that?

Is there a graph that tracks the history of the market both when it's open and when it's closed? Something like this, I'm curious to see if there are any patterns to the closed to open markets.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 12:44 AM
Sisyphus is about to let his boulder roll back down the mountain.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 12:44 AM
reply to post by Avarus
Never heard of a closed tracking chart...

Try the zoom links above the chart...5 day/1 mth/3 mth ???

And the slider bar under the chart???

Take a screen shot with Snag it???

396.25 -9.25

199 -1.50

12.90 0.035

989.50 -4.50
S&P 500 -10.90 803.10 4/8 1:17am
Fair Value 812.08 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -8.98

NASDAQ -10.75 1270.00 4/7 11:16pm
Fair Value 1274.40 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -4.40

Dow Jones -108.00 7654.00 4/8 1:31am

Fed's Fisher says U.S. economy grim

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The U.S. economy is grim, and the Federal Reserve is "duty bound to apply every tool" to clean up the financial system and clear a path for a return to sustainable growth, Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Fed, said on Wednesday.
More at Link...

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 01:10 AM
reply to post by Tentickles


In Greek mythology, Sisyphus (Greek: Σίσυφος [sí.sy.phos] Ell-Sisyfos.ogg ['] (help·info), Latinized: Sisyphus, (IPA: /ˈsɪsɨfəs/)), was a king punished in Tartarus by being cursed to roll a huge boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this throughout eternity.

Today, Sisyphean can be used as an adjective meaning that an activity is unending and/or repetitive. It could also be used to refer to tasks that are pointless and unrewarding.
Nice...hadn't thought of mythology as a market descriptor...

Nikkei 225 8,597.40 1:49AM ET Down 235.45 (2.67%)
Seoul Composite 1,261.55 1:49AM ET Down 38.55 (2.97%)

Europe stock index futures signal more losses
Wed Apr 8, 2009 2:07am

PARIS, April 8 (Reuters) - European stock index futures pointed to losses in early trade on Wednesday, mirroring a sharp drop on Wall Street, hit by rekindled worries over cprporate profits as the results season kicks off.

At 0602 GMT, futures for the DJ Euro Stoxx STXEc1, for Germany's DAX FDXc1 and for France's CAC FCEc1 were down 1.7-2.0 percent.

European stocks fell for a third session in a row on Tuesday as banking stocks dropped on worries about their balance sheets, while automakers lost ground on poor sales and broker downgrades.

Nice read...killer charts comparing last big D to this one...

A Tale of Two Depressions


It’s a Depression alright

To sum up, globally we are tracking or doing even worse than the Great Depression, whether the metric is industrial production, exports or equity valuations. Focusing on the US causes one to minimise this alarming fact. The “Great Recession” label may turn out to be too optimistic. This is a Depression-sized event.

That said, we are only one year into the current crisis, whereas after 1929 the world economy continued to shrink for three successive years. What matters now is that policy makers arrest the decline. We therefore turn to the policy response.

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 01:38 AM
Pardon if a Re-Post...

Congressional Panel Suggests Firing Managers, Liquidating Banks

April 8 (Bloomberg) -- A congressional panel overseeing the U.S. financial rescue suggested that getting rid of top executives and liquidating problem banks may be a better way to solve the economic crisis.

The Congressional Oversight Panel, in a report released yesterday, also said the Treasury may be relying on too rosy an economic scenario to guide its $700 billion bailout, and declared that the success of the program after six months is “mixed.” Three of the group’s members disagreed with at least some of the findings.

“All successful efforts to address bank crises have involved the combination of moving aside failed management and getting control of the process of valuing bank balance sheets,” the panel, headed by Harvard Law School Professor Elizabeth Warren, said in its report.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has revamped the Troubled Asset Relief Program to focus on injecting capital into banks and removing up to $1 trillion in illiquid securities from their balance sheets via public-private investment partnerships. The government is also working to unfreeze credit markets through a Federal Reserve program that provides loans to investors in some asset-backed securities.

Warren, in an interview on Bloomberg Television, said yesterday that while “things may be getting a little better” under Geithner, the Treasury still needs to be more transparent about how it is spending the taxpayers’ money.

“We still have a long way to go, a very long way,” she said.

Depth of Downturn

In the report, Warren’s panel said “it is possible that Treasury’s approach fails to acknowledge the depth of the current downturn and the degree to which the low valuation of troubled assets accurately reflects their worth.”

The group said it was offering an examination of “potential policy alternatives” for the Treasury and not endorsing any shift at this time.

Still, it said a bank liquidation would be “least likely to sap the patience of taxpayers” and “provides clarity relatively quickly” to the markets.

“Allowing institutions to fail in a structured manner supervised by appropriate regulators offers a clearer exit strategy than allowing those institutions to drift into government control piecemeal,” the report said.

The report also said that past successful financial rescues were accompanied by governments’ “willingness to hold management accountable by replacing -- and, in cases of criminal conduct, prosecuting -- failed managers.”

Separate Findings

Two of the panel members, New York State Superintendent of Banks Richard Neiman and former New Hampshire Senator John Sununu, issued separate findings.

“We are concerned that the prominence of alternate approaches presented in the report, particularly reorganization through nationalization, could incorrectly imply both that the banking system is insolvent and that the new administration does not have a workable plan,” the two wrote.

Sununu and the five-member panel’s other Republican appointee, Representative Jeb Hensarling of Texas, dissented from the entire report.

The oversight panel was set up under the rescue law passed in October. It has three members appointed by Democrats and two by Republicans. The group’s reports are required by the legislation.
Wheee...let's see how long it takes to 'quash this...

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 02:04 AM
Hang Seng 14,304.31 2:38AM ET Down 624.66 (4.18%)
Hang Seng 14,299.97 2:48AM ET Down 629.00 (4.21%)
Hang Seng 14,295.41 2:49AM ET Down 633.56 (4.24%)

Shanghai Composite 2,366.19 2:38AM ET Down 72.99 (2.99%)
Shanghai Composite 2,353.12 2:48AM ET Down 86.06 (3.53%)
Shanghai Composite 2,347.39 3:00AM ET Down 91.80 (3.76%)

Straits Times 1,762.78 3:05AM ET Down 39.61 (2.20%)
Straits Times 1,762.62 3:06AM ET Down 39.77 (2.21%)

Edit: Sorry about incorrect closing times...looks to have been a circuit breaker they threw when it fell to -4% so fast...anyone know if this thought is right?

FTSE 100 3,878.79 3:05AM ET Down 51.73 (1.32%)
CAC 40 2,854.89 3:13AM ET Down 47.42 (1.63%)
DAX 4,241.29 3:05AM ET Down 81.21 (1.88%)
AEX General 222.76 3:13AM ET Down 4.63 (2.04%)
MIBTel 13,126.00 3:13AM ET Down 212.00 (1.59%)
Madrid General 859.13 3:10AM ET Down 17.05 (1.95%)
Oil $47.68 v
S&P 500 -9.10 804.90 4/8 3:16am
Fair Value 812.08 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -7.18

NASDAQ -12.50 1268.25 4/8 3:10am
Fair Value 1274.40 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -6.15

Dow Jones -92.00 7670.00 4/8 3:16am

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 02:36 AM
It all falls down...

BTW Check out my new thread:
Dont Understand This Depression? Read This Thread.

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 02:49 AM
S&P 500 -8.80 805.20 4/8 4:11am
Fair Value 812.08 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -6.88

NASDAQ -8.75 1272.00 4/8 3:59am
Fair Value 1274.40 4/7 8:46pm
Difference* -2.40

Dow Jones -92.00 7670.00 4/8 4:09am
FTSE 100 3,899.85 4:12AM ET Down 30.67 (0.78%)
CAC 40 2,864.92 4:27AM ET Down 37.39 (1.29%)
DAX 4,254.68 4:11AM ET Down 67.82 (1.57%)
Greece Teeters on the Verge of Bankruptcy

Tidbit of the day...Citi was the only gaining stock on the DJIA

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 04:06 AM

Originally posted by Hx3_1963

[edit on 4/7/2009 by Hx3_1963]

Anyone can move into a castle/mansion like that. The trick is to carefuly analyze the market performance in the last 5 days. Here is an example that renders the five-day Dow:

When you examine the shape of the movement in the past 5 days, it tells you what to do the next day. Your financial future depends on the shape of the movement, which is . . . kind of . . . resembles . . . the place I will move into soon.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 04:12 AM
reply to post by stander

Why not try and get one of these?
Tiny Houses
Some are even portable!

Cost effective too. Since you wont have much money

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 04:40 AM
reply to post by stander

I just hope you haven't invested your profits in stirling, or even Tentickles' treehouse will be way out of reach.

This is quite serious news, incidentally:

Fake Pound Coins on Increase (video)

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