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Are we ants under a magnifying glass?

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 08:25 AM
Let me warn you before you read in too far and get upset, I am questioning christianity and other religions that share similar belief here, I put this in the gray area because it really fits nowhere else, unless I overlooked a religion forum (other than the conspiricies within). If so, my appologies.

My question really is, Are the teachings of major religions i.e christianity, judaism, etc that proclaim a disciplanary 'end time' another phenomena like we just experienced mid month October?

I realize that religion exists on a much grander scale than a few people making pipe dream claims of higher knowledge, but is that simply because it is much longer lived? It has reached more lives? Let's remember, there are some very young religions based on these very pipe dreamesque claims...

Every generation suspects their life time to be the 'end times', ours is no exception. Every 'religion' has it's 'great day of revelation'. I guess my question is, if there is going to be a 'second coming' of the messiah Jesus Christ, or as the Jews believe the first arrival of the messiah,or that we will be rescued in the revelation that we are not alone, what are they waiting for? How much worse does it have to get? What higher level of unparalelled misery do we have to plunge into before this comes true?

We go about daily activity, in hopes the great magnifying glass in the sky will never rest above our own head. Then when our lives have spiralled so far from our intended destination, we look up for guidance, never straight ahead, or with in, and we only find silence. I believe there is a higher power. I try not to define it with a name or an image. But , do you every get the feeling that the God entity is like a 5 year old child that takes us out of the closet to play with from time to time, then gets board?

Look at the 'history' the Bible offers us. There was a Flood to cleanse the Earth of the evil it inhabitted. Later on, there was so much evil in the world, the only way it could be washed away was for God to sacrifice his son... not forgetting the story of soddom and Gomorah. This is the comparrison I am trying to make. Are our current surroundings and situations not worse than any that may have brought about the above mentioned? Do we look at these claims of people with a higher knowledge due to channeling,or clairvoyance, and compare them to Bible text and think... is it a much older game than we thought?

I know this will result in LOADS of scripture being posted... if you don't mind, I would rather your individual thoughts rather than biblical verses. I respect ALL religions, I study many, and practice none, please don't post thinking I have in someway intended to offend. I would just like to get a feel for what everyone else thinks on this.

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