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Exploding bombs remotely - technology been developed?

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posted on Mar, 26 2004 @ 05:53 PM
Recently there have been articles on how Israel has developed the capability to shut down bombs and delay their explosion until they are out of range of the targets. This technique has been used by the Amercians in Iraq to survive some of the roadside bombs.

Warfare is proceeding on a number of unseen levels which makes the developments interesting. The entire article here is interesting, even though the electronicly detonated bombs can be jammed, as it says, its no good against suicide bombers...

Musharref himself reported in a Pakistani television-PTV interview after the failed attack that he had heard and felt the blast between 30 seconds and a minute after he crossed the bridge.

His bodyguards described a 30-second pause between crossing and blast.

The Pakistani presidentís armor-plated limousine was fitted with high-tech jamming devices that stopped the timer for about a minute and also jammed the remote control. It was enough to let Musharraf cross the bridge safely.

Our sources report that the secret services of the United States, Russia and Israel have developed these devices to protect their leaders and for the use of special forces operating under cover or agents on special assignments.

Anyway I have noticed in Israel at leat 2 car bombs have exploded out of range of their targets, the last just in the last day. In both cases - one was the disguised Israeli jeep packed with explosives - the bombers were about 500 meters from their targets when the weapons spontaniously detonated.

Of course human error can play a part in this but I wonder if the electronis in a bomb can be initiated via some sort of signal now by the Israelis, a reverse to their jamming software.

I wonder if Israel have developed the ability now to explode the bombs themselves as they come into a zone around the checkpoints.

posted on Mar, 26 2004 @ 06:00 PM
Not likely. They seem to be using cell phones for most remote detonations. You would need to ring every cell phone in the city at one time to get the right number.
The jamming "device" is NOT new technology. I (or anyone with a pretty basic electronics background) could make a rudimentary spread spectrum spark gap generator to jam any and all radio wave signals within 1000 yards. It's illegal to use one but it's easy enough to make one.

[Edited on 26-3-2004 by Fry2]

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