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BUSH: "We are in a SERIOUS financial CRISIS.. This is not a gov. TAKEOVER"

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by E-ville

and thats a shame because pretty much everyone who posted on that ate him alive without let. and look wat happened down the road. the first of what he said. i wanna know wat he wouldnt talk about.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:52 PM
reply to post by Taledus

here is the source of the news! and trust me Ron Paul aint no BS man, you can take that one for physical cash

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:54 PM
I sympathize with a lot of people that have already posted. Yes, it's exceptionally hard when no one wants to hear you talk about this kind of stuff.

Someone said "we're humans, not robots" or something to that effect, have you looked at the masses yet? Having an interest in ATS means you've accepted that this stuff is a possibility, but what percentage of Americans are posting on ATS? 0.5%?

And it makes me want to puke when even some of that .5% says stuff like "Cmon that wouldn't happen!"

You sound like my ol' mom....bless her heart. She means well but she's on the list of those who think life is rosy, those Commies are responsible for evil, etc etc. One who buys into exactly what the government tells you to be scared of.

Sometime in the near near future it's about to get back to the bare bones basics of survival, I have a gut feeling.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:03 PM
Realize that that bill that congress passed against the will of the people gave the fed the power to do whatever they deem necessary to stop the financial crisis, this will be it, the global currency.. this will be what the solution is, that's why they wanted that authority for, this was planned from the beginning.. mark my words this is the "solution", and they already have the authority to do it.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by liquidsmoke206

As William Wallace would say in Braveheart "Would you give away your God given right for something better, just so you can bow down to Longshanks? (The british king)" Or something along those lines.

Or better yet:

"Stay and you may die, leave, and you may live, but in all those years, when you're at your deathbed, will you not regret it, will you not wish that you would have taken that one chance, once chance to tell the british, that they may take our lives, but they'll never take, our freedom"

There's more to life than money and "living a comfortable life" and that is what you're missing. Longshanks did exactly what you're talking about, he bought off the scottish nobles so they can live a comfortable life, in the meanwhile he would also rule the scotts however the british crown saw fit, whether they liked it or not, and if they dissented, they were called "terrorists" for not following the british "law"

I guess what I'm trying to say is, just because they're doing it (the bankers and the puppets) and they declare it to be "law" doesn't mean its right and you know it. If they're not removed, they WILL take your land, your home, everything that you "own" in the name of the "law" so they can feed their ego and their need for power. You are a slave right now, you may not know it, you may not think it, but you are, you are their slave and they're milking you for all your worth in the meanwhile, they're giving you the scraps from their table, giving you just enough to stop you from rebelling is that what you wish from your life? Do you not wish... as Wallace said in Braveheart "For your god given right for something better"?

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:26 PM
there is a call for a general stike online...
I'd post the link, but I'm not sure if it would cause problems with the mods...

but basically, they are calling for everyone to just not go to work, spend your money, or burn your gas from Nov. 2- Nov. 5..
and and for us to pass the word around...if the mods will allow it, and let me know such, I will post the link. if you want the link, u2u me, and I will email it to ya...
but well, what I posted here is basically what it says.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by dawnstar

Can you post the link to that site your talking about please? Or if you do not feel comfortable posting it, can you u2u it to me?

EDIT TO Rephrase

[edit on 17-10-2008 by KaginD]

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by KaginD

George w is a lame moth%$ #%!$&% who should be horse whipped. Of course that is just my feeling about him.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by KaginD

now watch the mods have a fit...think they did once before when I posted something similar...
unfortunately, I am getting so I just don't care, we've got to do something, or they are just go on their marry way....

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:32 PM
reply to post by dawnstar

I've never heard of this site before. Is it popular?

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:35 PM
Oh, wait a minute.. This site has something to do with Yahoo?? Am I seeing this right?

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by dawnstar

The content on that site is not different from the opinions been expressed by some of us members here in ATS that are tired of the BS going on in Washington.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:43 PM
Bush's statement pertains to the massive amount of people telling their state representatives to not approve the bailout. The US citizens are aware of the fact that the bailout provided unlimited power to the FED to do pretty much whatever they wanted to and hence the not a govt takeover statement from Bush. For whatever that's worth.

The one world currency is a misinterpretation. I believe they'd said world currency system. Which would change the way in which currencies are valued against one another. IN other words we'd use a different system instead of the Dollar based one that we currently have !

The Russians are currently laughing their a##es off at us now. We crashed their currency during the Bush senior presidency to Bankrupt them and end the cold war. Now the US is experiencing the same.

The Foreign Exchange is the market for currencies or money used in different countries. This how your imported products from where ever whether it be China, Japan, England or Germany are paid for in their currency. The money you pay in US Dollars is converted to their currency on the Foreign Exchange or Forex as it's called and transferred via the interbank (Libor) system overseas to their banks.
A Forex Scam is merely a scam utilizing the Forex Market...and is entirely different.
It doesn't necessarily mean that all Forex business is A scam. Merely that some use the Forex to scam others.

Reading all of this Economic Crisis news now, just makes me wanna puke.
I cannot forget the chanting back during the 2004 election of "4 More Years! "
I remember trying to convey to people the Bushes association with the oil industry and Enron and how corrupt they really were. And for the most part, It generally all fell on deaf ears because people were still buying the "War on Terror" crap and everyone on the contrary was one of those conspiracy freaks.
At least I CAN say that I didn't vote for this crook !

[edit on 17-10-2008 by nh_ee]

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:13 PM

Originally posted by KaginD
Alright, who let the cat out of the bag?? How did he ever find out about our secret "conspiracy"?

Is he serious? I know he has been saying this for a while, but he's acting like this is breaking news or something!

It sort of confirms my belief in that ultimate of Oxymoronic statements: "Hi, we're from the government and we're here to help!". Kinda ranks down there with military intelligence I guess. Sad, GWB just don't get it.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:16 PM
It's a takeove of the Banks by Paulson, just read Karl Denningers' post a couple days back about How Paulson is investing Federal Money into the Banks, he does it by purchasing Preferred Stock, which only Paulson can transfer without oversight to anyone he chooses.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:25 PM
reply to post by Question

Yeah either bankers, or the government, or some elite group is gonna have a lot of pull on what happens, and we're all slaves to the system. Everyone gets that.

All I wanna know is, what do you want that you haven't been able to achieve since 1913?

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:29 PM
When Bush was re-elected, he boasted of having just acquired a lot of new "political currency". He smiled like a jackal when he said he was going to spend it. Then he blew through it with the same glee that he blows through the national budget. He is IMPOSSIBLE to take serious.

Besides, too many people like Alex Jones and David Icke have been saying these things were going to happen for too long for it to be a coincidence. Jones and Icke are fear mongering profiteers, not geo-political geniuses. Even they saw this coming!

The strike idea is marvelous. I'm gonna do my part.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by Jb0311NY

you had better get a spaceship and take the f... off with your buddies cause your part of the problem and we the people are starting the fix to the problem!

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:38 PM

Originally posted by KaginD
Alright, who let the cat out of the bag?? How did he ever find out about our secret "conspiracy"?

Is he serious? I know he has been saying this for a while, but he's acting like this is breaking news or something! Make what you will of this thread, I just had to get that off my chest. Does he plan on doing anything aside from telling us over and over that we are in a crisis? IMO I think they have done enough damage and should just let it alone and see what happens.. Thats just my opinion though. Since he started talking the Dow has gone down.. He has such a way of comforting his people don't he?
And now he is stating that this "isn't a government take over".. Well, coulda fooled me.
Whats your take?

[edit on 17-10-2008 by KaginD]

I think he's trying to give people confidence. You know, more faith and credit!

Ain't workin' with me!

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:44 PM
Nowhere in this thread has a single comment been made regarding how the Bush family got its start. It was in the banking business with Brown Brothers Harriman, the worlds largest partnership bank. After making a bundle with WWII dirty tricks, they ventured into the oil/intelligence business and from there, 41 and 43 got themselves into presidential politics.

Any chance GWB is just taking care of his banking buddies before he leaves office? Naw, he wouldn't do that, would he????

[edit on 17-10-2008 by Oldnslo]

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