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Orzeml(The Pleiadean) message to our kind

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 11:26 PM
Wow, guys... I just watched UFO hunters tonight (The new one about the Greys).
Of course this is only coming from a person who says she was abducted (godforbid we believe some of these people
). Anyway, she said that she was in a car, and apparently a UFO came up behind her. She wasn't driving - someone else was. The woman told the driver to stop, but the driver said no. Anyway, the driver ends up stopping the car anyway (in an apparent trance).
So the woman gets out of the passenger seat, and sees (I think it was 2) grays. They telepathically tell her not to be scared and that they mean her no harm. They take her by the hand and bring her back to the craft.
And here is where this all fits in with SmokingMan's story (at least one of his later posts):
When the woman gets to the UFO, the door opens, and whaddya know? 2 human ET's with long hair (I don't know if she said what color), and BLUE EYES.
They take her inside and the ET's sit her in a chair. A screen then comes "out of nowhere", which proceeds to show her a timeline filled with wars, natural disasters and cataclysms. They then told her that we need to change and come together as a whole. If we can do that, this bad future can be averted.
So what are some of you gonna say? SmokingMan was working behind the scenes with UFO hunters? SmokingMan ripped this story off? - Whatever...

The UFO hunters asked the woman if the Greys were benevolent and kind. She responded that some were good (perhaps a minority), but the rest have sinister agendas (what Mystiq was talking about).

Also, on the show, they speculated on how the Greys may indeed be just drones - working for other ET's. I don't know why, but whenever I hear that, I think about in Terminator II how they took Arnie and reprogrammed him to be a good robot - to protect John Connor, hehe.

Peace, guys, and may the truth about everything come out soon (some of us can only hope)!!!

Edit to specify: I technically watched this UFO Hunters episode LAST NIGHT (it's almost 12:30 AM on 4/2, now). So the episode I am talking about was on 4/1/09, in case anyone wants to find it online.

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 02:40 AM
post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 04:57 AM
reply to post by RisingSun

Hello RisingSun. Welcome to ATS. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Though it was not directed at me, I found your post directed to jon1 extraordinarily aggressive. I read it open mouthed with shock before I copied it, as it will not be there for much longer.

That kind of behaviour is not what we do on this forum, as you will soon discover.

jon1 expressed his opinion on smokingman2006’s claims.

That is all.

He is entitled to do that, even if it is was an opinion unsupported by any counter argument to bolster his stance. It made up part of what is an ongoing discussion with regard to the OP’s story.

Your venomous reaction was completely unnecessary. And as someone who says:

…your spirit is not going to mentally expand when you pass onto the spiritual realm for quite some time.

that makes me wonder how your tremendous anger and prevalence towards violence:

…if I knew you in real life I would go out of my way to punch you in the throat…

aimed towards skeptics and unbelievers will hamper your spiritual growth. By a huge amount, methinks.

You are doing your cause no good. You are doing smokingman2006 no good by siding with him. No matter what his reasoning for his claims, he does not need believers that openly exhibit such misplaced, malicious and unpleasant characteristics.

No cause does.

You said:

I have one last thing to say about that poor excuse for a human being....... personal accounts are WHAT LAY THE FOUNDATION FOR EVERY THING THAT MAKES UP HUMANITY. INCLUDING RELIGION, HISTORY, SCIENCE, THEOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY.

Do you honestly believe that it is not possible human accounts of spiritual, intellectual and philosophical revelation or inspiration can be fashioned by selfish and calculating agendas? They can’t all be correct, can they, as they often contradict and oppose in the extreme.

Are you saying that every concept and theory penned by Man is correct, or is it just the ones that fit your belief system? Let me attempt an answer to that:

And to you, "smokingman2006", I believe you__javascript:icon(' '). No common person could type some thing out so simplistic and straight-forward, yet so beautiful

Now we know where your loyalties lie, as if it wasn’t obvious to begin with.

You abuse others that don’t agree with you, but you quite happily exhibit a narrow minded and blinkered attitude towards other possibilities. This hypocritical thinking is harming not only those who take ufology seriously, but it will also concentrate and reinforce the focus of outsiders’ attitudes to the negative side of the subject, and steer them away from serious and genuine research.

Actually, scratch hypocritical and replace it with fanatical.

At least smokingman2006 had the decency to ask for decorum throughout his threads.

Edit grammar.

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 05:45 AM
reply to post by impaired

And here is where this all fits in with SmokingMan's story (at least one of his later posts):… So what are some of you gonna say? SmokingMan was working behind the scenes with UFO hunters? SmokingMan ripped this story off? - Whatever...

The theory of Greys and Nordics collaborating, or somehow performing a joint role, in the abduction scenario is not new:

Since some reports have described Nordics and Greys occupying the same crafts, some enthusiasts have speculated that they might actually be a type of human-Grey hybrid

In a few cases, both Nordic and Grey aliens were said to occupy the same vehicle. Thus, some believe that Nordic aliens are actually manifestations of human-Grey hybrids, as noted above. Others claim these Nordics are holograms created by Greys to calm abductees.

Question: Did Travis Walton see both Greys and Nordics when he was abducted?
Answer: If I remember from his book 20 some years ago, he woke up finding Greys ready to do something medical to him. He escaped and ran around the ship. Later he ran into a Nordic wearing a space helmet who took him from the retrieval craft that was docked in a larger ship…It appears the ship that grabbed him was comprised of Greys and he met up with the Nordics on the mother ship.

When the woman gets to the UFO, the door opens, and whaddya know? 2 human ET's with long hair (I don't know if she said what color), and BLUE EYES.

Once again, this piece of data is not new:

Nordic aliens are said to be extremely human-like in appearance, with pale white skin, colorless lips, and hair that is either light blond or white. Some accounts describe them as having "remarkable" (sometimes pale) blue eyes,

Nordics look human with beautiful angular faces. They are tall, have long blonde hair, breathtaking bottomless blue eyes changeable with emotion, and wear skin-tight suits or flowing white robes.

There are many more examples of both instances available on the web.

There is nothing new in smokingman2006’s posts. And it is dangerous practice to simply accept his claims as real on the premise that he is confirming previous contact accounts, as there is every possibility that he is simply utilizing this entrenched data to ensnare believers.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 08:06 AM
Nor is there likely to be something new in his account. Et doesn't manifest into millions different shapes and sizes to give each person a new, never to have experienced before, encounter. They usually follow similar formats, and give similar warnings. Because they're people, often from the same federation, some from the same planets, or related ones, working for a similar goals.
And I've been saying that nordics and greys work together. The ones that aren't renegades do. And apart. The greys I experienced have worked with humans, nordics and other factions, they have a very large agenda and are not afraid to do things that others won't. I believe however, all the different roles, including the ones we may question, are still for a similar purpose.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 08:17 AM
reply to post by Beamish

Very nice, Beamish. You got that.
But please realize that I don't just blindly believe SM's story. When something clicks and resonates, well, it just clicks and resonates.
But I appreciate the research, man.
SM told us all something that I have felt for a very long time. That's enough for me.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 10:10 AM
The point is the MO is similar with many different abductions, and contacts with different species, and that logically it would be. Its not like they're pandering to a quickly bored child, who wants ever new toys and games and thought the last scenario was tired, overdone and old hat. They're getting critical messages across grass roots in smaller groups, that report back to larger bodies. The no-contact, non-massive interference laws (crimes) are truly a problem here, enacted by the renegades. But we need to start acting like decent people to get the larger groups on our sides, as I'm sure there are millions of planets in similar situations and some of these people are more worthy and cooperative than us.

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 10:36 AM
oops double post in reverse.

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 10:37 AM

Originally posted by myrddinzos
reply to post by cindymars

science has proven we originate from apes, that is common knowledge, we all are more evolved versions of apes, we belong to the same family in terms of species. much like gorillaz and chimps, different szpecies yet same family. APES.
i cant believe u didnt kno that. i learned that in grade 3 ffs

Science also said the earth was flat at one point.

Take care.


posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by mystiq

Nor is there likely to be something new in his account.

Why not? smokingman2006, or his “friends’ ” message isn’t doing anything but reaching a fraction of the planet, and this is true of all the contactee messages from the inception of the abduction scenario way back in the middle of the last century. Only a small minority take it seriously.

Show me where it is making a difference to the way we think as a species, a real and immediate difference (we have to remember here that smokingman2006 says we only have a few years left before a great catastrophe), apart from it being ridiculed.

If a plan to change the way we think patently isn’t making a great difference to the masses, why isn’t it changed or modified to make it more effective? We are a supposed “less advanced” species, yet we can and do alter our approach to problems as and when necessary. And by the way, with the greatest of respect, quoting “Galactic Laws” as a get out clause for this not happening is not a valid argument as there is no precedent for these laws existing outside the written (read fabricated) creed of the hard-core believer fraternity.

If there is, show me.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 10:58 AM
reply to post by impaired

I appreciate that you may well discount any and all sceptical stances.

That’s your prerogative.

And I wasn’t trying to alter your perspective. Just want it to be made perfectly clear that there is an alternate explanation for smokingamn2006’s story.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 11:24 AM
You really don't understand whats at stake here, and its very hard, since this entire issue is so controversial, so ridiculed by many, and people are re-directed away every time something comes up. I don't understand, but have been searching so hard to make sense of my experiences, other peoples experiences, and the energy that draws me (I'm a little psi) in my search where mixed messages occur, in other words theres a common demoninator in there somewhere with my own group or recognition protocol, yet they're groups with different agendas. By the energy signatures, I mean that certain people and their testimony draws me because of felt energy in them that coincides with something I recognize, and I can't go into it more, but when talking to them, one group isn't really behind the works of the other group.

But I will project some conclusions I've been reaching lately non-the-less. We have had a long history of being messed with, even enslaved and recylced here on earth. People have graduated out, and been rescued as they advance, but overall the system is so unbearably unjust. There was a war that involved earth, mars, and home systems between renegades (we call them the annanuki from Sumerian tablets, but they're also named and mentioned in the Terra Papers. While I disagree with the spin in this video of the war being between earth and mars, rather seeing it as factions that were on both planets, and probably using others as bases, but with different agendas engaged in battle, and the renegades, the wrong side won. They quickly produced technology, such as enki's soul wiping machine, john lear's soul catcher on the moon, or what a friend of mine with leaks of memory, refers to as the "living game", related to the Superman Project and Montaulk.
Basically recycling slaves.

This discusses some works of the Nazis as well The last video discusses the conclusion that our leaders, such as in the UK, with video survelliance everywhere, don't seem to be serving the people, us, but rather someone else. Its good, but the actual spin on the war itself, is probably not quite how it went down.

The "questions for reconpilot" thread in addition to various stargate threads, including the 2012 one, and undo's very long worthy one as well, really helps connect some dots here too.

A recent thread which had a link to David Wilcock's more recent postings on his website, helped connect a few dots even further for me. The first two factions, the Rothchild's and Rockefellers are known evil. Its the third most fascinating faction that I believe ties into some of the info.
And the link between my experiences and this are the greys, the very same greys that Jim Spark's experienced due to the recognition protocol, which is the et script, and its the thing that makes sense of the reconpilot thread as well. I also, from my memories, as well as much researching believe the greys have worked with black projects. I've never really known whether Jim Spark's is truly civilian or not, but he is serving disclosure, is an experiencer, and help me wake up. There were reptilians encountered in his experiences who are pushing for disclosure. Well other groups are too.

Then we have groups of nordics and they are also working with the same greys, who are trying to help us. Larger federations could easily toss aside the non-intererence laws (crimes) but this opens up many possibilities for open wars, and probably negates other contracts and dealings that various sides have had in other critical area. They prefer to see us as co-conspirators, primitives and not get involved (unless they always planned on getting involved but are needing enough PR and public knowledge to begin to do so, because its not like anything is going to be said right out). Because theres 3 groups involved, with some joint projects and those willing to work with all 3. Its complicated.

In all of this, we need to be helped and freed. We also need to be develop our psi so no one can take advantage of us any more. I'm currently reading Ingo Swann's book "penetration" that was sent to me. The link for it is here, and he makes a very strong point as to why the public are kept from developing their natural psi abilities:

There have been many contacts and many groups that the nordics attempt to reach in order to change things significantly for humans. Really like these guys. I hope the larger federations get involved.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 11:31 AM
And its not really discounting skeptical stances, but your stance has always been that you don't believe him, and thats your perogative. But the issues that are brought up here are not dissimilar to many other contacts and not dissimilar to my own experiencing nordic flyovers and postcards and pinging with messages. Therefore, whether a person believes each experiencer coming forward or not, its more about opening up the lines of communication so people can share. So its a very valuable platform or learning tool.

Edit to add: I'm not sure if I made clear what I was connecting dots on above with the 3 groups. The first are the bad guys, the second don't like the bad guys and have a personal fight against them, and the third wants to rescue us.
The third are accused of breaking the laws. But the laws are crimes and must broken, and we count. The greys seem to get around a lot.

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by Beamish

I think it's funny that you actually went out of your way to criticize me when the whole point of what you said is that I shouldn't criticize some one for their opinion. I thought I had a thing called "freedom of speech" that my forefathers fought for me to have, but I guess I was wrong. I understand that some readers might have been offended by my language, but that is no offense, childish to me. It's WORDS, plain and simple. There are so many other things that I could have done that are far worse than that. There are people who die because they can't get their hands on enough food for nutrition, there are people who slowely die a painful death from disease and torture, there are people who come home and their house is completely destroyed in an electrical fire and they lose their entire families.... and you're complaining because of WORDS???

Step into the REAL world and take a look around you before you spend an hour going out of your way to box up and slap a bow on some one who said some thing about some thing some one else said.

Now let me rephrase my comment ... What I was trying to say is that I don't think it is very intelligent to just label some one a liar or crazy just because they speak of an experience they had, that you were not fortunate to have.
There are things in this world beyond the little that we individually know, that is, if you even take the time to step outside of your comfort zone and take the time the learn as much as possible about the world around you. And I'm sorry, but I still feel the same.
I don't think you are making the effort to expand your mind and spirit. It is your choice whether to stay left behind in the darkness, or to light a match and look beyond that darkness.
I'm sorry but I believe any thing is possible, and I believe that the person who wrote this post at least has very good intentions. Plus, I have read other of his posts and he speaks frequently of his experiences with Plebeian's or however it's spelled, I think that would be a little more than coincidental. If he were that insane he would be in a straight jacket, not busy at home typing on an internet forum.


*Mod Edit: Editting out some of the snarkiness. Please lets keep it civil. cheers -alien

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 05:09 PM
Well, clicked and resonated!

The Greys and Nordics, the need to change our society and other things such as parasites within our biological units.

I wish there was an easy button to hit!

I have been trumpeting for 4 years now and questioning the results.

On the positive side, there is a time line involved. What is going on Globally falls within that time line with unnerving accuracy. The majority of our change will come from without, meaning things will be done to influence change.

As humans, our hands are basically cuffed by Governments. Soon that will change from figurative to literal. The best we can hope for at this late hour is salvation.

Salvation....well if the op is to be trusted, it won't be from Piledians. Never the less, there are many other dimensions in the Universe.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 05:26 PM
reply to post by RisingSun

Welcome to ATS. Just curious did you read the entire thread?

Because Beamish is straight forward but never rude in my opinion.

BTW I am a fan of the thread, I don't either believe or disbelieve.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 05:32 PM
Okay, I would like to say some thing about what I just posted........ It was a little harsh, and for that I apologize. The last thing humans are supposed to do is put those to shame with different views, or try to force their views on one another, and for that I am sorry. and I apologize for calling you insane. I just don't believe that lizards and apes made babies and they are what we are today. I mean I have done a lot of research on the human roots but then again there is a lot of information that is not only undiscovered, but also hidden from the public eye. I'm reading about Nibiru right now and it seems very interesting. Take care!


posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 05:39 PM

Originally posted by RisingSun
Okay, I would like to say some thing about what I just posted........ It was a little harsh, and for that I apologize. The last thing humans are supposed to do is put those to shame with different views, or try to force their views on one another, and for that I am sorry. and I apologize for calling you insane. I just don't believe that lizards and apes made babies and they are what we are today. I mean I have done a lot of research on the human roots but then again there is a lot of information that is not only undiscovered, but also hidden from the public eye. I'm reading about Nibiru right now and it seems very interesting. Take care!


Mr RisingSun who is this post to?

What are you talking about apes and lizards making babies, I am confused.

Thank you!

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 05:46 PM
Hi readers

Please try and keep my thread friendly this is very important we have enough problems without been at each other throat.

Still very busy for the next few days but I am watching and reading this thread.

Hope & peace

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 07:44 PM

Originally posted by mystiq
reply to post by amigo

Thankfully theres many who are asking for help. Critical mass will hopefully be reached irregardless.


Sounds like you just want to have a "nanny" until the rest of your life, don't you?

I think it's time for all of us to grow up in that aspect (yet remain child-like in other) and take responsibility for the infantile emotions, thoughts and actions.

Yet it seems that most people prefer to have a father figure who "knows the best" and continues to make decisions. It has been like this for eons, ever since the religion introduced the vengeful god of the desert - thus the father figure that many appear to be afraid of, or feel guilty inside about.

What you are asking is to replace one thing with another. It is no different because human nature is such - when there is a "gap" in psyche it has to be filled with something. Just part of the mass schizophrenia...

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