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Senator Steven's Wife - The Fall Girl

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 09:15 PM

...Stevens dutifully fell on her sword -- or attempted to -- for her husband. "I was going to be in charge of the renovations," she explained to the jury. "Ted was too busy. . . . He is the classic workaholic." But her story held together poorly. She claimed not to know that the people doing the work on her house were from Veco -- but she had one of her husband's Senate staffers send Veco the kitchen cabinet knobs she had bought at Restoration Hardware. Why didn't the Stevenses receive bills for the work being done? "We had a problem with the mail after 9/11," Catherine explained.

One of Palin's mentors and friends. Good guy all around - selling out your wife? Small potatoes. Typical of someone who has no idea what 95% of the good folks here in the US are about. See you in the federal pen, Senator.


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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 12:36 AM
I thought I'd throw in round two from today's news to bump the story. This guy would sell his moma down the river and this is the tippy top of the iceberg.

Sen. Stevens Testifies Oil Services Firm Did Not Renovate House in Alaska

By Del Quentin Wilber
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, October 18, 2008; Page A03

Stevens (Alaska), one of the most powerful Republicans in the Senate, took the witness stand in his own defense to counter charges that he lied on financial disclosure forms to hide more than $250,000 in gifts and renovations to his Girdwood house provided by a close friend, Bill Allen, who headed the now-defunct oil services company Veco.

Veco records show the company spent tens of thousands of dollars on labor and material, and Veco workers have testified about how they renovated the house on the firm's dime.

Stevens testified yesterday that he was unaware that Veco workers assigned to the remodeling project were on the company payroll. He said he enlisted Allen's help in 1999 to find him an architect and workers and paid the workers through a general contractor, which ran the project. The contractor testified that he reported to a Veco foreman and Allen.

So, you know there are Veco people on site, even if there is a general contractor - no question. Who did he think paid them? The GC reported to a Veco foreman and Allen. Who did he think was in charge? This is obfuscation and nothing other - please jail those who break the law, no matter how grand in scale their crimes.
Check it out!


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