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Sex, Love/Lust, Purity, the Law and Abortion

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 07:09 PM
Sorry the title is so long, but these are all the things that I want to discuss on this one single thread because I feel they all tie together and pose a problem when they are pushed aside and not cared for.

i think that this is the best place for the thread, didnt see one like it so I thought I start one to get honest opinions and input on this topic. move it if you deem it necessary.

I think that this is a major problem that needs to be solved in america. (not just America but we might as well start here)

to make it real short...

anyone younger than 18 should not be having sex at all... period... no sex with people older than 18, no persons younger than 18. its something they arent mentally mature enough for yet.
if all minors abide by this, abortion issues would drop a lot. love and sex would still be sacred, and this would probably end up eventually dropping divorce rates later down the road.

abortion should not be the first way out, most people try or have an abortion because they dont want the kid. there is hardly ever a real case where the mothers life is at that high of a risk to abort the child.
early operations or even operations on the spot can save the baby and the mom. now im sure those cases exist where the mother could die if she tries to have the baby, but i think that most women are making excuses to not deliver a live baby.
its very simple, they dont want it, so they will make an excuse or find the doctor who will make the excuse for them (since they are the professional)
most women who delivery their baby naturally want to keep it, its a mother instinct. now im not saying that high risk labor or delivery does not exist, but the numbers arent very high for those cases.
abortion should be the last solution for saving the mothers life. especially if the couple isnt married. if you arent married, why are you making babies?

i know this is a free country and all but we gotta straighten up. have some discipline!

most people these days are afraid to admit they are virgins.... most teens are afraid to admit they are virgins.. why? it really isnt that cool to to lose your virginity to someone your never going to see after you graduate high school... or take somone elses that you dont even love.

sex requires love for it to mean anything... and having sex with people you dont love degrades the entire act altogether.

i think this is enough for now. I just want to get some opinions on this topic because I think that there are a lot of bad things influencing our younger people these days, influencing them that drugs, sex and and bustin a cap in someone is cool when its not.

but lets just talk about the whole sex thing and reasons why people think they have to have it... and what we can do to solve this issue.



posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 07:32 PM
i think part of it is from curiosity. their bodies are changing and they are starting to mature but don't yet realize the full scope of what a sexual relationship, or even casual sex means.

it seems anymore the majority of people are too focused on things that weren't truly intended to fill a persons full time life and i feel to some degree it helps to create that emptiness many teens feel since the things they are focusing on are rarely fulfilling goals, they are merely a series of quick fixes.

i do agree that if more people were to hold off on sex and wait until they were mature that it could help to prevent teen abortions or pregnancies or whatever the intent. i also feel that if children could be truly educated in an environment superior to current public education that they would be more likely to excel in mental pursuits and find who they are before they hit their mid 30s, which seems to be the modern trend

the reality is that it probably won't happen. it will get worse until the most taboo possible thing a person can do is to dive into books and be a "rebel" hehe

well the last part may not happen but the rest is my true opinion

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 04:25 PM
I agree with what has been said in the OP... I do not have much to add other than this pic I found.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 12:48 PM
ok, well here is my opinion on the abortion side...

it should be outlawed... only exceptions should be: Rape and High Risk Delivery (mother has a high % of death)

there is no reason to abort babies because of bad choices we make.

maybe this will get people to think twice about having sex with someone they may not love, and perhaps better prevent spread of STDs due to less unsafe premarrital, extramarrital sex.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 01:02 PM
I do not like abortion. It is used way too many times as a method of birth control. To outlaw it is not possible. I really wish life was held in a high esteem. If someone kills a child there is an uproar but when people have abortions people sit back and say it was a choice. Abortions will be preformed no matter what.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 04:30 PM
My take on a abortion...i am pretty neutral on the subject, but I would like to pose some questions when it comes to abortion...

I would also like to assume that people who are pro life believe in the teachings of God, religon, and the belief of God's plan.

Question 1. If God is ominecent and knows all and everything and has a plan that was set forth then he knows if a baby is going to aborted or not, therefor if its pre determined then a "soul" would not be put into that body. Therefore a future was never created for the baby anyways. Maybe the parents learned a valuable lesson through the abortion? And the plan set forth by God was the abortion, maybe that child will be the next Hitler? A murderer? A drug dealer? Personally if you believe in God and his Plan then an abortion is...God's will.

Question 2. If God is truly against abortion and thats what you believe then dont have an abortion...those who have an abortion will be delt with through God, you are not stop pretending you are.

Question 3. If you do not believe in God and an afterlife...well then you have no say in this topic what so ever.

Second subject is marriage.

No one should be granted a wedding license until both parties are 25...period.

If that became law tomorrow, the divorce rate would have the sharpest decline since the 1950's

Second...How come you have to have a license to drive a car, to get married, to fish...but you can have as many chlidren as you want?

Why not have a procreation license and those who have a license will be rewarded though incentives like tax breaks from the federal government.

The licenses will be easier obtainable if you follow a certain line of requirements such as....

Married for at least 3 years

Stable in your finiances

College granduates

How many children you currently have

credit scores?

Job history?


Things that I mentioned above would be the government trying to support and rebuild the American Home. You start at the home and work up...that is where a country prospers.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by Methuselah

As a disclaimer: I am bringing this thread back to life, and the first choch to say something like "this thread has been dead for years" should talk to the nearest Forum Moderater about the "use the search function!!!!!" statement they give when someone has the audacity to start a thread similar to someone elses.

Also, me and the OP are at odds with eachother. I am not here to start a flame war, just to try and talk with him/her and ask some questions.

Not trying to be rude or trying to bait anyone into anything....

anyone younger than 18 should not be having sex at all... period... no sex with people older than 18, no persons younger than 18. its something they arent mentally mature enough for yet.

This is what is hard to measure. Why does someone have to travel 18 times around the sun to b suitable for sex? It just seems arbitrary, as some people are more than capable of making this decision in an earlier time in thier life.

Also, who says? Can we truly rely on human-run institutions to decide what age, exactly, is suitable for child rearing and/or sex? The Bible, as the de facto moral compass of most americans, says nothing to this effect as an exact age, but an exact state of mind. This varies from person to person. Making a certain age the cutoof point, and using a system of force to uphld this point seems more detrimental than not.

As my very wise father said to me when I was young and acting out. Rules without relationship leads to rebellion. Our relationship is very well now, and in hindsight, the rules make sense. I do not resent him. If we make rules and provide no physical reason and no positive relationship to all people, rebellion and violence will ensue.

Also, many theological scholars believe Mary gave birth to Jesus at a young (much yonger than 18) age as it was customary in those days.

if all minors abide by this

If my aunt had a penis and testicles, she would be my uncle.

Just a kind of humorous thing I heard growing up when my if/then statements seemed a little too streching.


I think initiating violence against another human being is wrong.


This is where I most wanted to reply because I want to see what the OP thinks about this idea.

I think marriage should not be a function of the state. I think it is a covenant between two people and does not need to involve violence of any sort. Joseph did not rely on the Romans to marry Mary. Why do we rely on a state that's foundation is treating our neighbors like cattle?

I think marriage should be between two people, not between two people and the state. I believe in more of a common-law marriage because if you ask me why marriages are failing, you need look no further than the usual suspect, tyranny.


The reason young people have sex is because our bodies give us the inclination to do so. This, I believe, goes back to the fact that babies that are born of younger parents have a lower mortality rate.

If the only way to stop people from having sex in times that seem immoral or impractical involved a gun and pointing it at someones head, how does an act of coercion make us better as a society?

I am all for voluntary virginity, an all that. I think people need to be responsible when dealing with sexual matters. I do not think that violence or involuntary conditioning is necessary (pr preferable) for this end to be met.

The ends do not justify the means. Remember, Hitler wanted a perfect world..... now, who doesn't want that? The trouble is with how to get there, as we all know so well.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by Methuselah

1) Minors having sex. First off, we don't control when mother nature institutes the urge...(we may influence it, but it's a primal force to procreate). That said though, we are thinking beings, and should be able to control such things. I think 18 is a bit arbitrary of an age though. (and is just as immature as 16). In most states, the age of consent is 16, and this seems to be a good guideline.

2) What young folks SHOULD be doing (or anyone who isn't planning a family right now), is using SAFE SEX. Simple as that. You have sex without protection, and you run the risk of pregnancy (and STDs).

3) SEX and MAKING LOVE are two different things. Just because YOUR morality may include sex only as an act of love does NOT make it mandatory for everyone. The thing is though, both acts can lead to a baby, and if safe sex is the practice, then the abortion issue becomes moot.

4) While I support the right to abortion, I'd much prefer to see the baby brought to term and put up for adoption. I support it being the choice of the mother (and father when known), as SHE will need to live with the choice, but with all those willing to adopt, my personal choice would be this route.

5) To really curtail divorce, don't get married until your 30's. Really, you don't know what you really want until then, and are likely going to make mistakes if getting hitched earlier, and end up divorced. It's simple statistics really.

6) As for being a virgin, if you're proud, admit it, if not proud, lie. Who's to stop you? It's a silly thing. If really an issue, go to a few wild parties, and problem solved. Alcohol may be involved, but the deed is done.

7) Marriages don't fail because of tyranny, they fail because of a lack of communication. One partner (or both) isn't really communicating what needs aren't being met, and either ends it, or seeks it elsewhere (cheats) and when caught, it's ended. The lack of communication could be about anything, work, dreams, family, obligations, money, etc., but the foundation is always there...

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