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Henry Kissinger , cloned !

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 06:14 PM
Okay. On January 26, 1979, Nelson Rockefeller, the ex-Vice President of the United States, was murdered. He did not
die of a heart attack "making love to his secretary", as most of us have been told. When he passed away, or was
killed, his next in command was Henry Kissinger, who was apparently a Rockefeller devotee, and Kissinger thought he
could take Nelson's place as far as helping to run the Rockefeller Empire. On February 4, 1979 Kissinger left for
London from Washington. Now, this is just after the funeral for Nelson Rockefeller. From London he went to two secret
destinations in France, then back to London. At 11pm, he left Heathrow Airport in a private jet back to Washington,
D.C. He was accompanied by his wife, now his ex-wife, Nancy.
According to Moraney, there were 26 Earth-built spacecraft watching the plane. At 7:12 pm, Eastern Standard time on
February 5, 1979, all contact with Kissinger's plane was lost. Now, I'm giving you the specific information so that you
can go back in time and try to disprove this or validate it, whatever the case may be. The plane never arrived in
Washington. Several days later, his aides claimed that he was "on vacation" somewhere. According to Moraney, the
real human being Henry Kissinger has never been seen or heard from again. He was cloned.
On March 9, 1979, film clips of Henry Kissinger were put together for it to appear that he was doing a real interview on
a newscast. The same thing occurred on March 25, 1979, for a hoax television interview on Meet the Press. According
to Moraney, if you listen carefully, questions put to "Kissinger" are not answered but he says something else. They
didn't know where Kissinger was when they created these mock broadcasts, and they didn't want to create a panic
within the structure of the government, because Kissinger had been carrying vital intelligence information back and
Maldekian Redoux: A Shadow of Your Smile
Now, the Rothschild family, and those close to it, are the souls of the leaders of the former Maldek, a planet that was
destroyed in the past and now remains as the asteroid belt. They have continued to be reborn in the same family in
order to retain their control. Many members of the shadow government in the United States and many individuals in
Russia are also souls who were conscious of themselves and originated on Maldek at one time. Most of these
Maldekian souls who were physically incarnate in Russia have been removed, and according to Moraney this was done
by a group of Pleiadians, who apparently have a huge base in Russia and are actively involved on that end. There are
still a large group of these souls having their origin with Maldek that are incarnating in human form, and conscious of
who they are. They're all into war, hate, greed, power and control. That's what they're all about. Unfortunately, most
of those who are incarnating and are still in physical form are in the United States, underneath us in the underground
cities and facilities.

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:48 PM
well if you were aiming to control earth without being noticed,the first thing you gonna do is take over the leaders.

i remember kissinger or someone of his status, saying he feared howard wilson(uk pm in 1960s) had been replaced by an alien clone,now why would a man such as that fear a foriegn leader had been replaced by a clone!?!?

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:09 AM
have you got a source for the quote about harold wilson....?

in what context was the comment made...?

had wilson just made a major turn-about in policy..?


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