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FILMS COMING: "The March of the nephilim" and "The Rapture"...

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 04:20 PM
2 rather interesting films are coming soon....

1. "The March of the Nephilim" , to be followed up by "Humanity's End"...not alot of info on either yet but am posting a link to the You Tube page that presents part one of a look at the film/talk with the director. No date confirmed for the first but the you tube documentary was made late 2007 so can't be long now and the follow up film is in production in 2009 according to IMDB
It's a story based on ancient texts alluding to our alien creator "gods" and their enslavement of mankind.

The March of The Nephilim

You Tube Documentary About the Film and it's Basis For Truth in Ancient Texts

2. "The Rapture", about a disturbed woman who has prophetic visions of terrible disasters around the world ... Armageddon seems to have arrived, is their faith strong enough to survive........
This film is scheduled for a 2012 fitting

The Rapture, released 2012

3. ATS member Netherlands has mentioned another film - part one of a trilogy called " I Annunaki"...there seems to have been a premiere in 2006 but no mainstream release...any more info anyone ?

I, Annunaki -Website

There is a long thread discussing how the Bible is basically an occult masterplan for world domination. The non-religious of us here will understand how religion plays a key role in human enslavement. The blood line of our creators exists to this day and the plan for global control does not end with a global government, but rather The Kingdom of God laid out in the last chapter of Revelations.

Omega Project Files - PLEASE read

IT'S A VERY COMPLICATED SUBJECT that cannot be gone into in one post, I have already spent hours on the thread above explaining my findings so please read there

Please suspend judgement until you have taken the time to wade through the very long thread, which begins discussing an underground book that has come out and how some young lad killed himself after reading it as it apparantly shattered his beliefs. A few pages into the thread the author, Brandon Levon, joins in. There then ensues some intriguing discussion and I have joined some dots in that thread after a load of my own research which supports this theory.

Read the thread and the point of posting the info about these upcoming films may become clearer.....
it seems to me we are being shown who put us here and how the story will end....I am of the opinion that "they" have engineered events to fulfill all bible prophecy with the end goal of establishing the "idyllic" kingdom of god in the last chapter of revelations. There appears someone already lined up to fulfill the role of the returned christ:

The Maitreya - UN affiliated World Teacher

This Maitreya has been around for a couple of decades, "waiting until humanity is read for him fully". His spokesperson, Benjamin Creme, set up an international magazine, "Share international", inside which they USED to openly publicise their affiliation with some branch of the United Nation that concerns itself with "world peace". This Maitreya has done "miracles", perfomed "healing" - it's all there, photoshopped ready for you on their website. He advocates the UN and has "prophecied" many events that have come true....he is apparantly waiting for a stock market crash before he enters the world more fully...he predicted this years ago....when the day is ready he will appear on tv and radio, with networks linking up around the world simultaneously. Viewers will be given a date to tune in, where -get this- HE WILL NOT SPEAK BUT "BEAM" HIS MESSAGE INTO VIEWERS HEARTS AN MINDS TELEPATHICALLY.....

After the initial revealing he will begin his ministry, appearing around the world- mass conventions for mass hypnosis no doubt....once your mentally lobotomized I guess that's when they cart you off to get brainchipped, hmm.

One of things mentioned was he is to set up "777" healing wells around the world,....."777 anyone..." hmmm


REVEAL and ATTACK..........?

PLEASE read the other thread, there's ALOT of dots being joined people.

ALSO some further suggested reading - a 450 page book on the web piecing together man's history from masses of sources, NOT jsut the ones we usually hear about like the Bible, vedas, Sumerian Tablets etc.

Please don't make comments about all these theories until you have actually done the basic research outlined here so that you can actually form an INFORMED opinion . I know some people will already know the theories but others don't....please don't litter the thread will comments dissing the ideas until you have read the information supporting them ! THANKS !
I'm not presuming EVERYTHING is spot on the mark but I am thinking the picture is becoming alot clearer now and we are gearing up to the end game in 2012. 2012 is the end of a complete circuit of the precession of the equinoxes, an event which takes 26,000 years. It marks the beginning of the age of Aquarius 21-12-2012. Bible prophecy was a plan in the making LONG ago ...Jesus's return is several times mentioned in the context of the dawn of the new age (aquarius)...if they are sticking to prophecy it has to take place....but not before "the fall of Babylon" America's crash and its repercussions for the whole world....all this is explained fully in the ATS thread I've posted .

WE ARE NEARLY THERE so it seems. ALL planned. There was never any REAL christ returning.they just want you to THINK there is.....

Michael Tsarion - Aliens and Genetic Hybridization

The link above takes you to a page which has one main link to the that then choose the preferred format, PDF is recommended by me.

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 04:46 PM
How about 1.Anunaki ?

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 05:14 PM
I should also add something I've not yet done so in the Omega Project thread I directed you to...

The Maitreya is very open about UFO's and talks of how their presence will increase as the new utopian kingdom/new world begins to unfold....

Within the context of a pretty strong theory about the creators orchestrating events through the purer bloodlines on earth and given the ancient texts many a time referred to crafts in the sky, I am deducing that the creator gods have ALWAYS had crafts in this world and STILL DO. Many UFO's that appear benign in intent could actually be THE ENEMY. They may appear at the end times to "save" humans from the catastrophes" you have a load of the population wiped out that way and another load wiped out through "natural" disaters ....

just a theory to throw in the mix......

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 05:21 PM
Got to say, I just checked out that website for 1 Anunnaki

I think I am going to enjoy this Movie Trilogy, I dont normally judge books by their covers, but after watching the pictures, and reading the information, it looks like my kind of Movie.

Thanks for posting it

To get to the Movie information, click the tags at the top of the website page, the strange writing translates to English.

Took me a while to notice them.

Looks like this Movie has been discussed before, Here

It seems like the Movie has vanished into thin air, I can't find a release date, or any information as to if it was ever, It seems they announced a release date, then nothing, still looking though.

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 05:31 PM
I can't even fathom this being allowed to come out to the public.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 05:36 PM
The trailer for Nephilim looks below "C" grade and so cheesy I will deffo be giving these a miss.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 05:50 PM
reply to post by edgecrusher2199

I discovered yesterday the root meaning of the word "Apocalypse" apparantly means , "revealing".....
In some battles, you do not recognize your enemy's face until he is right next to your skin with a gun pointed at your head. He allows you a look at who he is before he kills you.

It is very fitting that increased knowledge about our origins should descend upon mankind just as we face the annihilation of the last remnants of our humanity via mind controlled slavery and cessation of all freedoms. They plan to kill the majority off - the georgia Guidestones clearly outline their intent. They get more and more brazen as the net closes in on man, leaving their little " middle finger" signs everywhere and dropping their intent into their speeches left right and centre.

It's like a punch to the soul to reveal what was done to man millenia ago after a long time of suppressing it at a time when our odds of winning the battle for mankind's freedom are a million to one. The enemy shows his face when it is already too late for the victim .

I really don't think many will survive unless they realize what is going on and get to a very remote place before 2012 starts and they avoid ANYTHING to do with the Maitreya.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by azzllin

I feel you...

THAT would be a movie I'd like to eat some popcorn with....

can't seem to find much information either...

the "news" are from 2006, so, the website surely can't help much...

if you find some, please let us know..

I will.


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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 07:13 PM
To see Apocalypse and revelations as being the destruction/end of the entire world instead of being the revealing of the truth is a clear cut sign of someone who doesn't understand IMO.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 12:37 AM
reply to post by badmedia

you've been hijacking the other thread I have directed people to here , The Omega Files. I hope you won't start here. You ran everyone around in circles there and it's a bore, please don't start the same thing here .

There is no reason why the REVEALING of truth cannot and will not be accompanied by an attempt to end the world in so far the current SYSTEM of the world is concerned. The controllers of this world we live on have been fulfilling Bible prophecy up until now and there is no reason why they should quit doing so right near the very end of the story.

Everyone knows they want to scythe the population, chip people , have a global government, new economic system etc etc fantastical as some of what's been put forth sounds it is also POSSIBLE via the technology they have. It is not ridiculous to think they can create a few natural disaters to occur around the globe close together in such a fashion as to make people think it is something to do with the 2012 galactic shift while others think it is all do to with "god's" wrath.Have you looked into WEATHER WARFARE? Either way, it would feel to many as if "the end of the world" was nigh, especially if it comes on the tail of a global economic collapse.

Mass hypnosis and mass mind control are also not the stuff of wild imaginations either- it can be done.

Why don't you take some time out to READ a bit more, maybe start with the links given in my opening post.

Not everyone is going to see where I'm coming from but don't litter the thread just because you disagree with me coz you can't actually PROVE I am wrong, you can only OPINE that I am.

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 01:23 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Hi-jacking? It was a thread that was about religion and things of that nature. I stayed on topic, and didn't hijack anything.

When pressed and questioned, the author of the book and you as well tried to label and attack my sanity(one guy even tried to tell me I was mental), and never addressed the things I said.

Basically what you are asking for, is permission to spew out whatever you feel like without being questioned. And when questioned, attacks the person instead of what is being said. Seems familiar, who else does that? Oh yeah people who push symbolism and ignorance!

No doubt people are making the bible stuff happen. The question is HOW are they able to get the power and control to do stuff. And that is due to following of image/symbolism blindly, both for and against the image and that is what I attack. And that is why you think I am a threat to you, because you are just looking for a new system of control, rather than trying to free people.

I don't deny ignorance, I outright attack it.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 01:52 AM
reply to post by badmedia

oh for God's sake, "I" never once questioned your sanity on that thread, and DID reply to you, you just saw things in a different way to me.
I have presented my theories with back up info...people can take it as they will, including you. There are many views, mine is one of them, you have another. Fine. No point arguing about it. You came on here with nothing constructive to say except to INSULT me by rudely implying I understand say this simply because I don't see things YOUR way. I say tomato, you say tomatoe.
I am not going to waste my time here trying to defend my theories , if people don't resonate with them, fine, I am not here to bash people around the head and say "I'm right, you are wrong". That's not a discussion, it's an argument. You like to argue , I don't. It's a waste of time.

If you have questions to put to me about my views, read my links, they reflect my stance on things and provide the circumstancial info to back up my theories. If you think I am wrong, fine , I am not here to try and "convince" anyone about anything. I do not try to bend people to my mindset by force, people can take it as they will.......

By the way, have you any idea how POMPOUS you sound at the end of your post ? You're laughingly belligerent you know to imply you have some sort of supreme insight into what's going on..yet you offer NOTHING to back up your apparantly superlative version of the big picture...

Why don't you start a thread and tell us YOUR version of the big picture , surely if you know so much you should be spreading the insight ?

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 02:43 AM
Thanks for the inks CosmicPixie, I watched the trailer for the Nephilim. Looks interesting although very eighties. Also just wanted to comment, the trailer states that the Nephilim used to Rule the earth and made mandkind their slaves and were worshpied as gods when they were here, assuming that is true?

So if they aren't here right now already then what the hell are we doing right now? We are still slaves to the almighty dollar and religion! Nothings really changed, except when they come back. Im gonna get me a shotgun!!!

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:14 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I only posted my opinion in the thread. The world revelation means to be reviled. For the veil to be lifting, and for the truth to shine through. Big events happen all the time. And the events like hurricanes and such aren't even bigger or worse than they have been in the past. They only due more "damage" and hit those "records" due to inflation and population increase. It is a bit short of being the end of the world, which is how people treat revelations and such.

I didn't hijack your thread. I posted on topic. You hi-jacked your thread because of your anger towards me from the previous thread. And yes, you did try to pawn me off as some blind symbol worshiping church going Jesus freak in the other thread because I didn't think truth was being told, and I dared to question the book. I was even accused of being an "agent." by someone(don't remember who).

I'll waste as much time as you want "defending" my theories. I enjoy it. If you can actually make me think of something new, then my time was not wasted.

IMO, the difference between an argument and a discussion is anger. I'm not angry at all. You say you aren't here to try and "convince" anyone, but if you are posting threads with information, there is a reason for it. You can't have it both ways. I don't see you minding spending the time with people who agree.

You just simply don't want to see opinions or views you don't agree with. Just hope they "go away".

As for the pompus bit. I do have insight into what is going on. I do give plenty of information about it, and all that. You want to see images. You want to see the physical. Me giving you dates events are going to happen, or to tell you what symbols mean and so forth. What they are going to do. And all the while I'm trying to give you the insight that you are looking at the distraction, not the truth. Team A, Team B, same game. SAME GAME. You are pointing fingers at Team A, while being on Team B. All the while failing to realize you are playing the game someone else made. And while you are playing the game, you are controlled. Surely you have thought about duality, and how both ends are on the same linear viewpoint correct?

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:47 AM
reply to post by badmedia

If you read my latest reply on the omega project thread you will see I actually DO understand and appreciate where you are coming from, which you would have REALIZED had you read ALL my posts on that thread! I see many layers around what is going on, not merely the layer I've presented for attention in this thread. I am not controlled simply because I talk about and understand their METHODS of control or theorize about the minutae of their plans, our human origins, etc. Understanding their symbols is one of the keys to understanding what is going on , I am "stuck" on the symbols only insofar as at this time, I am interested in understanding what they might mean. I am at the same time detached from them , but you seem to have some superior insight into me despite barely knowing me. How PRESUMPTUOUS.

And do NOT exaggerate how I viewed you because at no time did I ever call you any of those things and ON that thread EXPLAINED how I may have jumped the gun and misunderstood you because you FAILED to explain you were not a "religious" christian. I even APOLOGIZED for getting the wrong end of the stick !!!! Even after that you continued to be UPPITY with me !!!!

Balls to anymore of this , if you want to slate me , don't take up space on this thread to do so. I get the jist of your views on me, you can stop rubbing my face in them . Are you Capable of that ?

You CONTINUE to insult me just like you CONTINUED coming at Brandon Levon on the other thread, you just do NOT know when to QUIT trying to make people understand your stance. Some people NEVER will , deal with it . I actually DO understand believe it or not, so quit with spinning the record over and over would you, it's exceptionally irritating and boring now.

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:03 AM
reply to post by 12.21.12

If you read the Michael Tsarion ebook and do a little more searching to back up his take on things, then the idea is - and I am inclined to agree- that the creator gods never went away. Many ancient texts from diverse parts of the world tell a story of how the gods came to earth and basically took over the race of humans who were here at the time. They made this their homeworld and created a race of genetically altered human beings, making us essentially half human, half alien. Their desire to control and enslave us has perpetuated down their bloodline for millenia . They want a perfectly controlled society bent to their will and have tried several times before to achieve this but failed. They are now the closest they have ever been to succeeding with their agenda . The end goal is a globalized utopia as laid out in the last chapter of revelations , which sounds great until you realize how this will have come about and ponder what they might do to people once the mass hypnosis and mind control kicks in.

It's a complex subject, Tsarion explores the creator gods side of the issue intricately, I do advise having a read and keeping an open mind.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:49 AM

Originally posted by cosmicpixie
The Maitreya is ....

They Maitreya? You mean that faux-messiah that Benjamine Creme fakes channeling messages from, and then makes a bunch of $$ by selling the alleged messages in books and tapes?

That 'Maitreya'??

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:51 AM
I have been looking very hard and long for recent information about 1Anunnaki,and I tell ya, it seems this movie is having big problems getting released.

I even Joined the Yahoo Group to try and get an insight, and that group it seems is under attack big time, it seems to be an obvious attempt at preventing people talking about it, there are some posts as recent as August claiming to be from the Director, promising the film will be released, and some claims of MIB interference, I cant vouch for the validity of some of these claims, it is happening on all the forums i tried to look at anyhow.

Some sites on the Movie seem to have just stopped not long after a fan has started them, there are also claims the Movie is a hoax, but many people directly involved dismissing this.

My personal opinion about the History concerning the Anunnaki is, that there is a lot of truth which has been hidden away from Mankind, and it all seems to stem from Ancient Sumeria, and i can understand why TPTB would seriously want to hide this information, i was surprised that the Movie 10,000 BC was even allowed to hint at an alternative for the building of the Pyramids, and there is some evidence pointing towards something missing from History, and it always seems to be surrounding this region and Egypt.

There is a lot of weird things happening in the world of the Egyptology over the past 10 years or so, if i wasn't so tired i would dig out the links to all this, if this thread is still moving later i will go and find the links and post them if that is ok?

mazzroth Some of the greatest Movies ever, where below C grade as you put it, then again, anyone here could have bet every penny they had that someone would pop up and say what you did, someone always has to go against the grain, its called trying to be different, I know because my 14 yr old Daughter is an expert at it so she thinks, but lets not allow her to find out that I was once a child and tried all these things also, as I am sure did many many others here on ATS.

cosmicpixie, thank you for this thread, it has shown me a few things i didn't know about, and you have linked to some really interesting Movies, of the kind and genre i really like.

I have always believed that these kinds of Movies hold tiny pieces of a gigantic puzzle, small truths here and there, when you begin to see the small pieces, the bigger picture is fascinating and entertaining to boot, and i also think, if there is nothing but stories here, why are some people seeming to go out of their way to stop them being seen by Joe Public?

Thanks again

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

You have 2 threads in which you are saying this now. Basically you are asking me to shut up, because you don't like what I say. As I am quit tired of the personal attacks, I'm just going to tell you no, I will post as I see fit and start ignoring you when you pull this. If I post off-topic, report me. Otherwise deal with peoples freedoms to post their opinion on subjects. This is a discussion forum where people share ideas and opinions. Not a GWB style townhall meeting.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 06:32 AM
reply to post by FlyersFan

Yes, that Maitreya. Yes, I am putting forth the sugestion he is part of the whole dark plan. There are ties between the magazine/maitreya and the UN. The UN is just a patsy for the agenda as people realize. Out of all the fake messiahs out there this is the only one with ties to the UN and the only one I have heard of who will "beam thoughts" into the heads of those who listen to him on the TV or radio on his "day of declaration". He has been moving behind the scenes with UN officials, governmental figures and "significant" people for a couple of decades advising them on this or that -apparantly. He has conveniently prophecied a number of world events that came true - quite obviously because he knew aforehead of time what was planned to take place sometimes.

I am also suggesting there was NEVER going be any REAL second coming- no real Jesus hovering in the sky saving his faithful-that was all a convenient myth manipulated by the controllers. The Bible promise is a LIE.

I am also thinking that given the masses have no or little idea of what's going on in the world , when this guy is given the media attention when the time is right, many will be intrigued and will tune in to the planned radio/tv broadcast. You then have masses of people effectively hypnotized , instand supporters of the devil in disguise. Initial programming can be reinforced when these new enamoured victims attend mass conventions where further mind control can be enforced en masse. Eventually the virus spreads and you have large masses of people effectively lobotmized.

As Judaesim was surpassed by Christianity, so Christianty is to be surpassed by the new Age religion. They wil hit when the world is trembling at the knees desparate for guiadance and answers - at the most vulnerable time. The controllers are very clever - get the masses to see the governments as the bad guys then produce something that gives them hope for a better world, a world teacher who can even illuminate the corrupted.

There are a few others claiming the "maitreya" title but then bible prophecy - which they manifest - warns of false christs and false prophets. The "real" messiah performs wonderous signs and miracles and heals the sick ....just as Benjamin Creme's Maitreya has done (cough) - they have even bought off the media to run fake stories of the mass healings and were responsible for that curious phenomena of religious statues around the world "miraculously" drinking copious amounts of MILK. There was a "healing well" he created and he plans 777 of them in total .....777 is a significant occult number, one of its meanings being "it is the number of the sacred work of the SONS OF GOD for the establishment of the Kingom of GOD on Earth, mainly for the period of the 7th millenium after Adam where it is written that Satan will be chained for 1000 years"

If you follow the idea we are sons of aliens instead of sons of god and appreciate these beings are dark controllers, the meaning becomes clear...."god" is infact the evil overlord of the creator beings and "satan" is the adversarial energy of the masses who are awake to the dark agenda and resist being netted by it. Everything in the Bible is basically reversed. A clever trick, present the darkness as the light.......throw in some beautiful teachings of a wise man or three , suppress all the information that supports the idea their saviour Jesus was just a man and likely a married one at that and build a religion around him to enslave those who are willing to be enslaved.

All this said, it's merely MY opinion. If you think I'm crazed , so be it.
I bring it up in case I am right - if so, people must NOT have anything to do with the Maitreya or listen to the broadacasts and as paranoid as it might sound, might want to figure of there are any ways to be resistant to ELF broadcasts or similar else you're a gonner.

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