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A couple of questions to my fellow American ATS'ers

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:32 PM
Also on this side of the ocean the presidential elections are big news, a couple of things are quite controversial here and much discussed:

McCain is constantly claiming he will lower taxes. Dutch reporters in America say he's only planning to reduce the taxes for 5% of the population, the rich.

Obama is planning to increase taxes for the rich, is he also planning to reduce taxes for the middle class?

McCain has multiple times shown to have no knowledge about the economy, no so weird with his (educational) background, but how could you possible promise to reduce taxes when the economy is in such state. Personally, I would not want to elect a president with no clue if my country would be in such a turbulent economical climate... on the other hand I am unsure if Obama has a better clue...

Once again the promise so much, they are planning to spend billions on all kind of stuff but they do not provide a structure and well thought financial plan. In Holland, parties (we have many, not just two), have to send their proposal for the national budget to the auditor's office, which then reports whether the party's proposal is financially feasible. I mean you can make (false) promises, but the economy is already in such a bad state that you cannot afford to spend billions without a financial plan I would say.

Last, the McCain team has accused Obama of being inexperienced, they even used Hillary's commercial to intensify that statement. Now they have chosen one of the most inexperienced women from the middle of nowhere to be vice president. Imagine something happens to McCain, e.g. heart failure, assassination, how could you possibly want to put the responsibility on such a person.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:37 PM
Sorry man I don't watch American Idol.. it seems boring to me.

I haven't paid attention to this election cause its just 1 big sham after another... I don't care who is voted in the end result is the same.. your screwed either way.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 02:02 PM
I've stated this before in another thread but I will reiterate. Both Candidates at this point in time have no other choice but to increase taxes. Major points why this will happen:

- Both parties just passed an $800,000,000,000 bailout bill. This money will come from tax payers.
- Both parties want continued presence in the middle east. Obama wants more troops in afghanistan, McCain wants troops in both places.
- Both parties will create more government to solve problems that should not be solved by the government. One in the name of social problems, one in the name of defense.
- Neither party wants to acknowledge the crisis in the automotive industry, which will result in, yet again another bailout.

People can post statistic after statistic about how one or the other is REALLY going to lower taxes, but the fact is the government will get its money from all of us one way or the other. They will cut taxes from this area but subsequently raise them in another area.


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