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Who, What, When, Why, and How (Part II)

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 11:29 AM
John II

19 (The Prime and the Priming Era) Jesus answer and answering and say and saying the distant and distancing them, Destroyer (Detroiter) this (his) temple, and the distant and distancing three (III: 3) days (two) I and I will and willing raise and raising it (Destroyer/Detroiter) Upper (6:7:6: III: II: Ender/ Upper Peninsula: Michigander).

^^Mix destroy and destroying and you get Destroyer. Mix Detroit and it's figurative citizen courting and you get Detroiter. You mix up and upping and you get upper.

Who is the Destroyer/Detroiter? "The" Who turn and turning "the" What!

I patternly sown the wording in the quote so you all see further in depth.

Some body in Detroit, Michigan will unveal the False Prophet Beast which does consume flesh live global wide. Think not a disesase did it when you behold carnage and gore. Hey, you wanted Al Gore? Well, you get Gore the second What is completely opposite being 'for' this environment.

I wont tell you the person's given name, but will tell you the False Prophet name... It's Apollyon! Same read in Revelation 9:11. Yeah, it's working is a 9:11 part II being worst than 9-11. Let me put it in easier terms... Apollyon is remote controlled, as in, is a non-living human puppet remote controlled by "the" master puppeteer Who by when left being the same some body, but left that some body operating remotely.

When will the turn occur? Oct 18th 2008. When will you see carnage and gore? I'd say pretty soon after the turn. Does not a wolf in sheep clothing turn just before it feasts on its victims?!

Whose flesh will be consumed? The ppl who belong to the devil hard core.

It is also going to be Abaddon revealing a ka dooming.

Whose body will be blown up? The ppl who belong to the betrayor hard core.

Whose flesh and body wont be affected by either feast or explosion? The bodies belonging to the BEAST hard core. The would-be foes shall be even "at" the doors screaming bloody murder. Their will doesn't repent, and neither will "the" Who repent slaughtering His would-be foes, though they He been forced the repent since they act how He order, but He still stand them worthy what is due since afterall He still must keep forcing them into a repent outside their own actual will. So in an exteral sense it is His repencence.

Abaddon and Apollyon will run a train and tag team on them would-be foes till the would-be foes are deaded the humankind sense so in exchange put another sense called the second death, which a newly, lively created Hell shall pour on and into.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:22 PM
Detroiters, stand up first! Then 2nd, any the rest Michiganders, stand up!

^^Born, raised, living originally or still, stand up!!

Motown, Motorcity, Hockey Town, Murder Mitten, the Great Lakes, the Wolverine state, the D, stand up!!

For it's the real globe capitol. The Beast and the False Prophet Home!!

"Am I wrong cause I wanna get it on till die?"--Makaveli

You see Detroit on the top of the cross to the Makaveli album.

"Bout to show you how it feel to drop a body!"--2pac

--Oct 18 2008 (the 2nd coming with World World 3 with percision just touching any would-being enemy!!)

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 10:52 AM
Notice the watercolor drawing by Nostradamus with the building with fires blasing outwardly? Notice it is 1 building with 8 fires? 18 it is symbolizing since the 1 is apart from the 8 with difference.

^^If the fire also represent destruction, then take the 18 and remove the 8, and you get 10 (for October)! October is the greater implication for 10 since it encompasses the whole globe. Yes, dates do encompass in a way no one can excape them. So Oct is significant for 10 by far. It is out of everyone's reach and out of everyone's control because the dates are come and are coming, which you can not do anything about.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 11:21 AM
i'm trying to take in the content of your thread. you are the only one to post on it. what are you trying to say here? that detroit is a globe capitol? a mecca? wow. who would have known? detroit. wow. i never would have guessed. i'm so glad you enlightened me.
who is eating flesh? is the false prophet the automotive industry? would the ford motor company build a flesh eating machine and eat the flesh off of the other automotive manufacturers? will flesh replace gasoline as an energy source?
wow with kid rock and eminem i see why detroit is certainly the global capitol.
nostrodamus spoke in quatraines which were hard to decipher. yours is hard to decipher too. are you an ancestor of nostrodamus? please enlighten me more.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 12:02 PM
18 is God's number. 666 is the beast's number. 13 is the beast's number. And 666 + 13 is the beast's number (679). In another thread I forget to add the extra three, though I added the extra 1 for 676. So the beast's number is 679 for completing.

God is encasing III would-be evil-doers so the III also have the 18 number in remote.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by Brain Damaged

Not who, but rather what is coming for eating the flesh.

It is the False prophet. The False prophet is not a true person to why it said False infront of prophet. The False Prophet (Apollyon) is the eagles for devouring apart the flesh. Polly is a name suited for a talking bird. It is inside the name Apollyon. The person Who is talking concerning the matter coming against flesh is the Beast Himself. Through remote control the Beast lets His False Prophet consume flesh of all those God got in wrapping. So the Son shall be glorified in God as the Destroyer action against the would-be foes.

The would-be foes are the devil, the astral projecting devil, and the betrayer. Those are III. The God is good, but the Son is best rather than good. And the BEAST is better than evil, good, or best. Though the evil, the good, and the best are put aside the always bettering BEAST. The BEAST overcomes always into the beyond. The BEAST displays the good and the best remote pupperty since is better the puppeteer itself. If you are for going beyond then you are better than your previous and latest works.

[edit on 17-10-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 12:17 PM
1 plus 1 equals 2. and the license numbers on my 3 pets are 321, 121 and 137. that equals 679. plus i have a remote control for my tv which has serial number 18. i think you might be onto something. plus ted nugent is playing on the radio when i type this. are you john titor-nostrodamus?

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 12:34 PM
the eagles are a great band. hotel california is a great song. i guess when they sang the line we haven't had that spirit her since 1969 they were referring to whatever it is you are referring to. i have a parrot named polly. she only wants a cracker not flesh. if i am better than my previous and latest works then what? my latest works would have to be the best right? i think i undederstand now. correct me if i'm wrong. if a first isn't as good as a second but the fourth is almost as good the third that means that the beast of 666 will eat the flesh of anyone who tries to make the 5th the best. but if you add 13 to that it means that 679 is the number of tries to get a flesh eating demon to leave us alone. heavy.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:35 PM
6:7:9 is how it look specific.

If any dare add the number: 6+7+9= 22. Yeah, final Revelation chapter is 22. And if you add further for a single place: 2+2= 4. Yeah, four winds which blow 'four seeds' (ideally, metaphorically, figuratively, and literally).

The four seeds be also for a mixing. In example: You can think of something ideal and turn it into something literal. Plus, you can say something literally is ideally or etc. of the four.

The devil, the astral projection devil, the betrayor, and the beast are four so far apart each other. And each the four are each a two (a look and manner), which make for an 8. Yeah, the number implying eternal and the number of place holders for man's watch times for hour, mintute, secent, and millasecent (00:00:00:00 = 8 place holders). 8 is also implying the number beginning night (aka beginning prime time) and ending evening. 8 is also morning and a second part of morning just not implied as early morning.

If we're dealing with exact time and timing, then it will have prime time involved for the eastern time zone Detroit is in, since it is a prime and priming actualize and actualizing. The beast is the primer timer also.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:59 PM
if i add 125 cubits by 9075 feet then multiply it by 23 meters and divide it by 874 centimeters then i get a number. now if i add four seed i get another number. if i add 8 seeds and get one stuck in my tooth that leaves 7 seeds. if i add the seven seeds and multiply it by the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, then use the square root of the 10 commandments and multiply that by the number of ribs taken from adam to make eve. now i need to subtract the number of stone templates moses carried. then i add the 1 burning bush. multiply that by the decibles heard when god speaks and we have the number. the number tells me that we will all live natural lives. some long lives. some not long.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:12 PM
^^And timers do what? They go off or set off for turning things on or off.

Like DJ Mannie Fresh apart of the Big Tymers, but the beast is the Prime Timer.

Set off the prime era willingly? It is the beast's self-made ambitious mission. The double I, shared, False Prophet shall destroy all would-be foes not ever going beyond with the BEAST.

For the beast is the beauty. If you're outside the beast, then you have a problem worse than the problem you would have given the beast.


Oct/18/2008 est pm 08:00:00:00 is when the set it off proceeds forth with no but or if.

When any of you notice your flesh ending in a horrible way, that's that False Prophet feasting.

Feast your eyes on a watch for the exact time I said, and be a witness 'for' or 'against' Apollyon.

Time and timely, and time and timing, will and willing is the perfectionist.

This aint a mild alerter, it's an extreme alerter. Who better to deliver the news? It damn sure aint CNN. That would be too obvious and to no effect since many expect major news to be televised by a group of ppl who network. It will not be so so as long asd their is just a single person which will deliver better than an employed group. A paid group says what they are paid to say, but a single person, outside saying what is paid to say, is free for saying the actual news you all should be alert for. Not even the government intelligence agencies around the globe can pick up what is for the 18th. How? The beast works the beyond angle you all cant stop.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 06:28 PM
By the way, it'll reach 58 degrees max in Detroit the 18th.

58? 5+8= 13. The beast's first number. And the 13th Rev chapter.

Revelation 13

1And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

^^You see 13 risen up over the very saying since we deal with whole truth. If it can be implied, then it is so.

And you know 13 is added into 666 for the BEAST's completing, mystery revealing number 6:7:9.

The Beast will right all would-be foes with actual torments. It is everlasting punishment against what III would have did. Afterall, if the beast wouldnt punish who in all would torment it, then the beast wouldnt have been strong to be first bound. So in doing itself a favor, concerning an eternal secret, it literally brings forth would-be foes so it beats them 'for' its running on E (Eternity). Any who wouldnt carry through at any point later would not be the stronger, which the eternity paradox reveals. So if the beast wouldnt carry through with being for going beyond it would have been weak period. If the punshiment dont go beyond the more and more, then the beast would be slipping out on E (Empty) concerning ruling infinity and eternity for ever in paradox. But the will the beast is would not half step any point, even though the would-be foes, obviously, would half-step, or, I wouldnt be saying this now, and we'd all still be asleep with no paradox yet having drawn a stronger bound apart the rest. Any being who didnt make the first cut is weak. They could be weaker than the would-be foes even. But the beast wins the races for having the only will eternal for going beyond always. The beast will never go back on its will even with purpose being now the case. If you dont get a foe while they are weak, they'll get you later when they are strong enough. So the beast, being willingly wise, leaves no loose ends unlaced. That one you didnt handle could come back to bite you. So just because you are weak doesn't mean the beast will spare you when you are a would-be foe sure to rise and do harm if you only can. The beast always is a rising and is always taking/making measures even against the latest best measures into beyond and ever. The beast dont gamble or chance anything or leave anything for even a random 1 in infinity oppurtunity.

I'm always better than my latest work. And my newest work is better than my previous work. I'm rising more and not settling for a most spot, since most doesnt indicate rising beyond (more). Any stuck being most high has a weak will now and wasn't ever bound for ruling the paradox. Cant change your will so dont even think you can.

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