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So We Lose Our Money, Now What?

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 10:29 AM
I sit here thinking about how depended we all have become upon money, it rules our very existence, emotions, and state of being.

Money is a faith based system. How many people have faith in it anymore? Or are they just holding on for greed or maybe just BS'n themselves?

It defines most of us, who we are, how much we are worth, what we can afford and what people think of us. Money makes or breaks lives, families, and wills to live, but why?

I remember an article I read some time ago about a wealthy man on vacation, on a beautiful island. While the man was on the beach relaxing he struck up a conversation with a local that didn't have very much, the rich man told him that when he retired in 20 more years, he was going to come back and live in this paradise. The native to the island replied "I live in paradise every day" and why wait?

So here we are the market crashed, banks disappeared, you have no money, and neither does anyone else. Now what?

Are you still alive? Are you healthy? Can you still love? Will you help or hurt others? Because you lost your finances does this mean you are worthless or the world we live in worthless?

Absolutely not. We still have everything available as always we will just have to figure something else out. A way of life the is sustainable and a way of life that does not exploit others.

How many of us feel that no matter what you have, or how much you make it is not enough and that your never happy?

We are like a dog chasing it's tail, never catching it and never happy because we don't understand it can't be done.

How do we find our happiness? What makes you happy, do you even remember?

Some rhetorical questions to ponder.

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