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The Bible, it's about Disclosure, Not Religion.

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 10:29 AM

The Bible, it's about Disclosure, Not Religion.

I have been reading a lot of Norval Cunningham recently, I thought you people might allso find him interesting!

In Revelations we read of a Heavenly New Jerusalem coming to earth that is one thousand, five hundred miles big. Now that is a MOTHER ship that is a third the size of the moon.
Let's just start with a few premises as many have all ready surmised or discovered.

1. That the ET's are the angels and fallen angels spoken of in the bibles.
2. That they are just like us in that some you would want for a neighbor, and some you wouldn't. (Ones you can't trust with your kids, cows, or anus.) It appears that sentient intelligent life has been created in several forms.

Most haven't read the bible, or if they have it has been with a "religious" attitude and ideology. There are about 20 (with 66 to 84 books in them) different english translations on my shelf and I have read them all cover to cover. Not to include all the research books and the American Bible Society's data base on my computers. Including many other researches in mythology, fairy tales, and yes, I even have the four books published by Fort on my shelf, besides the Voynich Manuscript with three images still not released
to the public.

My contacts include the US Gov. agencies, (several), and others, that have contacted and questioned me about my research. So I am not alone in what I have learned and the powers that be (ptb) are very interested in what I and others have learned about the bible's role in all of this UFO / ET stuff. The ptb do not want you to know that they got caught dancing with the devil, so to speak. Not just the government of the usa, but most of the big governments of the world are now aware of this problem. The ET's they have
been befriending are the fallen / bad angels. Kicked out of the heavens, and thrown down to the earth, by those good angels because they simply didn't want them for neighbors any more. So, about those ET's here amongst us, and below (underground bases, etc.), guess who came to dinner?
Read all of this interesting piece

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