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Ufos and Aliens...Implications

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:00 AM
Hi There,

During my early teens, I was aware on a fringe basis the alleged presence on our planet of aliens and ufos. My interest became even more piqued when I witnessed ufos in 1977. I was not the only witness as I was with a friend at the time, and there was also a third person who drew our attention to the ufos. Anyway, ever since then I have kept an open mind on the subject, hardly ever being swayed one way or the other.

I have just now finished watching a programme online from Edgemedia TV where Timothy Good discussed the ufo subject (I'll give the link at the end of this post). I have read a couple of Good's books, and have always considered him to be one of the more reasoned and solid authors on the subject. I was somewhat surprised to hear that he considers there to have been a alien hybridization programme taking place, and that there are quite a number of different alien species living within our societies. He believes also that a number of alien crafts have been shot down by the military, and that there was something of a conflict between man and alien during the late '40s, which spread to attacks by aliens on civilian airliners. Taking into consideration some of Good's statements, I'd like to posit some implications, and if possible garner some feedback from ATS members as to their thoughts and opinions.

It would seem to me that for all the major conspiracies discussed on ATS, the one interconnecting thread running through them will ultimately find their foundation being connected to ufos and the alleged alien presence? For instance, the conspiracy dealing with the NWO and their agenda/s, may in fact be directly related to alien presence? I have often wondered why we have not seen the use of nuclear weapons since 1945, and I feel the reason for this may tentatively be related to human and alien co-operation? If there is indeed a 'real' alien presence on our planet, and that some of our governmental and military leaders have been in contact with them, I am sure the aliens would have had something to say regarding our nuclear programmes...they tend to show a great interest in nuclear sites. The NWO agenda may be a co-operative agenda between man and alien? If the alien presence is real, there is no way they would allow a nuclear war to take place. They would not want to see a large part of the surface of our planet poisoned and irradiated.

What we may be witnessing in these modern times is a synchronization of human society with alien society...a kind of hybrid society coming into being, and that once it reaches a particular level of hybridization, disclosure may become quite apparent...which may explain the seeming climatization to aliens and ufos we are undergoing through the media, etc? The globalization and centralization currently underway throughout the world is perhaps the process of hybridizing our societies?

These are just some thoughts that I'm thinking out aloud, speculations of interest...nothing more. I'd be happy to see what others think on this subject. Here's the link to the programme...

Go to 'watch online', 4th video down.

Best wishes

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:26 AM
The programme sounds very interesting and I would very much like to watch it and then reply but it did not work. Could you post it again?


posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:33 AM
Excellent, this is one of those synthesizing posts, starred and flagged. Way to bring together several conspiracy theories.

I totally agree. One thing I always ask myself when reading up on a conspiracy, (and this is in a way self flattering), is "how would I carry out a conspiracy plan such as the NWO?" "How would I bring news of Extraterrestrials to the public?" (War of the Worlds radio broadcast anyone?)

You can always find logic in this type of behavior. This type of thinking usually makes me more positive about the job our government is doing for us oddly enough. Many other people are into the doom conspiracies. What if the government is hiding it from us for a good reason?

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 10:53 AM
If indeed Aliens are here secretly and working with our government then we are all in trouble.

These military men and corporate big shots have simple needs and big egos, any species wanting power just needs to "throw a dog a bone". A few trinkets of technology and some promises and im sure our leaders handed them everything they wanted on a plate.

By now our leaders would probably be backed against the wall panicking and realising that the situation is getting beyond their control.

The fact the leaders only hold power through controlling the masses is a dangerous thing. If aliens ever did decide to reveal themselves and offer some things our leaders cant offer, well thats the end of earth leadership im afraid, we all know the masses dont like or trust politicians. Humans would be happy to blame them for everything and accept an alien "hand of friendship".

So lets just hope our leaders havent been dumb or egotistical enough to get into bed with the aliens imagining they could control it. Aliens coming here would have to be more advanced, more evolved and smarter, I doubt the ego of our leaders would allow them to think correctly from the right perspective to cope with that type of player at the table.

Without the will of the many behind the, such leaders could become obsolete overnight so if they were smart they would be making sure that Joe Public got disclosure from them long before Mr Green decides to make his play for power

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 11:32 AM

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 04:29 PM
Hi There,

I thank you all for your comments, I'm hoping that more members will participate.

This thread's primary concern pertains to implications regarding the alleged alien presence on our planet. My starting point took commentary provided by the very respected UFO investigator Timothy Good, and juxtaposed them to our earthly concerns. Good's own personal opinion is that we are not only being visited by different alien craft, but that the occupants of these craft have established bases on our planet, and that contact has been established between them and covert agencies representative of the human race.

Now, suppose that there wasn't a history of aliens and UFOs, suppose that the concept was not a part of our consciousness, simply because it never arose, because it never existed, and never did so; would our global political spectrum look the same? Would the NWO still be in our awareness as part of a covert system for global change towards centralisation, or would each of our country's governments not be pursuing a track towards synchronizing global policies indifferent to cultural and historical differences? I can only offer an opinion on this and say possibly, but highly unlikely. So why is it that we perceive this global synchronizing? Is it due perhaps to dwindling energy resources? I doubt that! If anything such a scenario (without a primary motivating reason) would most likely be a reverse of synchronization, but rather would promote insular policies for the energy security for each nation state. Each country would pursue policies in direct conflict with others as to securing energy resource. There has to be a more compelling threat to national security than dwindling resources that motivates for global centralisation. That threat that supplies the motivation could be extraterrestrial? Are we to really accept that greed and avarice, power and control, are simply enough motivation for the chaos we are experiencing?

Timothy Good has offered comments purporting to a number of different alien species visiting our planet, and that there is something of a conflict of interest between them concerning both our planet and us. Some of the visitors do not have our best interests at heart, and indeed, that he echoed H.G.Wells when he stated that "...they look upon our planet with envious eyes". What then are the machinations they are seeking to unfold for us? What piques and interventions are they secretly planning?

I have already mentioned the possible hybridization programmes, and they do make plausible sense. I should think that the hybridization programme would be one for security both for our planet and us...but of course, this would depend on which alien species is pushing for this? If there was only one alien species, I should think they would've have introduced themselves quite tangibly, and without any vagueness whatsoever. We cannot hope to match their technology at our current level, so they would have nothing to fear from us, but they would if their were other alien species around of similar or comparable technological savvy. They would have to tread somewhat respectfully around each other. Perhaps even, downing each others craft now and again, but placing the blame on us? Nevertheless, downing each others craft allows us to drag them back to our little caves of lesser technology, giving us a glimpse into theirs through back-engineering. Think of them as handouts that a tutor would give to his class. Thoughts anyone...?

Best wishes

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