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How many people here have seen a UFO?

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 07:18 AM
reply to post by invisiblewoman

I don't think they were meteors, plain and simple. And I don't feel any more special than anyone else. While I was raised with religion in my background, I am not a religious person, but I tell ya there is some truth to the whole "ask and you shall receive" thing.

Where at in the rockies? I lived up there in 1997...
Another UFO story (but not my own directly). I was locking up my family's restaurant for the night, while my mom was walking to the car and I hear her shout excitedly to look up in the sky. I caught what looked like a fireball going over the road and disappear behind the ridge directly across the street (this was in Bailey, CO). She told me that this object (she thought it was a low flying plane at first) was flying over the town coming diectly at us. When she realized it wasn't a plane she called for me to look. Unfortunately, just as I came around the corner to look she said it did a 90 degree course change and fly off over the ridge across the street. She still talks about it to this day, (along with another sighting she had back in late 50s).

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 06:40 PM
I have seen a few UFO's.

The most recent about a year ago in London.
I was lying down on my back in a park (daytime), and noticed a silver sphere cruising quite briskly in the sky.
I'm no expert but it looked to be at about the same altitude as a passenger plane, and seemed to be the size of a car.
You could see it was metalic as it was a clear sunny day.

Whoever was in control of the sphere, is anyones guess.......

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 09:30 PM
Me, and about ten other people in the house. They all came outside to see this big orange ball up in the sky.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 09:58 AM
I've seen four UFOs in my lifetime. Luckily the third time I witnessed one I was with some friends who were absolute skeptics and now they aren't.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 10:00 AM

Originally posted by silver6ix

Anyone have any cool personal sightings?

Here. Several times. Many locations all across the globe.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 03:18 PM
I saw a large black triangular object hovering above some nearby woodlands in Scotland, it glided into view whilst i was driving home with my parents, the craft moved directly infront of us in the nearby distance (Southward), the road ran from North to south in this relatively quiet rural area, the object seemed to stop above the trees to the east or left of us as we travelled south along this road, and as we drove by it, i would estimate it to (it was night) around 200-500 metres to our proximity as we kept on driving (pretty spooked i should point out).

I got a very good look at it, lights were flashing intermitantly, but in a bizarre and untimely fashion, the craft on its 'left' side, because i saw the front of the object to be facing north, a row of green lights lining the front and a row of orange lights towards the rear and 'slats or windows visible', as we drove further on this straight road, i noticed it had 2 large perfectly circular yellow lights, and were not giving out much if any beam, but were perfectly visible, it was like a kids drawing of the sun, but in pitch black, it was truly strange. (Its much easier for me, to draw what i saw, and i so wish i had a camera with me).

We couldn't hear any sounds emitted from the object, eventually, it tilted to its right, and began to move further North.

This was on December 6th 2001, Aberdeenshire, its the only 'close encounter', i have really had, but i am so so certain i have seen the same craft in that area more than once. What myself and my parents seemed to think, is that this object or whatever it was, was or could have been observing us, because it simply stopped as we approached it, and as we were the only car in the area. Once we had gone past it, it moved away.

Sorry that was so wordy, but i thought i might as well give it some detail, it would seem shallow if i had simply said 'i saw a black triangle above some trees'.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 08:53 AM
1979 UFO-New Years Eve-Sunderland Tyne & Wear U.K

I am 35 years old and in my life I have seen 3 things in the sky that I can`t explain.

The incident above is a well documented UFO sighting that happened in the North East of England on the evening on 31st December 1978.

This incident was seen by my Mother and Father at the time in the early evening as we walked through our local park which was close to a Ski Slope. Apparently, I also saw this UFO at the time but it is too far in the past for me to remember.

Anyway, the story goes that as we were walking through the park to my Grandmas, it started snowing lightly and was beginning to get dark.

I first spoke with my mother regarding this sighting many years ago when she was still alive and she swore on her life and my life that this is true.
My father, (who is ex military and a skeptic), has confirmed this story to me recently and has finally started to believe in the existence of UFOS.

On that evening, my mother said that they noticed bright lights in the sky that appeared to be cutting beams of light through the snow that was falling. She estimated that there were around 10 massive lights that were located in various parts of the sky above the housing estate where we lived travelling in uniform distance to one another but her view was partially obscured by the snow and the street lights.

She said that she saw a massive UFO, the size of a football field over our estate. My father has confirmed this recently as to what he saw but at the time he believed it to be lanterns or fireworks because of the new years eve celebtrations and because of the heavily falling snow.

After I spoke with my mother regarding this event which she swore to be true, I went to my local library in order to do soem research of the event.

Imagine my surprise when looking through the local papers archives (Sunderland Echo) January 1st 1979, there was a massive sighting recorded of the event by independent witnesses throughout the North East region.

The Sunderland Echo apparently did an investiagtion into the matter which I am trying to research further.

I have always had a keen interest in UFOs and have researched into the issue enough to have learned that on that evening in 1978, UFOS were sighted all over the world, from America to Australia.

When I say UFOS, that is exactly what I mean-unidentified Flying objects, not neccesarily extra terrestrial.

If any member of this forum has any additional information regarding this sighting or any other 1978 sighting, please post a reply then I will become a member.

I have seen UFOS on 3 occasions myself and I will go into that another time.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 08:59 AM
Nothing that hasn't been readily explained away for me. Still looking. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 09:09 AM
I saw what I can't explain away as an aircraft or 'lanterns' years ago, when I was dating this girl over in Clapham, London, in the early Autumn of 91 , I was in the back garden and she was in the kitchen, It was dark out and I looked up at the stars because it was a very clear night, The stars were beautiful and then I noticed 3 lights moving directly above me, imagine a triangle , there was a light at each corner , then imagine the lights moving down a side say from top to lower right, the lower right one would move to left then the left one would move to the top, all at the same time.
All three lights moved in unison.
It certainly wasn't a plane or a satelite as it was too low for either.
I picked a nearby torch up , back in those days they weren't particularly powerful but as I shone the torch up all three lights winked out and disappeared.
Needless to say I was baffled , I got ridiculed when I told my girlfriend and brother (later that week) , but I stand firm that it wasn't a plane , lanterns or satelite.
the colours were star like , mixed colours but seemed to be more orange than anything else, like orange, red, orange, green,orange ,white ,orange etc.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 09:32 AM
I have had two unexplained sightings in my life. Both were in southeast Texas, as I have never been anywhere else! The first was a blue ball that was glowing but did not seem to light anything up around it. It was very small, approximately the size of a basketball. It floated around the front yard of my home and even flew between fence posts before disappearing. I always thought of it like a child playing for some reason. The second occurred in November 2001. My family and I were driving about an hour before sunset. My son said "Mom, what is that". We all looked at what appeared to be a fireball. After 911 my husband and I were nervous enough about it to pull over and watch it. It looked like it was slowly falling to the horizon. Then it changed direction and slowly left our line of sight. In all, it took about fifteen minutes. We searched newspapers the next day and never saw anything about it.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:51 AM
Eighteen years ago. Huge triangular black ship flying low over the buildings ... no sound,no lights, proximally 4 am . Since this occasion I’m pretty sure they are real.
... Only don’t know if its human made or not. I can guarantee it was strange.

I can remember the object over the houses lower than 20 meters... we could really see the design of the object end some black junction’s with half spheres under it.
... almost no one on the street just Me end other tree cars stopping in the middle of the street , looking up, waiting the object pass over us. 30 seconds maybe and the object disappear in the darkness. It was really strange and I will never forget.

When the object disappeared we just entered in our cars and continued to our destinies whiteout a single word.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 06:11 PM
Have seen something I cant explain 3 times,

1986: Red hoovering sphere, didnt even really payed attention till it took off

1999: A fast iradic moving object to high up to make out what it was, saw it with 3 friends

2008: A black triangle hoovering under the clouds, then takin off fast, spotted it while drivin, had my girlfriend with me (disbeliever, till then) saw it too

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:01 PM
Professional international pilot.

I saw a formation of 3 white dots at high altitude when observing from the ground. The speed of their movement indicated they were not human systems.

I knew a squadron commander who saw a log book entry stating the crew prior to him saw a ufo come up out of the ocean, follow off their wingtip for awhile, then shoot off into the horizon.

My wife was coming home from university in Illinois one evening and saw a ufo on the ground on a hilltop, flashing white light, which then flashed in front of her car, to it's side, then to it's rear. Her car stalled. She saw a flash of a human shape in the light.

Last week I was sitting on my back porch in N Calif looking N, saw an object shoot across the sky from west to east, crossed the evening sky in 1/2 sec. In about a minute, a second object did the same thing.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 01:13 AM
When I was a 13 years old my uncle and I were riding three wheelers around on my parent’s property late in the evening around 10 pm. We had stopped so my uncle could have a cigarette. I was lying on the seat looking up at the stars and noticed a light brighter and larger than the stars and moving around in circles and changing altitudes. I pointed it out to my uncle and we both observed it for roughly 45 seconds. It flew back and forth changing directions and then in around in circles at very high speeds directly above us. Its must have been at least 7,000 ft above us. Then it appeared to shoot straight up too high to see it anymore.
He and I never discussed it again until I was home at my parents visiting from college. My uncle, dad and I were having some drinks and my uncle brought it up around my father and asked me if I remembered. After telling my dad the story my father told me that he had also witness I craft when he was a kid while fishing at the river while skipping school. He claims to have seen a craft so large and low to the ground that it created a shadow over the entire area he was fishing. He said “it was hot and made a weird buzzing sound right above the tree line”. He said he got so scared he ran home and told my grandma about it, she said “he was crazy”. My father had never until that moment admitted to anyone except my grandma that he believed in extraterrestrial life or that he had ever experienced anything like that.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 01:46 AM
When I was a teen two friends and I once saw (from a mountain top) two lights in the sky far out over the Hudson valley. It was daylight. They were so huge and so far away, I remember thinking at first that the lenses of the lights on 'those helicopters' must have been gigantic. I wondered what the mechanism was that could make an aircraft light seem so large at such a distance. After continuous observation though, I realized that no aircraft was visible - that these things were just floating lights. We knew they were UFO's but for some reason we were not freaked out by them. It was very matter-of-fact, like, "Oh, look. They must be UFO's. What are we having for dinner?" We watched them for quite some time (15 - 20 minutes) and then went back into the house while they were still visible in the sky.

Edit to add a small detail: They were moving around in a slow, lazy manner. No sudden or erratic movements. But they never dimmed, nor did they change size or shape no matter which way they were going; i.e. they were not directional lights. Also there was no sound associated with them.

To this day I have no idea why we weren't going crazy over them, running to get a camera, calling the news.

When I was even younger I may have had an abduction experience during which I saw a small unmanned hovering device but that is for another thread. (I say 'may have had' because until recent times I believed that my memories 'must have been a dream'. It seemed incredibly real to me at the time, but over the ensuing years I slowly convinced myself it didn't really happen. Now I am not so sure; it may have been real after all.) I will soon post about that experience elsewhere. Too tired to write it all down tonight.

These are the only two things I have ever experienced directly.

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 05:05 AM
At last I can now say I have seen something in the skies that I couldn't honestly identify. Not a massive event not worth starting a thread over, definately though a great day for me.
Briefly was walking late last night with my dog. It was a really starry night so I decided to lay on a park bench and stare for a while. I saw what i thought was a star in the sky it was stationary for about 3mins. Then it started to move away toward the south in like a zigzag pattern then it just disappered. I wasn't ufo spotting just star gazing I had no phone or camera on me. Really chuffed and wanted to share. Peace

posted on Nov, 26 2008 @ 07:24 PM
This is what I posted on NUFORC. I am a retired USAF officer and current airline pilot.

It was around October 1975 in rural North Mississippi, four miles north of Batesville. I was about 16 years old at the time and was walking along the edge of a soybean field with my trusty .22 rifle squirrel hunting.

I heard a very loud high pitched buzzing sound (like a cicada in the trees--which it may have been) but then everything was silent--even the birds. I looked up over my shoulder and saw a silver sphere just hovering about 300 feet above the ground and 1/4 mile away. It just stayed there. I thought, "hey look, a weather balloon." but there wasn't anything hanging from the bottom. Not a weather balloon. No gondola, so it also wasn't a hot air balloon either. It was just there hovering silently.

Here's where I acted like a typical teenager. The .22 had a scope on it, so I looked at the sphere through the scope--looked like a silver ball. I decided, "what the heck" I squeezed off a shot thinking if it was a balloon, I would be able to retrieve it. It hovered for a few seconds more then slowly drifted up and out of sight. There were cumulus clouds in the sky that day and the sphere was going along the edge of them rising in a slightly erratic fashion. But I was able to keep it in sight while it rose due to the contrast of the white clouds.

The thing that still makes me wonder to this day is how readily I accepted what I saw and how I felt no alarm.

Silver Spheres are real. I definitely would welcome insight to them.

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