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Ignorance in America *A Must See*

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 12:37 PM

Originally posted by AnAbsoluteCreation
reply to post by jam321

Most mccain/palin supporters, if they are not extremely rich, are either:

Armageddon enthusiasts.
Traditionalists (also under uniformed)

Show me intellectual videos from Mccain/palin rallies. I dare you.

Sorry bud, but you're comparing apples and oranges.


I'm reading down this thread, so maybe someone else has already pointed this out. First of all, I am not uniformed, nor have I ever been in uniform. I believe you meant uninformed, but that shows how uninformed you are.
Second; I am not an Armageddon enthusiast, I would rather just live my life in peace and freedom, away from all the elites' attempts to enslave me. I do, however, see all the stuff hitting the fan, and we are a few years away from Armageddon. If you were informed, you would know it without doubt.
Thirdly; Ignorant, as opposed to intelligent. Just don't know the facts. By taking stabs at people that want the most left wing Congressman in the Government, not to be running this country like China, you demonstrate your own ignorance of the RECORD, not the slander, the RECORD of this radical. A man is also known by the friends he makes, and the enemies he keeps. This man has associated with, and befriended many known terrorists and radicals. He has been voting, instead of yea or nea, simply 'present', so he can't be held accountable. But his work and his views, and important votes, are all Communist Democrat. Not just Democrat, but Communist. Right now, we pay an AVERAGE 75% of the GNP, (the Gross National Product, since you are uniformed) to the government. Add up the budgets of the Fed, States, Counties, and Local, and they are that. What they actually spend. Where does it come from? User fees, fines, penalties; a rose by any other name...Read up, get a grasp on the facts as opposed to the campaigning.
Stubborn; also known as persistent, or persevering, when you are right and you know it...
Old; apparently you do not respect your elders, nor do you understand that they have been around longer, and know more than you. I am only 47, but you must be all of 5.
Traditionalist; What has made America a shining city on a hill, to the whole world? Why do we have so many sharp people immigrating here, or merely copying us? Why do we have 56% of the worlds wealth, and just 6% of the worlds people? Why are we the only superpower? To heck with tradition, we need to do something different, so we don't stand out as much?!!!
I want you to know, that I am sure the Communist Democrats, and the Socialist Republicans are both anti-American, and reguardless of who wins, they actually do the same things. Take away freedoms, and raise taxes. They are both 'owned' by the same elite; witness Skull and Bones. You are probably 'ignorant' of this, but the voters, traditionally!, have usually voted opposite parties into Congress, and the White House, so hopefully nothing happens; they can't do much damage. As far as Palin, she has exemplary experience as a mayor, and a popular governer. But if you start talking no integrity and much experience, vs. no experience and lots of integrity, I'll vote for Palin any day. When they win, you are always welcome to leave...

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 12:48 PM

Originally posted by mortje
This is why democracy fails. You let the dumb masses that are easy to manipulate decide who's in control. Democracy only works if the majority of people are well educated and critical thinkers.

It might interest you to know, that in the past, only landowners were entitled to participate in the Democracy. Literate, better educated, etc. However, today, the education has been dominated and changed to push a very liberal agenda. Whoever frames the debate, wins. That is what so shocked the liberals when Palin ran all over ben Biden, and they had chosen the liberal hostess.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 12:49 PM
Both sides are ignorant. People always act in groups in which they are comfortable (ie; race, school loyalty, state loyalty, social groups (rich, poor, this side of town, that side of town)). Most people do not think for themselves because in the USA someone is always thinking for us and telling us what to think (this goes for both sides).

The people in the video are pretty isolated from the world and they get their info from the news and their church. Both of which have it in their interst in controlling what they think. So the McCain idiots, just like the Obama idiots are, well, ignorant idiots who can't think for themselves. Both sides have been given their thoughts and never taught how to reason.

Reading the critical responses of the many on this board I can't help but to laugh. It is sad that the citizens of the USA are so consumed with bickering about ignorance while the money changers are stealing our very existance.

Maybe both sides are being controled by the same folks???? Anyone ever think why the money changers might want to influence everyone???? In the last 6 weeks they have stolen way over 1 Trillion dollars from us, this money was not in a vault somwhere, it is our (you and me) future earnings. Any idea what 1 Trillion will build?

My advice, if you find yourself pissed at the ignorant people of the world you should take a look at your own ignorance and try to figureout WHY they could be so ignorant. Doing this you might findout why you are ignorant as well.

Like they say, follow the money and if the USA collapses someone will profit and if you look into it you can figure out who!

Remomber "Divided we stand, united we fall"

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 12:49 PM
I really don't think it's fair to tar all conservatives with this kind of thing.

McCain himself, as I said before, has made a point of rejecting this stuff:

There are lots of people who aren't racist nutbags but who are genuine, sane Americans who hold conservative political beliefs, there are plenty here on ATS. Let's not try to lump them all together.

The hate engendered by this election is not good for any of us, if we want to show that we're different than the dopes in this video, lets have a respectful debate and not act like a mirror image of them.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 12:58 PM
reply to This is sad that people feel this way about Obama. I do not support him nor McCain, but for people to take hate to this extreme in 2008 shows that we have not conquered racism and fallacies about race and culture in this nation. Nor is this fair to depict all white christians as being stupid and hate filled. I know there are Obama supporters and blacks just as extreme as these people being shown here. Where is the video of that??
Isn't this what the puppeters want? Divide and conquer. It doesn't matter what side they do it from because they own both sides of the by AnAbsoluteCreation


posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 12:58 PM
Wow, well there is alot of hate coming from both sides. We need to remember that. These videos are showing the most ignorant 1%... There are plenty of good americans who will vote for McCain based on the issues... This election has just gone so far out of the park in recent weeks.

Look, both candidates are twisting truth to make the other look bad. Both are attacking each other. I will admit, Obama has some talent when it comes to speaking, he's great at diverting your attention from his weaknesses....while at the same time, McCain doesn't do a good job at selling even a good idea. If you sit down and read the policies from both, instead of hearing it from them, it makes things so much clearer. They are probably both good men, with just very different ideas on how to save this country. Just depends on which ideas you agree with.

I for one am an independent. (I wanted Ron Paul.) I cast my vote on the issues, not on the personalities or the lies or the popularity of a candidate.

I am ashamed at what is happening here. I am ashamed of the people who were featured in these videos, as well as the people who made these videos and edited them in such a one sided manor. People... take responsibility, and open your minds....forget about the media, both big and small, and research the facts yourself.

This is a perfect time to remind ourselves, "united we stand, divided we fall".

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 12:59 PM
Yea its strange when people say that they're afraid that Obama is a white - hater.... They're afraid that Obama will take revenge and go (in their case) Black- haters as shown in the earlier part of the video. And then you have to wonder : Where did they get that idea from? Theyre the racists for even thinking blacks arent equals and incapable of being president. (Im white) The elections are getting kind of pathetic. Radical accusations are just sad, they're almost like little kids " You're black and your name rhymes with osama so you must be muslim." (btw people, not all muslims are extremists). And so the game goes on "You did that!" "No, you did that!".

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by Seekingmyself

"students especially have an open mind! and we are all going to vote and and demonstrate our open mind; that is, unless it has been brainwashed by republican parents"

Oh the irony. While McCain certainly was not my first, second or third choice, I at least read the issues and opinions and economic plans of the candidades before forming my opinion. The brainwashing being done here on a wide scale is by the liberal media bias ignoring Obama's "solutions" to the issues - through tax increases and punishing hard workers with more of the tax burden to pay the people without ambition. Following this line of "logic", those of us who are working hard will eventually tire of paying everyone elses way and become unemployed ourselves - why not just sit around and get as much as you would by working hard. McCain certainly is not the answer, but Obama is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. You people (not all of you) are just being spoon fed this fairy tale about Obama and are eating it up without any investigation while calling conservatives racist or redneck or stupid for disagreeing. Whatever you want to believe about the idiots in the video, they certainly do not represent the vast majority of conservatives.

At least when Obama wins, which unfortunately I think he will, we will get a much larger "Carter effect" and hopefully in 2012 put true fiscal conservatives (not Bushies) back into office and turn back from the coming Union Of American Socialist Republics (UASR formally the USA).

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by Gregarious


beautiful and well thought out post.


Just about brought tears to my eyes.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:09 PM

..he is a undercover sleeper cell muslim..

and I thought I wore a tin foil hat!

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by spacebagel

His given name, legal name, is Baraq Hussein Obama. He is lying about attending mosque, and such. Does that suprise you that a politician would lie? Boy are you in for a ride! The problem would quite possibly be that if he IS a convert to Christianity, or can convince enough folk anyways, that makes him a target for any upright Muslim. Sentence for leaving Islam is, always has been, death. How does that affect our world influence/opinion, when many are Muslim? The man is well educated, a good speaker, and reasonably friendly. He also happens to be the most radical left wing member of Congress, who just happens to be black. Am I a bad person because I do not vote for a black man? Put in our 'black' Colin Powell, and I can suppport him. Put in our Secretary of State, I can support her. Put in Lucifer, and no matter how friendly or intelligent, I will oppose him. Mc Cain is also a rather liberal Republican, and I would never vote for him, but put in a non-Washington 'change' person, even a woman, and I reconsider. He will have to hear some of the vote that gets him elected, because of his VP pick. To heck with him! Palin for President!

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:30 PM
This video, while not a complete picture of the events it tries to depict, is sad. I'm sure there are equally hatefull things being said about McCain, and that is also very sad.

I'm not going to vote for McCain because of his voting record and there are things in his political proposals as president that i don't agree with. I also am not voting for Obama, and that's because there are things i don't agree with in his political proposals as president, and honestly i don't think either candidate is going to be able to make congress do the things needed to fix the problems we're in regarding the economy and our two current wars. Neither of them are strong candidates in my eyes, so i'll probably write in someone else, not sure who yet...
And honestly these so called "debates" they've been having are a sham really, i haven't seen much debating...just a bunch of "this guy is for this" "no i'm not, but he's for this" " no i'm not". and i think that leads to a lot of the "ignorance" being shown by both sides supporters.

Demonstrating against someone's political agenda is what these people should be doing(on both sides) not for their personal attributes.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:33 PM

Originally posted by Merriman Weir

Originally posted by beforetime

this bs is what obama campaign want's you to think all country people think America
thus it divide' our own country from within
and isn't it good stereotyping
country folk's that hate obama are either racists or just ignorant.
extremely odd how everyone bit's on this dribble hook line and sinker.

Not "everyone bit's on this dribble hook line and sinker." (sic) at all. Not everyone was saying this was representative of either "country folk's" (sic) or even of McCain supporters. I find it "extremely odd" how you came to that conclusion.

So it may not be the case for all "country folk's" (sic), but the ones on the film certainly were either racist or ignorant.

[edit on 16-10-2008 by Merriman Weir]

yeah but you are falling for the same bs i speak of.

obama support's made the video.
the video had way more than the interviews you saw.
they hand picked the best"worse"cases they could find.
of rural america's people that hate obama for crazy reasons.
to further obama cult following.

country people are out to get obama is what they tried to prove in this piece of dribble.
they chose a state where they had a little southern draw.
with value's that don't describe obama's.

thus you fail right along with the maker's of this video to show country people or rural americans hate obama .
a few might but im sure a few do in cities also.

But MY GOD don't you put down obama!!
pshhh plz
This is all this video spark's is typical obama supporter's behavior
Speak against obama is to be mocked at and poked fun at!!
exactly why they made the video to prove that fact also.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:40 PM
Well if Obama because a President/Prime Minister/Dictator whatever, the country should just split up. Repubs do good in civil war

Edit: Everyones upset about the intense drama and fighting over the elections, how bad it is, and how it would be better without it. I'm engaged as ever, I'd even appreciate a bareknuckle brawl between obama and mccain, though never challenge the Navy.

[edit on 16-10-2008 by Republican08]

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:43 PM
Oh my gosh i cant believe we have people like this in this day and age .. I so not proud of this country with people like this voting..

These people are so ill informed, prejudicial and just plain ignorant its sick!

Now i must add, I'm not voting for mccain or obama, but this is just sad.

well if the UFO was going to stop, I now know why the Federation of light didn't stop here on the 14th , we are not ready for visitors from other worlds, when people like this are on this planet....

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:43 PM

Originally posted by Douggie

Originally posted by sos37

But let me also say this - there are those of you out there who will lump these ignorant folks in with ALL Republicans, and if you do, you're just as guilty of the same kind of ignorance and branding as the people in this video. McCain/Palin do NOT believe in this kind of racism and do not encourage it and neither do I and many, many others in the Republican party.

Sorry to say , youre wrong. *Apaulin has been pushing every issues she can...truthful or not. Its the only way they can get through to the "dummies". Unfortunately, theres a lot of them in the US.
Thats why I like Obamas stand on education.

Yeah, well if I'm wrong, find an example where McCain or Palin are exhibiting racism. I'll give you lots of time to do so.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:43 PM
Whats amazing is that there are people on the other side that are just as ignorant and just as bad. Don't ever forget that please. There is no right and wrong in this, its emotional and people do stupid things, ON BOTH SIDES

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:43 PM
I guess people like to forget that Obama is also white. lol.....silly also live in San Antonio...I hope I don't meet your sister
The people in this video are shameful to this country. This is not a christian country. It is a free country. I hate to say this but sometimes I am ashamed of white people. this video reminds me of one day when my husband and I (he is African but looks a lil Middle eastern) went to a restaurant and he was th eonly black guy and we never got served....booo!

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:45 PM
not shocking. these are just faces to the ignorance, than there are those who are just like that, but dont put themselves on youtube, and then there are those who are partially like that, but cant form a proper thought in their little head, or show enough initiative to look for some truth behind the rumors.

people are idiots. the little group of people in that line on the second video on the first page had the nerve to smile and laugh when someone said that guys friend should die, when he said why does my friend have to buy a rape kit, and then the dude proceeded to say she should pay double. the problem is, in our society, we joke about racism, rape, stereotypes, etc.., all the time, and i hear it every single day, so its no shocker to me when i see the ignorance displayed on youtube.

its disgusting, but humans have a history of being disgusting and apathetic. why would it change now in 2008? because we have faster internet, and faster computers? lol

screw people. get money and make sure you survive at the end. the only way to truly end ignorance, or put an extreme hault to it, is to eradicate it. dont waste time trying to teach a monkey new tricks, get rid of it, but that wont happen, so ill just continue to accept that most people who see me before getting to know me, think im probably just another stereotypical black male, and go on about my business, because i cant concern myself with the dumb.

now what will these people say if obama becomes president, and in 4 years makes the country a much better place than it was 4 years ago. oh i know, they will do what most flip floppin pieces of garbage do, they will jump on the new bandwagon.

imagine your arabian and watching those videos, your gonna think, "are they calling him a terrorist because of his middle name?". regardless of the ayers stuff, just off top face value, which is what most people are about. that would probably infuriate you as an arabian. the ignorance towards their religion and names is astounding.

but come on, this is the human race we're talking about. hatred and war is inevitable. its the game we play. welcome to the continuation of what humans have been doing for thousands of years, except we play with much bigger and dangerous weapons. uh oh

and oh lord, please dont let him become president, and some fool takes him out. welcome to civil war. well, then again, two of our most prominent black leaders were assasinated, and we all kinda just forgot about that.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:47 PM

Originally posted by eastofeden26
reply to This is sad that people feel this way about Obama. I do not support him nor McCain, but for people to take hate to this extreme in 2008 shows that we have not conquered racism and fallacies about race and culture in this nation. Nor is this fair to depict all white christians as being stupid and hate filled. I know there are Obama supporters and blacks just as extreme as these people being shown here. Where is the video of that??
Isn't this what the puppeters want? Divide and conquer. It doesn't matter what side they do it from because they own both sides of the by AnAbsoluteCreation


We'll see the videos you refer to of black people making racist statement against whites taking the government back and ruining it in the 2012 election if Obama wins this one. But I'm sure there are pockets of racist black folk like you mention out there. The mainstream media isn't going to go out and find them and show them to you because it wouldn't serve their purpose, which is to promote Obama.

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