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How to destroy the Constitution

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 07:15 PM
at the 21:27 minute mark

admission to destroy the American Constition

whole video has so many revelations including wall street again and again control agendas

How your world leader father [sic - idol] Adolfo Nicolas Superior General Seen as a “Bridge to All Parts of the World”

great GHW-Bush picture with catholic [universal] roman cardinals

so many relevant typical points that this is a must see or see again.

hints on not jumping out that window...

1/ your children need you

2/ worry won't advance your struggle

3/ treat whatever life throws you as a NEW Adventure

4/ remember your CORE beliefs and KNOW why you grasped them

5/ I love and pray for you ... help me out others lets have a Global prayer,Global conscienciousness,Karma zig zag FOR ONE ANOTHER.

6/ hold someones hand if only for a second and bless THEM


edit to add: to inform that your fore fathers warned againt THIS

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