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PROOF Blossom get money from hoax

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 06:40 PM
If you go to google and search for Blossom Goodchild Enough is enough!!

look at the first link for the word "Cached" and click it you will go to a page in her blog (date Oct, 12, 2008) where she state that " I have had to update to a business account to deal with the influx ... "

Here is the full first paragraph:

Oct 12, 2008
Enough is enough!!
Well … what can I say … apparently many are worried about me as I haven’t put a posting up for a while. As Elton so aptly put it ‘I’m still standing!’. Thank you to everyone for their concern. I simply have been overloaded just trying to keep up with addressing my mail etc. Plus, I dropped my laptop which could not be repaired and I am sure we all know the challenges that can cause. This new one is so different and as yet I have been unsuccessful uploading certain things that right now are of importance. For those who have subscribed to my newsletter, the new programme I had installed on my old laptop isn’t yet up and cooking on my new one, so I simply will have to sort all these things after the event. I have had to update to a business account to deal with the influx and just trying to get that sorted is blowing my head off. (any one who knows me , knows I am NOT a business woman!!) And THEN … to top it all, for some reason I was taken off line for three days. Have to say though … once I had accepted that … it was bliss not to be able to do a thing anywhere near a computer! Please don’t get me wrong here … I am SO appreciative of all the LOVE and letters of upliftment I have been sent. . I am just trying to help people to understand where I am at. I have to work a few days a week, plus I am rehearsing for a musical three nights a week, so as you can imagine, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to sleep or indeed even breathe sometimes!!

So, even those who thought Blossom didn't get a cent from that hoax now can see that it was all there at her site and blog.

I really don't know if she did it for the money or she really believe it.

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 06:43 PM
please ad any comments to this already ongoing thread please.

GFL spaceship DID NOT APPEAR on Oct.14th, 2008 *FRAUD?* [and HOAX]

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