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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 06:31 PM
I awaken into the dawn of a new day and walk forward to only see that life continues to degrade; foolishness is to be mistaken for intelligence in the minds of many. Our designated path is that of materialism which has consumed every soul, but if not for this consumption they would realize they're individually empowered beyond imagination. Blinded by the average thoughts, programmed not to see the atoms which hold our world into place, unable to awaken a true being trapped within.

Ignorance cannot nor never shalt be bliss, because ignorance shalt not lead thou to salvation. Regeneration is unlikely for many due to disturbances in the physical world. It is impossible to be free, hidden away is the influence of society. When thou have no recollection of history, then thou shalt choose to ignore the present events. When deprived of logic, thou shalt continue a task which thy self-being does not want you to.
Blinded, manipulated, controlled, socialism, fascism, racism, patriotism, wealth, class, fighting our own instead of the true enemy. Peace is not celebrated, even upon a new dawn, genocide is a common way of life.

A process of fear is what the body shalt be afraid of, because you shalt continue to act accordingly without stepping out of line. Seduced by the objects of another, which gives Diamonds the ability to gleam but the human mind to be faded. We are not limited or unlimited, nor do we consume, but we are the consumed. Quickly, stray away! Or we shalt be the objects of no meaning.

Vingança das idades


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