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BG`s blog.. hacked?

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 04:47 PM

left hand corner go to her blog
its either been hacked or she`s edited it to take the piss....

look at things like this

Good thinking Batman!
Guys, guys, guys, I seem to have my heart in my throat these days! I KNOW I am not mad. I KNOW I am not seeking attention (as many out there have suggested.) … God … I shy away from that, this is why this whole thing is so scary … I KNOW I did what I had to do … (as Frankie once sang!) and I guess I should just keep TRUSTING until that very important date and then ALL questions regarding whether or not this is for real will be answered. Please forgive my doubting … I reckon if you were me, down here on this earth plane, an unknown, you would be feeling the same. Wouldn't’t it have worked better if you had asked Oprah or Wayne Dwyer or someone of standing to tell the world of this? That’s what I don’t get … why me??


May we speak?

Sorry … go ahead.

We are aware that at this moment you have tears in your eyes and you are afraid.

How’s Edwina doing with that?? (see snap shot channellings)

We are not used to pain of the heart. The colour pink is fading.

And so is my courage!!

What would you have us say dearest one? We can only send you pulses of strength. Yet, on another level of yourself you knew of all of this. Of the ‘courage’ it would take to embark upon such a journey. You must understand that you were one of many many who volunteered and were considered for the post. Do you not see how delicate this matter is?



Sorry chaps … Can’t do it today. It’s just all a bit too much. If you could just … appear to me with a sticker on your head saying Oct 14th and a tick … then perhaps I may feel stronger to carry on. The thing is … I KNOW that when we work that you are for real. I know ME, and I couldn’t possibly write in the intelligent fashion that you do. So … Why am I doubting that you are going to show?


Neither … You are in your human form. You are behaving as any human in their RIGHT MIND would do. Any human in their RIGHT MIND who has humility and the desire to bring only TRUTH is a human that we are very proud to associate with.

OK … that did it for me. Burst in to tears! Gotta go … got a world to convince!! Swords of Light to the skies. What ho… And all that.

( this is from the first page alone) i think she has purposely edited everything or somebody has hacked into it... either way this is making me furious, im sure her blog was never originally like that or else nobody would have fallen for this as its clearly a sarcastic piece

second page even worse:::

Challenges are ahead.

No offence… but do I really want to hear this ?

Have you not faced challenges before Blossom? And may we say with glee, you intervened before allowing us to finish our sentence …

Oops sorry!


her 11th channeling has clearly been edited too, its stupid beyond the point of babytalk:::

This is understood by us. We have plans so as not to disrupt this time too much for you.

Jolly good. Tickety Boo! TRUST TRUST TRUST… and I know you have my well being at heart … and I know you are filling me with strength when I get a little overwhelmed .... And I know I LOVE YOU… and I know YOU LOVE ME… would more could a gal ask for?

A table!

I really fought with myself about writing that down. A TABLE!!???? PLEASE!!! Here we go… is this like ‘snow cone’? What does a table mean? It seems such a ridiculous thing to say …But on questioning myself about it … I had to TRUST that I had to write it down. Golden Rays on the table thing then. Can’t possibly imagine how a table fits into the equation …Hey ho and on we go!! Many thanks for now.

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 04:54 PM
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