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Authentically Psychic?

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 02:56 PM
Since there are so many people on this website who seem to be able to stretch their brain beyond the confines of concious reality I thought this would be the best place to ask this question.

Without a doubt, from personal experience, I KNOW there is much more going on than just the day to day reality we see as our life. And if we KNEW too much about how it all worked we would be so distracted we couldn't work on what we came to the physical experience of earth to learn. I use to be incredibly skeptical about "spirituality." I had some bad experiences with organized religion. The entire deal that there is a God sitting on a thrown up in the clouds of heaven and that if you read your bible and go to church on Sunday and of course find God and be "saved" that you would go to that beautiful cloudy place, instead the burning pit of hell, and float around in on a cloud in heaven for all eternity. Personally the entire floating around in heaven forever sort of sound kind of like hell to me. How is that so heavenly anyway. Hanging out on a cloud and spying on on the sinners. Sounds kind of foggy to me. I hate driving in fog, much less watching sinners in it. Anyway, I am getting of my original point. I know there is more because I have experienced it. I am a "see to believe it" kind of person so even though I was always kind of sure there was a lot more going on than what the eye can see, I felt like if I couldn't see it there was still a chance it was crap. Anyway, so I know if little ol' me can experience stuff like this then there has to be people out there that are very in tune with that more spiritual side of our nature.

So what I am asking is from people that still have one foot in reality (and I am meaning people NOT like that blossomflowerweed woman) has anyone experienced someone that they believe is truly psychic or I guess you could say intuitive. Someone that will speak to people and help people without charging $700 a pop like Miss Sylivia B. But someone that you can actually ask questions and talk to that won't charge for their services, giving freely of what was given freely to them? Has anyone had authentic experiences with someone authentically spiritual. And if so, who??? I feel like there must be people out there but because fakes and frauds have made such a mess of all of it, I would imagine that the people who are the "real deal" aren't flashing a neon sign, admitting to something that will immediately put a big "X" on their back to for ridicule. I have always wanted to speak to someone that is REAL, but like I said I am sure they don't advertise. And I figured since there are quite a few "open minded" individuals on this site that there has to be a few people that feel they have experienced this.

Just curious.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by aliceinwonderland74

Jeez it feels weird saying this and I don't want to sound like a mega-ego ... but ... well, I fit the requirements I think !!!

Don't get me wrong I'm not claiming to be an all singing - all dancing expert ... but I am good at the things I'm good at (if that makes any sense).

Take a look at my website (link in my signature) and posts I've made here etc then if 'YOU' think I fit the bill I'd be happy to answer your questions and/or advise you about spiritual matters if I can. But please check me out first.

If it means anything at all ... I'm always banging-on about the importance of 'keeping one foot on the ground at all times'.


posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 03:13 PM
If you live around anywhere with Monks, Chinese Monks they can tell your future and they wont charge you anything. But you can donate to them. You just have to find them. We have them here in Hawaii.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 03:20 PM
Hi Alice...good to meet you!

Thank you for sharing that you've had a little of yourself changed and opened up a bit by spiritual experience. It's an interesting process, very different from organised religion, and everyone has their own kind of spirituality to discover.

I've been involved with what is usually called New Age work for many years, and have encountered many people who claim to have gifts....psychic, intuitive, healing, whatever. I've also learned how to do some of these things myself, and have had some really tough spiritual lessons to learn...more of that some other day. I kinda came to the same conclusion as you a couple of years ago, having experienced just a little bit too much ego fuelled new age nonsense, and having been though some really profound experiences myself.

Personally, I think we are all psychic, like we can all sing. Most of us can hum a tune, or sing in the shower, but will never rise to the abilities of someone like Aretha. Most of us WANT to sing, or WANT to be psychic, because it feels so special, and our egos tell us that we want to be admired. Fine if you're a singer, although a bit of humility goes a long way, but when we're dealing with something as ethereal and emotional as intuition, and how it can affect people, ego is a dangerous thing, and creates huge problems.

So many people buy into new age rubbish, and will go endless workshops, and take endless "qualifications" which are worthless, simply because the like the superiority it gives them....and it's completely empty. True intuitives are usually very humble people, who have worked to develop a gift over many years, and are streets ahead of the rest of us to start with.

I have had the honour of working with one or two of them...and that's all. One was an astrologer, who also did tarot readings, and was incredibly accurate about what was coming up for me. The other was a medical intuitive from the States, who works on a higher level than anyone I've ever met. Yes, I had to pay to see them, but it wasn't extorionate, and I considered it worth it...I still do, years later. My personal experiences of the little bit of work I've done myself shows me how difficult it really is. It's almost like every one of us has a different kind of awareness, and will see a different bit of the spectrum....for some, it's healing, for some mediumship, and for's the faery realm. And no, I'm not mentally ill, before any one asks...I'm exceptionally sound, mentally and physically, so please cross that off your!

Interesting thread....thank you...I will be reading the replies you get.


posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 03:31 PM
I don't like to go hollering this all over the place, because people will think I am an out and out lunatic.... And I am no where near the level of Bluster Goodgrief- honestly wise, at least. And I realize this could be a lingering effect of the stress put on my life by one thing.

I seem to have a mental bond with my ex g/f some times. Or brain would like to think so. I don't sit and think thoughts at her, and get replies (because I'd be mentally strangling her (CENSORED) rear for dumping me and marrying someone else) But I get sudden, intense, and ALL of the time, emotionally destructive episodes occasionally while I sleep. I don't will it, I wouldn't DARE will it! To know about her life? No thank you. Every time it happens, I feel like all my insides have been ripped out and draped over an electric fence. it usually takes me a couple days to come back to what can loosely be called 'normal'. Last time, I woke up, and just burst into tears.

What I'd like to know is... HOW DO I TURN THE THING OFF?????? To make matters much, much worse- this has been happening on and off for almost 20 years. I'd like to just chalk it up to some sort of emotional damage, or a mental problem... but it's so frigging specific. Nothing but her.

And yes, I DID love her. I do not, and can not any more, however.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 03:33 PM

I posted about a friend of mine who fits the description in the thread linked above.

Myself, I wouldn't call psychic by any stretch, but I dream of things that are going to happen. They are rather mundane most of the time and translates to something like deja vu. Lately it has been happening a lot more, including posts I've seen here, and large chunks of time yesterday. I usually don't pay attention until something occurs and it isn't something I seem to have any control over. I also experience strong feelings of empathy, which can be difficult to deal with.

woodwytch, the link to your site doesn't appear to be working. It says for me that the page doesn't exist. edit: Working now, thank you.

[edit on 15-10-2008 by TravelerintheDark]

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

I just wanted to say to you without flying you'll never be able to see the world from a different perspective. Sometimes it is good to let go of the ground to get to somewhere new. That said never accept something just because... allways question the motives behind the action.

There are people with gifts who give freely. They are all around you. Some know they have a gift others don't. But I believe to find what you are looking for you must look to those who don't think of themselves as 'special' psychic or otherwise spiritually gifted. Those people who just turn up at the right moment in time with the right message.

Good luck hunting!!

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by wylekat

I've heard it described elsewhere, and it has worked for me: Visualize a mirror around yourself. Any thoughts being projected to you, or that you are picking out of the ether will be reflected. This can help determine if the source is inside or outside.

From the inside, take some time, corral the memories you have and allow yourself to relive them as much as you are comfortable with. Let them go on until they fade and disappear. In more stubborn cases, imagine a cord attached to the memory, cut the cord and let it float away. Don't do it in anger though. Try to exert as little unnecessary emotion as possible. Let whatever feelings happen just happen, don't add to them as this can "feed" the memories. I know this is painful as I've done it myself. But blocking out the feelings won't make them go away. Relax and take your time. Work as you feel comfortable and capable.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 03:43 PM
Sorry about the link in my signature.

All fixed now ... should be working properly. Can anyone who tries it let me know if there is still a problem.

(sorry for off topic) Woody

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 04:12 PM
Clif High, in a recent interview with Project Camelot, mentioned some bits about everyone being psychic...

...From 1997 to 2001 I deduced some of the following principals: All people are psychic. Most don’t know it. Even if you do know it, it does not impact the next statement I’m going to make, which is: That all humans leak out these psychic impressions in the language that they choose to use in ordinary conversation. And that was my basic premise to begin with.

audio interview
interview transcript

i've had more psychic experiences in my life than i can explain, so i know something's out there that i can't fully comprehend, beyond this reality... to me, that's proof of the existence of a Divine Creator!

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 11:35 PM

Originally posted by TravelerintheDark

I also experience strong feelings of empathy, which can be difficult to deal with.

It is funny that you mention that. As mentioned in my original post I said that I had some personal experiences that changed my views on "spirituality" as a whole. The funny thing is the more open you become the more you experience. One thing that has begun to happen is strong feelings of empathy. It occured one day while watching a tv program like dateline. It was a news story about a man who was mentally ill and had been misdiagnosed and had killed his 2 daughters. The story was about how his wife forgave, loved and understood him doing this. Normally, the way I was before, I would have immediately been outraged that she would even consider such a thing and that was my mind set as I began watching. But after watching her husband speak (in prison) about what happened and then getting properly diagnosed and how he didn't know what he was doing and his was sorry for what he did. As I said, the other "me" wouldn't have cared less if he was sorry, but while I was watching I was over come by this uncontrollable emotion. It was like I could feel how truly sorry he was and how much he had loved his daughters. I knew he was telling the truth. Without even realizing it I starting crying. I didn't know why and it was difficult to stop. It was I was completely feeling all his emotions and completely empathizing with him and his wife. It was creepy. It is so strange now because I have to be careful because if I am kind of in a unguarded state stuff like this happens spontaneously. I thought it was a fluke until it happened about 10 times and then I realized some part of me was different. I KNOW that we are all spiritual being just living a physical experience here on earth. And no one will convince me otherwise.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 12:38 AM
I've posted this on ATS before in a thread or two, but here it is again. It's true

Years ago I was helping a friend with a children's birthday party: two dozen kids in a yard. Lots of squealing, laughter, occasional tears .. usual thing. In the yard, my friend's husband and another couple were ensuring all the kids were safe, having fun etc. So I went indoors to help my friend clear up the kitchen, do the dishes, etc. It was almost time for parents to start arriving to collect their children.

Wiping dishes and staring out of the window, I suddenly saw one of the little girls from the party. She was riding a tricycle down the middle of the road !

I pointed this out to my friend, dropped what I was doing and sprinted out and retrieved the little girl. Her name was Belinda. About five years old. She was one of my daughter's little friends.

We got Belinda back inside the yard (tall fence all around) just in time. Few minutes later, her mother arrived. My friend begged me with her eyes not to mention Belinda's near escape to her mum.

Belinda's mum grabbed Belinda and hugged her tightly. Then she turned to my friend and I and said she'd just returned from a psychic. She then went on to say that the psychic's predictions must be wrong .. and the visit a mistake and waste of money.

We nodded, uh huh. Belinda's mum continued: the psychic must be wrong, she said ... and that was good .. she was relieved about that. For instance, she said, the psychic had just told her that Belinda was in danger. ' I see a little girl ' (the psychic had said) ... ' She has dark blonde hair and she's dressed in a pink party dress .. little frill around the hem and she's got paler pink ribbons in her hair. Her hair's in pig-tails and they have ringlets. She's a bit chubby. She's wearing red t-strap shoes. She has a little diamonte heart on a chain around her neck' .. etc.

The psychic was describing Belinda, clearly. Belinda's mother asked .. 'What's this about danger. What do you see?'

And the psychic replied she could see this little girl on a road, on a three wheeler bike.

Belinda told my friend and I that she'd said to the psychic, ' Oh no. That couldn't be my little girl. My daughter's a party and I know the people very well. They have a very safe yard and a high fence. You must be seeing some other girl'

So, as Belinda's mum hugged her daughter, she said she was relieved the psychic had been wrong about Belinda, because it meant all the other things the psychic had said must be wrong too ... thank goodness.

My friend and I were feeling pretty uncomfortable by this point.

Belinda's mum continued: for instance, she said, the psychic had told her that she was pregnant. Belinda's mum gave a loud fake yelp and said she knew for sure THAT wasn't correct, because she knew for a fact she couldn't have any more children.

The psychic had also told her that she and her husband would soon be breaking up .. but that they'd get back together again after the birth of the baby. Belinda's mother rolled her eyes and said sure, she and her husband were going through a bad patch but not bad enough to break up over.

The other thing the psychic had told her, she said, was that her mother was dying, even though she was unaware of it. She would be dead before Christmas, said the psychic.

Belinda said her mother was fit as a fiddle and was only 46 in any case. All in all, she said .. she was glad to know the psychic was wrong. Then she thanked the hostess and began leaving with Belinda.

The hostess (my friend) and I looked at each other hard. Then, basically at the same time, we each called Belinda's mother back. And we told her that Belinda actually had been on the road on the tricycle. My friend apologised and said she had no idea how Belinda had managed to get out of the yard, because her husband had been so careful about watching the gate.

Belinda's mum took it in .. realised the implications of this .. and her face fell. We were all thinking the same thing (which is why we'd felt compelled to tell the truth about Belinda) --- if the psychic had been right about Belinda, even down to the dress she was wearing and the little heart around her neck -- then the chances were high that she'd been right about the rest. And it wasn't all good news.

I didn't see Belinda's mum for several weeks. Then one day I bumped into her in the shop where she worked. Asked how she was. I'd forgotten about her trip to the psychic ... was in a hurry, etc.

Belinda's mum didn't look very well. She'd learned she was pregnant, she said. The doctors had no explanation. The baby was due in six or so months. She'd split up with her husband.

Didn't see her again until the break-up party at our children's school, must have been around Christmas time. I'd heard from others by then that she'd had the baby .. a little boy, all well. And her husband was planning to move back home in the New Year. Her mother had died shortly before and Belinda's mum was still upset by it of course, although she hadn't had time to grieve properly she said, because of the birth of the baby. She was happy on the outside, tanned, smiling, but her face looked worn out.

Next time I saw her, I asked for the name and contact details of the psychic. I was curious to learn more. I'd had a number of psychic/paranormal experiences since childhood, but had never put much faith in psychics who did 'readings' for money, day in, day out.

Told another friend about the psychic in question. This friend was a real scallywag .. anything at all would pop out of her mouth at all the wrong times and she seemed to enjoy shocking people. She was a funny woman and great company in small doses. She said she had just broken up with her husband and wanted to know what the future held in store. She asked if I'd accompany her if she could get an appointment with the psychic.

I said Ok. Would give me a chance to study the psychic and perhaps even watch the methods she used.

We went along at the appointed time. The psychic was stunning and seemed a complete airhead. All over her walls were professional photos of herself. She revealed that until a few years ago, she'd been a model. She played with her hair, looked at herself every few minutes in the mirror, etc. Gorgeous, nice and seemed shallow as a puddle.

She sat at a table with my friend and plopped down a beaten-up looking deck of ordinary playing cards. Spread them out face down and instructed my friend to choose .. oh, I don't remember .. maybe ten or so.
Then turned to me and suggested I sit over on the sofa on the other side of the room. A bit miffed, I sat there. The psychic's cat jumped up on me (and I wasn't a 'cat person' at the time) and began staring at me, purrring. I stared back, trying to say 'buzz off please, I don't want your fluff all over my skirt' .. but it just stared back. It must have hypnotised me, because I fell asleep. Woke up maybe a few or more or even ten minutes later, don't know.

The psychic was telling my friend things that I know for a fact later came true .. I know because some of them involved me.

Anyway, then it was my turn with the psychic. I was more interested in speaking to her about how and from where she obtained her information. But I picked the nominated number of cards and she turned them over and looked at them silently. She told me a few things that were reasonably accurate .. but I was being as difficult as I knew how to be: had my feet crossed and my hands crossed, under the table, and was deliberately trying to 'blank' my mind so she couldn't pull things out of me. In other words, I wasn't going to let her 'read my mind' and pass it off as clairvoyance. I know. I wasn't being fair.

Anyway, after a few minutes she pushed all my cards into a heap and got up from her chair. Asked if we'd like cofee and a biscuit.

I was shocked. She'd been with my friend for 3/4 of an hour. And all I was getting was a few minutes ?

' Hey .. what about my future ? ' I laughed .. ' You've just scrambled it all up ! '

She was half way down to her kitchen by then. ' Glad it's not MY future ' she said and made a 'brrrrrr' sound. She came back fluffing her hair, primping, etc. and nibbling on a cardboard diet biscuit.

' So tell me' I said to her when she sat down ' Do you 'see' information, or do you 'hear' it .. or is it put into your head by something, someone. How does it work ? '

She shrugged. She was bored with the whole thing. Played with her hair, etc. Wanted us to leave. But I persisted.

Finally, she just said she had 'no idea' how the information came to her. That's all she would say and it sounded about right, because she was no genius .. beautiful but pretty superficial.

She said that after her husband left her with two children, she had no way of earning a living. All she'd ever had were her looks and she couldn't get modelling work any more. At a party, at someone's insistence and while a bit drunk, she'd pretended to 'read' people's cards .. tell their future .. just for a laugh. Except it turned out she was spot-on .. very accurate, as it later was learned.

So, with a bit of encouragement from girlfriends, she'd put an ad in the paper. Two dollars a psychic reading.

As her reputation for accuracy spread, she was booked solid, for months.

But, she said, she had made the mistake, early on, of telling people exactly what the future held for them .. cheating spouses, illness, death, divorce, etc. So some women from a sort of psychic's union had taken her in hand .. taught her to 'imply' bad stuff, rather than blurt it out.

Later, I learned this ex-model, reluctant-psychic was doing readings for some of the country's senior politicians who flew up especially to see her.
Her rates climbed through the roof. True story

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:15 AM
You seem to have realized something recently. Something just clicked in your head or things keep happening that you want to chalk up to coincidence but really can't.

About a week ago, I was hanging out with some friends, and I felt a sensation. It's hard to explain, but I feel it mostly in my throat. The very moment I felt it, this girl pipped up and said "Does anyone feel that? It's like a certain vibe."

Things like this happen all the time to me, I feel what she feels, almost like empathy but I wasn't feeling her emotions. It's almost like you're on a greater plane of consciousness. No telepathy, no telekinesis, just plain old extra sensory perception. You are perceiving with more than your normal five senses.

About a year ago ridiculous coincidences started happening to me. I found it very humorous at first, but then they just kept happening. It's to the point I can't look at these bouts of synchronicities between mind and body among groups of people and chalk these strange experiences up to "coincidence."

Something is happening.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 09:40 PM

Originally posted by Jbalon

Something is happening.

It really does feel like that "veil" is thinning. I have small silly things happen such as looking for the remote or the keys - if I stop relax and think it is almost like I head right for it. I'll be in a parking lot and if I think about a "perfect spot" a minute or so before I get there it is ALWAYS there. If I make a point of thinking about my day and the tasks I have, thinking positive thoughts and saying it WILL be a good day it ALWAYS is. And the more I admit a coincedence isn't a coincedence the more they occur. I have Deja Vu all the time. I chalked it all up to a "life changing" period of my life that included me recovering from paralysis when no one said I would. My doctor tells me he doesn't know why I got better, just a "miracle" he guesses. I suppose I am more open to the idea that life is much different than what we think we know or see on the surface. And I did begin having OBE experiences when I was still paralyzed and could not get out of the bed. It led me to reading and accepting and understanding what I had already suspected was true. But as in my first post I said I am a "see it to believe it" type of person. And no person can tell me that what I experienced was dreams or hallucinations, etc. If I was going to have a hallucination I would have when I was in the hospital on enough pain meds to make a large horse hallucinate. I have this deep gut feeling that our lives and everything around us is changing. Just in the past 20 years our lives have sped up so much just by technology. So in essence we are living more life in a shorter span of time. Eventually we will speed up so fast it will be almost like time travel. It is kind of like our world is heading toward a crossroad and what happens when we get there, that is the big question. It is exciting and scary to be living right now. And you never know what the next day will bring. I KNOW there are people out there, right now, who UNDERSTAND. We just haven't caught up to them yet. I wake up every day and wonder - Is the day the day that everything really changes? I guess I am just expressing random thoughts. Who knows maybe I am just mentally ill!

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 09:23 PM
Yes, the rapid rate of technology change I think has something to do with "subtle changes" people are "noticing."

You can call me ridiculous and say nothing has changed, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me. Think of it this way:

100 years ago or so, there was no television. There was no radio. No facebook, no phones, nothing. Kids had to play games with the neighbor or other family members to pass the time. It was almost as if life was monotonous.

Today, we are constantly entertained at any point. We are constantly listening to music whenever we want. If we have a question we want answered, we can wikipedia it instantly. We can play video games, listen to ipods, watch television, with billions of radio or music waves feeding into our brain. Our brains are drastically different than peoples were 100 years ago.

With the constant entertainment at our fingertips today, I think it has been changing peoples consciousness. But that's just my opinion.

But it's also what I'm noticing.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 09:46 PM
reply to post by aliceinwonderland74

I will tell you the greatest psychic I ever met. He was 2 years old. I was taking care of him as a babysitter when I was 18. I put him in the stroller and he kept saying "dad!" and pointing. Eventually we ended up walking across town while following this babies lead. Then he nearly jumped out of his stroller. We wound up being in a place the child had never been before and right then his dad walked out of this random store. Very strange.

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