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The conspiracy "OF" religion and science.

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 02:17 PM
In my last attempt to post what I believe to be the true conspiracy, which I think of more like a conspiracy "OF" religion than a conspiracy "IN" religion, I became very aggravated at the mods and individuals who in word claim loyalty to the cause of embracing truth and denying ignorance, but in practice prove themselves a lie.

Such individuals in my opinion should be more aptly though of as ego slaves rather than trolls.

But nevertheless I have learned some things since my last post the most important being the existence of the ignore button, of course I was appalled to realize that there is no way to delete your account that is a crime.

What made me so angry was not the ego slaves doing what they can't help themselves from doing, it was having my thread moved to the BTS site.

My conclusion as to why it was moved after do consideration is that the mods are humans, they didn't judge the thread by what I had written but rather by the title alone.

This time I believe I have provided an appropriate title to remain in the ABS side and avoid going into some other heading besides the conspiracy in religion section.

I am in fact discussing a conspiracy, and I don't see how it can be interpreted any other way or as being about anything other than a religious conspiracy.

Religion and God are not in anyway the same thing, one has absolutely nothing to do with the other, in spite of what the dictionary or any person in authority may say.

Religion is an invention of a creature which lives in a higher dimensional state known as a Ruwach, which in more common language is a race of angelic beings.

Science is the highest from of religion.

A group of these creatures, the Sabir sometimes called the watchers, control our reality by feeding us ideas they want us to believe to move things in a certain direction and to achieve a particular aim.

All the systems of this world, political, religious, economic, all of them are under the full and complete control of the Sabir, because of what reality factually is versus what we want to believe it is and our five senses perceptually reinforce to our minds.

This is difficult because I am new here and want to be accepted as a welcome friend by all.

Life can be such a wonder, an intense intermingling of extremes, pain and pleasure dancing cheek to cheek at every opportunity.

Everything in me wants to shout I am alive when I think to myself, 'what's it all about,' but I know without a doubt in this body I am nothing, even less than the ground I walk on.

Consciousness only constitutes awareness not life, that is the true reality of our state of existence.

We are born dead not alive, literally.

The idea that somehow simply because we are aware then we must be alive, is the original lie, it was the first and greatest told by Moloch, it is the fallacy that anchors all others, it entraps us and continues to keep us blind and enslaved.

People believe there is life after death and of course we also believe the inverse, that there is life prior to birth, because we assume consciousness defines life.

Factual life versus perceptual life as it relates to our state of consciousness gets very little thought or notice these days.

My theory as to why we don't think about it that much says it is sort of a hiding in plain sight kind of thing going on, the concept resonates like background noise, we know it is there, we encounter it everywhere, and so as a consequence we pay it little to no mind.

Life is real it does exist, but we are not alive in what should be the correct definition for life.

The truth is we only believe we are alive because it comes natural and it is easier for us to do, that's all.

Now don't get me wrong I myself believe in God, only I believe God and the facts both say we are literally born dead not alive.

Consider these verses of which there are many similar verses throughout the bible:

Ro 9:8

That is, They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed.

Eph 2:3c

by nature the children of wrath, even as others.

1 Co 13:2 g

I am nothing.


With the versus I pasted above I am only attempting to add clarity, offer illustration, and set the stage to expand upon some of the ideas I have laid out here.

I know and understand some people have an adverse reaction to seeing bible versus quoted, if this occurs with you then you can do a Google search for information on the same subject I am discussing, then cut and paste the material you find to replace the bible verses if you like.

My background is in the bible it is what I look to most often for truth and enlightenment that is why I use verses from it to help with my explanations, it is my way of attempting to communicate myself, but you can find much the same kind of statements and general assertions made in numerous other writings both religious and secular.

God is truth, if a notion is indeed the word of God then it is true in its nature through and through, it came by revelation therefore revelation is required for it to be seen by the minds eye.

Truth is woven into the fabric of everything not just the bible.

You can however interpret something any way you like, we all can, that is our business and our right, so don't try and lecture me about the bible, I have had my fill of that nonsense at other forums.

Getting back to the issue at hand, If we were alive in a real sense then it would be possible for us to literally know what reality is, but as we are in fact only constructed of the same substance as everything else in this universe we can not know the "WHAT" of reality, we can only know the "HOW."

The theory I am laying out here is often called the paradox of consciousness, it explains how we can be born dead yet be self aware at the same time.

If you grasp what I am saying then you will understand why artificial intelligence is absolutely possible, because in a physical way that is exactly what we are.

We are not real life, it would be more accurate to describe ourselves, and all biological life for that matter, as being artificial.

Consciousness is like a reflection in a mirror, it is the culmination of physical process.

A reflection is not factual it is an illusion, we perceive it as being real, the image itself has no substance it is merely the summation of physical processes working in unison.

Awareness is the same as a reflection it is the summation of a number of process, electrical, chemical, biological, etc..Etc..

These process are being collated, or coalescing, in a substance that the bible describes as our soul life, this is sort of the mirror we are reflected in, this substance is made of the substance of everything in our universe, we think of it as the substance of space time and perceive it to be reality.

Our awareness itself is not real, it is an effect, one which is produced by the coalescing of electrical and bio-chemical reactions in a physical substance the bible calls the breath of life.

The idea that we are alive and not dead, and our belief in it, is exactly what is wrong with this screwed up world, it is why our reality seems to be collapsing and we are experiencing such dramatic upheaval.

Belief in the lie of life before or after death is the fundamental cause of all the problems we are seeing manifested in our reality today, and the main support for these lies comes from religion and science not God.

That is why I have written so much here it is vital that people understand their true state of existence and believe it.

We are going to be forced into something we will regret if we do not put off the lie that simply because we are self aware than we are somehow alive, have always been alive, and will always be alive.

It is of the highest need that we put on the truth of God and understand we are literally born dead, we must learn to believe this great truth, because of how reality works, not just for our own personal sake, but for the sake of the continuation of all things material.

We only perceive and experience, we think we are real, but what is in fact real is the greater reality not our temporal physical reality, nothing of this temporal reality actually exists in the eternal, anymore than an idea actually exists in the physical, it is all dead even consciousness itself.

It is like the matrix only with physicality, the difference of course is we can't take a pill and wake up to more physicality, it would only be another illusion, merely a new matrix for us to exhaust ourselves in one by one.

Consciousness does not constitute life as it should be defined, we are artificial life, we are in truth not alive at all.

As long as we continue to believe we are alive and refuse to believe the truth, we are being manipulated because of and by our own beliefs; we are differing to ego instead of our true selves, our reality is being constructed for us.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 02:35 PM

Religion is an invention of a creature which lives in a higher dimensional state known as a Ruwach, which in more common language is a race of angelic beings.

What the heck is Ruwach? I've never heard that word and I've studied many ancient texts. Care to share the source for that? I'd be interested in learning what your source has to say, but I get that suspicious feeling that this is not anything that has any founding in reality.


posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 05:44 AM

Originally posted by TheRandom1

What the heck is Ruwach? I've never heard that word and I've studied many ancient texts. Care to share the source for that? I'd be interested in learning what your source has to say, but I get that suspicious feeling that this is not anything that has any founding in reality.


I don't know if you speak in tongues or not, but if you do then you will understand that angels have language as we do, only they don't need symbols or written language they have preserved true language, or first form language.

1Co 13:1 a

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels


Ruwach is an old spoken Hebrew word which has it root in one of the angelic languages, it means roughly "linked" or "connected in exchange."

It was used by the angels that had a lineage called the order of Melchizedek which was a particular line of Melek ( angels ) sometimes translated kings.

Moloch was a Melek of the order of Melchizedek.

Moloch is the head of the sabir, or the watchers as we call them now, who marked the line of Cain.

These creatures were chosen to be emissaries of peace from the kingdom of God, between the sons of God of the eternal, both celestial and terrestrial, and the sons and daughters of men on earth.

Our history is one of devolution, of constant rise and fall.

In our distant past we communicated in a higher way, in the same manner angels presently do, we could link ourselves telepathically so to speak.

Telepathy is the best word we have to explain this, but it is a poor way of looking at how this particular form of communication is accomplished because it is more on the level of an exchange of goods, ideas aren't just impressed upon the mind they are imparted in energy form.

In fact a similar word developed in the written Hebrew language ( rkush ) is sometimes translated goods or substance, and it may have developed from the original spoken word Ruwach.

If you understand speaking in tongues then you can understand the kind of linking that I am trying to explain, this is a higher order of communication that a Ruwach is able to do.

But all of that aside what I had hoped for when I began this thread, is for people to tell me if they agree or disagree, and explain why that is the case so we could talk about the idea that we are in reality dead, a form of artificial life, not actually alive at all.

Tell me what do you think about that idea and why, so we can have a conversation about the conspiracy.

The sabir and their human ego slaves called the seed of ebyah, are manipulating our reality by controlling the ideas we receive, impart, or can be exposed to, this is shaping our beliefs which directs and controls the present world, that is the reality we are presently experiencing.

Everyone here wants to know the truth and deny ignorance or so the motto says anyway.

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 06:02 AM
Hey man the mods are the "Ruwachs" here so if they see your post fit for BTS then that is what it is.

As for the thread, you choose what you want to believe. It is an opinion that you have stated and not a fact. I read through your post and by the looks of it you have some explaining to do.

Do you have any proof to back-up your statements? Or is it just that you consider yourself a philosopher that you come here and tell us what we believe is not real.

You cannot be born dead because that would mean your thought form is adead as well. By the looks of it I would say that my thoughts are functioning pretty well. Being born dead would mean changing the word dead and alive, which then would be the opposite. Dead is just a meaning that the person has stopped breathing, the heart stopped and the person has left the world.

What we are perceiving is this life now. We are alive right here and now. It does not matter if we are dead in the past life. We worry about it when we are able to perceive it. Since we are not able to grasp that concept of the next life we are alive in this one.

So I respectively disagree with your statements.

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 07:29 AM
If we are already alive then why do we need to look to God to give us life in the first place?

It is vital for several reasons that we recognize and fully believe our true state, not the least of which is the idea that we must first admit to what we are not and can never be, before we can even begin to see what we are and can be.

It is not enough to mentally accent to the truth of what I am saying, we must become convinced of what is factually real not what we feel is perceptually real.

In my view If we were alive in a true sense, then artificial life should not be possible.

But it is possible, this is proven.

We are fully aware of ourselves, we know what we are in our body and soul, that our life is material life only and in full, nothing more.

We are completely animated by physical process alone, there is nothing of God in us, this is our nature, it is how we are born.

We are in fact a kind of bio-logical artificial life, and we know it, this is evident in the reality that we are presently looking to ourselves as examples to use to physically replicate consciousness, to produce artificial life in our own image.

If we did not know or think that we ourselves were a kind of artificial life, then why would we use ourselves as examples to make artificial life?

We know what we are, literally nothing, but so far collectively we choose not to believe that factual reality, do you understand my argument?

If we believe artificial intelligence, conscious physical temporal life, is possible to replicate, then we know and are fully aware that that is exactly what we are, and we will physically prove it to be correct at some point.

If a person is not convinced of their true state, they will be compelled to either think themselves to be alive as God who has always been when there is noting of God in them, in spite of the physical evidence which will be confronting us, or they will become convinced no God exists, there is no possibility of neutrality in this scenario.

Two false choices one truth.

If we allow the heat of such a fierce lie to ignite and burn on these two fronts unabated, it is going to consume our collective consciousness, it will become blinding in the extreme, branding the majority of us with a hot iron rod, even to the point that there will be no need left to pray for most of us.

The end, the conspiracy of religion and science wins, we loose.

All of this I am telling you is tied into how reality works, and I mean in a literal sense, not in a philosophical, religious, or intellectual kind of way, but in the true context of universal abiding laws.

There are people like myself who for whatever reason I don't know for sure, at a very early age determine to make experiencing the things of God more important than most can understand, it means more to us than our own survival, it means everything.

Normally we find ourselves first in whatever religion happens to have a net out fishing in the area where we grow up, perhaps because when we are young we naively think that we might find God in religion.

But still in our souls there is a crying that drives us forward, not to simply learn and know of the things of the Spirit, but to handle them, to touch them with our hands, to taste and to eat them with our mouths, for our own sakes, for peace.

We understand without thought that wisdom is the key, and knowledge of itself is empty, the power must be real, it must be wielded toward the sun.

At a time and at a point we come face to face in our body with the impossible thing, it takes on form and confronts us in a fight to the death, as we instinctively in the deepest part of us, knew it would do all along.

We are those who have no religion only faith alone, we don't knock for the door to open, we beat it down.

When a man realizes the law which makes all things material possible and exercises it, manifesting spiritual power altering reality performing a miracle, at that moment he is as Job in his restoration, he knows the truth of God not solely by the hearing of the ear but with the seeing of the eye.

I'm not a scientist so my language is not sufficient to explain properly the laws which govern reality, but I have worked them, and do understand that they have no regard for a mans intentions.

When you hold the power in your hands you can say in your heart only one thing, but it can go two ways, toward God or toward false self.

Most people I have known who have stood on the edge of that cliff say it in their own favor, "nevertheless not thy will but my will be done."

The spirit is indeed willing but the flesh is weak.

If we are in fact only awareness and not life as it should be understood to exist, then we must recognize that truth to be true in our faith, if we do not or will not then we are differing to our ego above our true self, which ultimately means we are being manipulated toward illusionary ends.

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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 09:39 AM
I thought I would give this thread one more shot to see if anyone is interested in talking about this conspiracy of religion and science.

The thing I realized is I need to explain how it is possible so people can get their heads around it or at least if they want to understand how it is possible then that is what I should point out.

When it comes to written words I use to many so I did a brief youtube and that is what I am posting so you can here me explain some details about reality and how it works so you can see why and how I think it is possible for a conspiracy of religion and science to exist.

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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 03:55 PM

Originally posted by newday
If we are already alive then why do we need to look to God to give us life in the first place?

I think the obvious answer is that you will die. And the fact is if you want to live you need a savior. With this life you can live only so long. But God and Jesus teach and preach a eternal life to which you will never taste death.

God and Jesus are out their. But you are right to say that there are conspiracies in religion and its not just Christianity its all religion. And the ones on control of the major religions don't know what they do but teach what they were tot outside the bible. Most people in a religion Mormonism, Catholics and others will tell you its better to have what God wants. But then when it comes to breaking from their church then they go against the bible or God's teaching through experience. And that's where conspiracies come from those people that grow up in church and teach what the church teach not realizing that maybe they should pic up the bible and study for themselves. God bless and go in his spirit.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 05:44 PM
I call this the difference between the Religion OF Jesus, and the religion ABOUT Jesus.

Here's the deal, and I do think it is the biggest conspiracy. And it's not just about religion, it's about anything which is "good".

The religion of Jesus would be following what Jesus actually says to do. The religion about Jesus puts his image up on a cross, and then people do whatever the leaders tell them to do.

For example, look at GWB. How many times do we hear "He's a christian, he must be good?". He uses religion as a way of leading people into wars and such, and gains support from them. At the same time, they are doing exactly the opposite of what Jesus says. These people think they can worship his image, do anything they want and still get into heaven. Such is a lie. And even more odd, Jesus even says it will happen.

Those who belong to the religion of Jesus do not follow such paths. They see the actions being taken and know they are wrong. They understand what's been said and why, so they don't just follow the symbolism blindly.

And this is done in politics too. Look at the people who will wave the flag. They are called patriots. But if you actually stand up for the constitution, and the things that made this country what is is, then you are shunned and called anti-american. If you were against something like the Iraq war and the Patriot Act, you were called all kinds of names. Once again people were manipulated by symbols into doing anything wanted.

This is how it works. Always. Those who do wrong things will hide themselves behind symbols. The higher someone holds that symbol, the more I worry about them.

That is what I call to worship false idols. The cross, the image of Jesus, the flag etc. Under them are good things, but those things are ignored and repressed, while the image is held up high for all to worship.

As for life and death. They aren't real in the sense of if they are the beginning and end of existence. They simply mark transitions in consciousness.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 11:38 PM
To be honest Badm I agree with you. And your right Jesus did say it would happen. But I think you should also remember even if you are really saved that does not mean you wont sin. God says thier is no one without sin. We all sin, we all make mistakes. But is'nt that what asking forgiveness was made for???? Thats what praying and talking to God is made for. God will take care of the fakes and the antichrist that are out their. Christian jobs on earth is to be as good as we can and let God show us where to go. And be a soldier of Christ. More important preach save souls in the name of God and Jesus.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 07:23 AM
Slymattb and badmedia,

Thank you guys for posting, I am so glad someone out there wants to talk about these things.

I'm just using youtube to explain things more so here is another vid I did this morning explaining more.

True state, true self


posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 09:38 PM

Originally posted by slymattb
To be honest Badm I agree with you. And your right Jesus did say it would happen. But I think you should also remember even if you are really saved that does not mean you wont sin. God says thier is no one without sin. We all sin, we all make mistakes. But is'nt that what asking forgiveness was made for???? Thats what praying and talking to God is made for. God will take care of the fakes and the antichrist that are out their. Christian jobs on earth is to be as good as we can and let God show us where to go. And be a soldier of Christ. More important preach save souls in the name of God and Jesus.

I do nothing in the name of Jesus. I do it in the name of the truth and what is right. I only mention the name of Jesus because it's in our culture and an easy reference. If I were in some other place, I'd likely be talking in the "name" of another.

I learned what I know outside of religion. I have never considered myself a christian, or even believed anything the bible said until recently. When I came across and learned certain truths for myself. It was only after the fact when I seen the things I learned repeated in the words of Jesus that I understood what I do today about the manipulations.

I even found what happened to me was in the bible in John 14. But when I learned the truth, the name Jesus or any other name was ever given to me. I was just shown the truth. I believe Jesus spoke the truth, but he is not the only one.

So I don't know how much we agree. I know often times regular Christians see me talking about Jesus in good ways and agree with me for that reason alone. When I start talking about the actual truth and what is said, often times they do not like what I say. If we have the same understanding is another story.

For example, you say soldier of Christ. If by that you mean go around with force attacking anyone who isn't a Christian, then no I most certainly am not. I would be completely against that, and people who do that. If by that you means someone who tries to help people see the truth behind the image of Jesus, then yes.

I believe in following his example, I will never worship the symbolism itself or his image.

As for everyone being perfect. Perfection is not needed. It's our imperfections that make us unique. It's not about being perfect, it's about knowing how to live and let live, rather than destroy and control. We came here to learn the difference between good and evil. We were put here on earth away from everything else in a world foaming with evil to learn what it meant to be good or evil. In the same way you need to experience both hot and cold to understand them. I live by 1 universal law, of which many other laws can be founded. I do not infringe on the free will of another being. You can easily get laws against things like theft, murder etc. But that is the basic philosophy behind the laws.

So I do nothing in their name. You could prove to me Jesus was nothing more than a fairy tale, and it wouldn't change my beliefs. Read Matthew 7 for a good description of why(It's better when you read an entire chapter, rather than just 1 verse here and there taken out of context).

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 07:51 AM
I don't have much time so I am just posting my youtube stuff to help explain things.

When I come back in a day or two I will give you some written reply.

But you can see from the opening of the thread that I have a bad habit of writing to much.

Here is the vid I made today.

Ego and why we don't admit that we know


posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 03:39 PM
Horrible mistakes can teach a wonderfull lesson. The very fact that in the infinite pissiblitys of reality that THIS here around us even exists is proof of some resonance or design. In this design we can easiliy see (if we choose to) how our actions effect and cascade through time.

Its not the perfection of the physical that is important. Its your desire and intentions towards life. If you have a pure/holy spirit in your desires for knowledge and wisdom then not only shall you seek it in your desire but you will hold on to every crumb not just for your sake but for others.

There are people out there dispensing wisdom to help you avoid pain. if you have no ability to decern what is pure/holy then you can not have faith in it. You cannot learn from things that you have no faith in. In that lack of faith there is no desire for implimentation of that wisdom into your own life.

With my pure desire i can see it in others and in the way they speak. From that prespective it is easy to see and have faith in those words and by doing so avoid pain of consequence. i have chosen to read everything and allow these trillions to become my one and that pure intention to guide me.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 12:50 PM
Another short vid explaining why religion is so successful

Re: time


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