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What are your Experiences?

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 07:37 AM
If this is in the wrong place please forgive me I'm still somewhat new and still figuring things out.
I'm interested in hearing everyones experiences as well as feed back on mine, this I hope will help me figure thngs out a little. These are my experiences in order from my first when I was 12.

1. Woke up and Cross upside down over my bed (around 12), was into heavy metal at the time and owned the Black Bible, not sure why!
2. U.F.O. 1995, traveling north on I-95 in Kittery Maine, traveling with two passengers, passenger in back seat and I both saw a light traveling left to right heading south slowly and then in a split second it did a 45° shot backwards and was gone. We just looked at each other and said “Did you see that”?
3. Angels, (after my father died) Male and Female showed up at foot of bed and told me everything is going to be alright, as well told me I was going to vista way (Months later moved to Vail AZ and lived with an Aunt who just bought a house on Sterling Vistas Way)
4. U.F.O. 2004, While in AZ, night time and on the phone looking west over the mountains I saw a few lights (Kind of playing tag with each other). Just then my mother came out for a cigarette and she saw it as well, so we told my Aunt and Uncle to come out. We all watched and then fighter planes were deployed from Davis Monthan AFB, the hole sky lit up with at least 10-12 of these U.F.O’s and fighters.
5. Shadow person 2005, woke up at night and could not talk, move etc. Black figure in a cloak standing over me with its hand on my chest. I could only make a moaning/grunting type noise which woke my gf with and then she shook me until this thing disappeared and I was able to move/talk again.
6. Speaking foreign language while asleep, on several occasions my gf says that I speak what sounds like Russian and once which I woke up and heard part of sounded like some kind of Asian. She tries to record it but every time she clicks record it makes a slight beep and I stop talking but don’t wake up.
7. Slider, Street light Phenomenon. Noticed when I was younger but didn’t pay attention until I was working at 4am and quiet often the same light would go off when I traveled under it (Didn’t matter what time). Had the T.V. (new), laptop, work truck, my car, gf car, all turn off on me, all around the same few weeks.
8. Shadow person 2007, woke up again with a black figure standing over me, same as first time.
9. Da-ja-vue many times, first time was when I was a kid and we were at Gettysburg.
10. Dream, Alien’s. I had a dream where three invisible beings (only see squiggle outline) visited me and I said something smart ass to them in which they held me down and one reached over and injected me in the arm with something. Weird thing is when I woke up my arm hurt and felt a small lump where they injected me, was sore for a week. As well when I told my brother a week later he said him and a close friend from the military both had a similar dream the same night.
11. Dreams, are they another dimension? Had a dream where I was talking with a friend from college which I hadn’t seen in 2 ½ years and then the next day I got my to date, first and last email from her.
12. vivid dream with something to do with Star gate 5150, hence my screen name.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 08:24 AM
Wow that's hectic if it's all true, not saying it isn't. Too be honest i've never seen a UFO or anything like you said.

I have a question though, when that thing in the black cloak paralyzes you, (i've heard about this thing before) does your head spin out of control like rapidly with a little pain and you must force yourself awake because you think something is attacking your brain but you can't move or talk and it takes awhile to fight back awake..? I get that sometimes just before a dream, ie: fall asleep.

* and no not the head spinning from drinking, big difference. I havn't drank alcohol in a long time and I don't do drugs.

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 08:35 AM
I personally have never seen anything that could not be explained with a little effort. I am still waiting the day to be proven wrong, but so far nothing has:

1. While I do acknowledge UFO's, however I limit them to simply "Unidentified".

2: Been in 3 or 4 "Haunted" houses, never had the experiences that my friends have had (don't get me wrong i'm not such a hard lined skeptic that I wasnt hoping to see something, and it was definately scary, however nothing ever came up that couldnt be explained.)

3: Don't even get me started on mainstream religion and how ridiculous the whole concept is, that's a debate for an entirely different thread.

So as you can see I will remain a skeptic until my 5 senses prove me wrong. How can I be so skeptical you ask? From age 1-7 I had a number of disappointing revelations: Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. The world isn't exactly setting me up to beleive in many supernatural things. From that point on nothing with a supernaturall nature has EVER been proven to be supernatural. Take James Randi for example, he offers $1 million to ANYONE who can prove, under scientific scrutiny, supernatural powers. No one has claimed the prize though many have tried. So you can see that the odds are tremendously stacked against anything of a supernatural nature. Ancient civilizations used the supernatural to explain things they did not understand. Let us not devolve back into this beleif system. Question everything.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 09:21 AM
hey shoeshiner;
With the shadow person I have never had any spinning effect in my head while paralyzed. It’s weird I feel awake, I can see and blink and that’s it, I can’t speak or move just a moan/grunt until I wake my gf and she shakes me out of it. The only thing going through my head is “What the BLEEP is this” and scared as hell the first time. I don’t know what this is but I don’t think it wishes me any harm.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 10:05 AM
I have always remained a skeptic about most things. Here are a few experiences even i can't explain.

1. When I was 14 we lived in a house with a HUGE attic. somehow the previous owner had figured out how to get a desk up there. The desk was an old one with legspace on the left and drawers (2 of which were open) on the right. it was missing the leg on the front right side which made it lean forward. We had a chair pushed off to the side. I had a pair of sneakers thrown next to some old newspapers about 5 feet away from the desk. One day, when I was alone in the house, I was looking for something ( I don't remember what it was) and decided to check the attic. I looked for about 30 minutes and couldn't find it. I continued my search downstairs for 10 minutes when I realized that I didn't check the drawers in the desk. So I went back into the attic. When I got there, the desk was sitting as if it had all 4 legs. The drawers were pushed in and locked. The chair was pushed under the desk with my sneakers tied up and neatly placed on it. One of the newspapers from the stacks was unwrapped and laid out on the desk with a headline of a murder in 1968.

2. 2001 - I was in the USAF stationed at F.E. Warren A.F.B. One night while watching TV at 3am in the common area (dayroom) I kept seeing the boot of someone walking around the corner to the hall. Each time I got up to check it out, there was no one there and no doors were closing (they all had the arms at the top to stop them from slamming)

3. 2001 - As I was laying in my bed at the barracks in F.E. Warren, I was facing the window. Logically the cold air would come from the window. However, I felt a VERY cold draft on my back. I turned around to see a figure in black with blood red eyes and green pupils. I turned around back to the window for 3 seconds, turned back around and it was gone.

4. Just about everywhere I go there are electrical disturbances. Street lamps going out. Dropped calls. Car alarms going off with no reason. Lights flickering. I have tried figure out what the hell this is. I've asked several Pagans, they all say I have air affinity. A physicist told me I have a very odd EMF (electro-magnetic field) around me that fluctuates all the time. I have a kind of a sixth sense, and can sense people around me.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by Stargate5150

Thanks for answering
I hope to find out more about this thing I seldom get.. I have read' people saying they have this thing you get that has a black cloak paralyze them and stuff for awhile aswell as taunt them.. I wonder why I never get these things, well it would freak me out so i'm glad I don't, for now.

Try getting a bullterrier and let it sleep in a round bed thing made for dogs next to your bed, they don't have much hair and a very loving dog that doesn't back away so maybe it's scared of fierce dogs and if times get tough with the economy and food turns gold you know you have one of the best dogs for protection you can ever get. Or any dog if you have one, try it...

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by Stargate5150

Wow Interesting stories, I can relate, especially with the paranormal stuff.

My grandparets had a farm that was from the 1700s in Rollingsforn NH I went to. I had the creeps from that palce felt bad presence there. My night light would get shut off , always felt like something was looking at me.

About number 8, you posted , I have a friend who this has happened to her whole life. She has had noises like evil sounds in her ear while she tries to fall asleep and she gets molested also, it holds her down and she cant move she says its like her body is asleep and her mind is fully awake and this is when the evil shadows come and try to "get " her.
She now has her dog with her and she says it does not happen anymore.
But she has waken up to her dog growling at nothing...

When I was a child I used to also wake up screaming because I felt like something was trying to get me and hold me down when I was sleeping, it was terrifing, it did stop. It did not happen to me till about a year ago I think something followed me to my home from my friends home I woke up and screamed and saw something over my head , I also had this buzzing electrical sensations from the entity or what ever it was spirit molestation. has not happened since.

I knew this girl whom lived in a house in South Berwick , it was built in 1600s, and was it haunted. We would Use an Ouija board at her house and in her bedroom we asked for a sign that a spirit was with us and her picture frame came flying off the wall and crashed into Peaces on the floor..

several years later that girl died in and automobile accident and several of my friends and I got together and supposedly contacted her on the Oujia
we still are not sure if it was her or another spirit..

I became involved to much in the OUIJA it would turn my hands purple and freezing cold in a warm room, I would start to trance out, this was very scary... The planchette would move on its own if I only had my hands near it it was like invisible magnetic static between my hands and the planchette moving it around...

I moved into a home house on Pine Hill rd in Ogunquit were 4 people were shot and murdered over some coc aine party in the 70s , it was called the murder house, I did not know it when I moved in and developed severe anxiety and could not sleep there ... later I found out there was a brutal slaying there and moved out right away.

The best thing though was most amazing was I saw two giant Angel Type beings flying next to each other above me they had there own golden glow and they were huge size of small planes and you could here the wings moving through the air , it happened in florida about 17 years ago.


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