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Why isn't there any proof of Aliens/UFOS ?

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 05:11 AM
i'm tired of ufology being based in possibilities, what ifs, hoaxes and no tangible proof at all. A month or two ago we had a big red flag with the Georgia Bigfoot discovery claim. Nothing but a hoax orchestrated by two frustrated cops who wanted to get some easy quick money without having to work for their own money like everyone else does, but people believed in them and despite being cheated they didnt learn their lesson.

Now here's a new hoaxer arriving at the scene, a frustrated and untalented aussie actress. Not having luck in the tv/movie world, Blossom tried to play us all for idiots with her questionable claims that she had contact with a federation of alien nations a la Star Trek.

Thing is everyone believed in her (me included) because we, humans beings, need to believe in something even if we know right from the start it's wrong. We need to know our origins, what's the meaning of life, who created us, etc, so we believe in everything presented in front of us even without proof.

I feel frustrated, sad and i'm thinking about leaving the forums where i'm registered in because in so many years my interest in the subject met nothing more than hearsay, crazy stories, hoaxes like this one. predictions and all the bull# we are feed upon

there's no 2012

there's no rapture

there's no second coming of christ, end of the world

the bible is bull#

there's no greys, reptiles, no NWO, no conspiracies

there are no Alien UFOS (although i believe there are some US Army secret weapon projects)

there's only a NEED, a human need to understand us and our mission, to understand why were we provided with superior intelect, with emotions, with abilities that other animals dont have.

i'm on the verge of stop believing

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 05:15 AM

Originally posted by Picollo30
there's no 2012

there's no rapture

there's no second coming of christ

there's no greys, reptiles, no NWO

there are no Alien UFOS (although i believe there are some US Army secret weapon projects)

i'm on the verge of stop believing

Have you considered a possibility that this is exactly how they want you to react?

Have you considered a possibility that the last day's events were to discourage people like us to believe in the existence of extra terrestrial life?

Have you considered a possibility that this could be a part of their (NWO/shadow government/etc) plan?

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 05:32 AM
mate this blossom good# was just the tip of the iceberg. Ufology is in serious NEED of PROOF. So far we have nothing. What do we have? Only a few pics here and there (many of them Photoshopped) and some videos (most of them CGI).

For me seeing is believing

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 05:36 AM
reply to post by Picollo30

I think it depends on what you consider to be 'proof'.

There must be countless stories, photo's and videos on this subject going back decades if not centuries. Granted a lot of them are fakes or dubious at best. However, consider this, can so many people be liars or delusional? It's the same for ghosts/paranormal activity. There's so much 'proof' that it begs belief! Just because it's not officially declared real/true on national tv doesn't mean it aint real. Unfortunately that is what it would take for the majority of people to finally accept UFO and paranormal phenomena, IF IT IS REAL.

Personally, i believe in 'an extraterrestrial race(s) of beings' since i have seen a 'spacecraft' (UFO) with my own eyes. Untill someone can convince me that what i saw (in broad daylight) was something else eg military experiment, with undeniable evidence. I Believe.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 05:56 AM
Honestly man.. just keep reading...
I had been building up proof my entire life, I just didn't know it..
It's those little strange things that happen where you just kind of shrug off and think "meh, whatever".. then I found ATS, and someone mentions something that reminds me of something familiar that happened when I was younger and POOF! It all makes sense ....
That kind of stuff is my proof, and I think it's the strongest proof, which is why I don't really try to go off ufo videos... why do we need them? Of course they exist.... just accept it and leave it at that... go on with your life, and try to make the best of it.
Just because you don't have tangible proof of something, don't discount its existence...

Edit: But yeah, for what it's worth.. i've seen some crazy lights in the sky that I couldn't explain.. but hey man.. just be patient.. something will happen that'll turn your paranormal faith back
edit2: although that tether video is pretty awesome

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 05:56 AM
The trouble with UFO's and Aliens is that anyone who is in contact with them , and there are lots out there, say that the 'aliens' don't want proof to be released to the public or it's against regulations of their cutlure or some other BS, like that.
If anyone gets a contact with an alien and they say " we bring tidings and a message for all mankind" , say in return
" I can't give your message unless you allow me to prove that it was you who gave me a message, People will not believe anything anyone says anymore , without proof there is no message, only words in the wind"

It would be like me say to everyone on ATS " I will give you $100 " in an oral contract ( I'm not by the way before you all get excited) then saying but to earn it you have to spread my word to the world, then when you've spread the word , I then reneg on actually paying.
Its like buying a picture of a television , handing over $500 then walking off with a picture and a promise for delivery from a guy in the back of a truck who promises to "come back tomorrow" .
The aliens are all good and forward when it comes to saying " spread the word" but lousy at coming through with the goods.
IF we as a contactee 'demand' or recommend that we have some proof from them then maybe the aliens will actually think " hang on , our message isn't going out far enough, and those that try to spread the word are laughed at and ridiculed and he message is lost" .
If they allowed some proof, like a picture or small piece of insignificant technology ( like a calculator or wristwatch is insignificant to us these days) then maybe the rest of those that 'disbelieve' or 'are on the fence' would actually think about welcoming the visitors and then maybe we as a race could actually get on with adjusting the way we think , the way we work, the way we play to something the aliens could appreciate.
But then again even if a lot of people had any kind of proof there would be people who cry "OMG fake, or photoshopped" because their beliefs are so fixed that they are scared to believe in anything different.

I for one belive, I have seen a UFO (years ago when I was younger) and I long for a contact and was hoping ( a small part was hoping) for the Oct 14th to have at least a surprise. And I still want to believe, but if I got 'contacted' I would have to say "Give me proof, if the word doesn't get listened to" and the if aliens decided not to give proof , then by all means keep in contact with them but don't spread the word, after all they are not the ones getting laughed at , are they?
and if they are not willing to supply proof that would allow humanity to 'change' then you may still have no choice but to look after yourself in this 'unchanging' world. We all want to better ourselves but at what cost. Losing your job? your family? your life?. how far would you goto spread the word of a being selfish enough to ask you to speak on their behalf but not have the decency to allow you to back up the words.?

Its like a cop shouting "Bang , Bang" at criminals whilst pointing his finger at them, He ain't going to be able to arrest them without the gun to stop them. The criminals will just laugh at them and run away.
Aliens are all PEE and wind, nothing SOLID.....

BACK IT UP or BACK DA *snip* UP.....

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 06:11 AM
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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 06:18 AM
Actually I totally understand where your coming from... You would think by now some sort of Hard Proof would have come out.. About 3-4 years ago I was in the same place you are now.. However my ONE beacon of truth is the STS-48 Video.. To me that's the best evidence so far. The Tether video is also very compelling..

*Just remember to keep the wait and see attitude.. It's always better than getting your hopes up on any one thing..

*Another silver lining for the future is the :Cell Phones. Most have camera's and more more have Video knowadays.. I think somebody will get some very good footage sooner ot later with this modern help.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 06:19 AM
You don't have to believe in the reality of UFOs like it's some sort of religion, there are many classic cases that imo have sufficient proof to show there have been in the past visitations by technologically sophisticated beings.

For me its only this collection of solid cases that has convinced me, although I have hoped many recent cases show an ongoing contact they have all dissapointed me. Anything 1990+ imo is tainted goods!

1. Lonnie Zamora sighting; policeman encounters(int1,int2) landed UFO with occupants 1964 Socorro New Mexico.

2. Frederich Valentich dissapearance Pilot abducted by "not an aircraft" (Official 1,2,3)

3. Tehran 1976 UFO interception. Vid (3mins) 1 2.

4. JAL 1628 1986 encounter with crew of 747. 1, 2,vid

5. Little Rissington, 2 pilots encounter 3 disks 1950s.

6. Belgium Triangle wave. Numerous unambiguous cases inc, air interception, 3 policemen vid (43mins).

7. Colares 1977 unambiguous clustered cases. Wiki and Vids.

8. Kaikoura Lights 1978. Lights observed by large plane crew + radar. Also here, vid (28mins)

9. Phoenix Lights 97. 2 seperate complex cases, earlier cases include numerous reports of large black triangle, ignore flare drops later for brevity.

10. Rendlesham Forest UFO Vid describes case spans 2 days, 1st day some chaps observe craft on ground (1 touches it), 2nd day some more chaps observe craft(s) above emmiting lasers.

11. Good 'ole Kenneth Arnold Multiple solid objects.

12. Washington 1952 Flap numerous observations/interceptions/radar contacts.

13. Kecksburg crash 1965 and long vid. Nice crash, military presence and retrieval observed - better (less bullsh*t) than roswell.

14. Battle of LA 1942, observed, radar tracked, 1400 AAA rounds expended.

The truth is out there, you just have to read it!

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 06:31 AM

Originally posted by Picollo30
Thing is everyone believed in her (me included) because we, humans beings, need to believe in something even if we know right from the start it's wrong. We need to know our origins, what's the meaning of life, who created us, etc, so we believe in everything presented in front of us even without proof.

I think you need to redefine "everyone". There were just as many people here that simply did not believe a shred of it, however, when they voiced their opinions they were told to be quite, to stop being so narrow minded or to give Blossom Crazychild the benefit of the doubt.

Some days it felt like the people shouting fraud were part of a leper colony.

I think it's fine to believe, but we always run into problems with rationality when people have a need to believe!

Don't give up your interest in the topic, learn from the negative experiences, learn to identify them so they don't ensnare you next time... grow from it but don't give up your interest or the search for the truth because of some 2 bit charlatan.


posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 06:40 AM
reply to post by stringue

Stringe-thats an excellent post featuring some convincing evidence and sworn eyewitness testimony.

Picollo although I agree with your sentiments about the other subjects,I disgaree with your conclusions about UFOs.
Whilst its fair to say there is no unequivocable 'proof' in the public domain,there does exist a great deal of objective,unimpartial evidence:

The French government´s quite comprehensive Cometa report ..
...and some very interesting ´anomalous aerial phenomena´accounts from highly trained military/civilian aviation professionals.
Also,there is the huge body of work that John Greenewald Junior has collated at where he has amassed thousands of authenticated UFO/OVNI documents which quite clearly show the subject is taken extremely seriously by many of the world´s governments -some documents are quite open in speculating that UFOs are ´intelligently controlled,structured craft´.
Theres also some quite interesting circumstantial evidence in the form of sworn eyewitness testimony from credible,high ranking military officials,government scientists/academics....
...and some ´quite difficult to explain away´ radar/sonar evidence where unknown objects have been captured,plotted and visualy corellated travelling at unheard of speeds (10,000 mph+)
-some objects have been plotted displaying completely unprecedented flight characteristics and aerial manouverability such as executing right angle turns without slowing down or performing immediate stops from very high speed.
Richard Dolan:
There also exists cases of ground trace UFO evidence where the physical environment has been altered in some way and countless examples
of video/photographic evidence....although its fair to say a percentage of these are hoaxes/misidents.
There are also some very revealing UFO quotes made by prominent scientists,academics,politicians,generals etc.. from organisations such as NASA,NORAD,NATO etc.. but some do remain unsubstantiated:

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 07:15 AM
reply to post by Spooky Fox Mulder

And have you considered the possibility that you might be delusional? That these conspiracy theories are toys for people who really need to believe in something...

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 07:48 AM
Not having absolute undeniable proof does not mean that there are no aliens.

It's rather foolish to think that we are alone in this universe.

As for the goverments wanting us to belive that there are no aliens visiting earth... well information has always been the weapon of choice, information, wrong information, half truth, all serves it's purpose.

I do belive that there is other intelligent life out there in the universe.
what i don't belive is that earth is sort of a hotspot for any alien race out there looking for some fun, sience experiments, or just for teasing the locals.

Sure there are things that can not be explained. even i have seen strange objects behaving the way nothing made on earth behaves.

My best guess is that about 5% - 10% of all the UFO sightings reported are real. (perhaps even less)

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 08:22 AM
Hold on a minute, not all of us were taken in by this Blossom bull. The alarm bells should have been ringing as soon as you heard she was channelling, plus that fact there was money involved.

You are right on some points though.

Nothing will happen in 2012

There is no rapture.

There's no second coming of christ, end of the world.

And the Bible is bull.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 08:35 AM
It is earthlings who is not ready yet. We are still into animals cruelty, corruptions, frauds, greeds, racism, wars and we earthlings had not even figured out how to devoid the laws of gravity, except using fire in our shuttle which is pretty lame IMHO!.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 08:41 AM
reply to post by Picollo30

I can assure you ET's are real and they are here but don't take my word for it believe whatever you believe.

Here are some thoughts I will just cut and paste from another post.

" First of all the ET's will never show up in a ship to show the world were not alone. It will never work that way because the ET's have been here forever and most are in spirit form they are pure energy and do not need physical bodies to remain on this planet. They change bodies like we do clothes and can occupy just about any physical body or form we have on this planet. Most ET's seen are not ET's but technology drones, robots, programs used by ET's to physically operate in our 3D world. That is why most are not very attractive.

I've known this a long time along with few others, there will never be a disclosure to the world ever. Sorry to disappoint you--
The only disclosure that will ever come will come individually to a very few people on this planet who are ready for it, those with a unique purpose for physical or spirtual contact and most will not even be allowed to remember all of their contact experiences only a few and for various unique reasons. It's always been that way and always will be, this earth is not all that you think and there is a purpose why we are not allowed to remember past lives and where we really come from as individual souls.
There is a reason why we have not been truthfully told about life in the universe including all the ETs buzzing around and placing new souls in babies and taking those who move on.

Are you waiting for a giant ET ship to appear and show itself to the world? We can all dream about it but they could have shown themselves to the world every day of the week if they chose to, the truth is if you could only really see how many ships are continually and constantly flying through our skys you would be amazed, there are more ET ships buzzing in our atmosphere then we have planes. Many of the ETs do not need ships to buzz through the universe they do it in pure energy spirit form and go places by thought something most cannot comprehend in this 3D world because it's physical not spiritual unless of course your given a tour of the other side.

The physical ships that do exist and buzz our planet though are unique, you can't see or hear them because they do not want you to and the human brain is not hard for them to manipulate, a simple signal sent to our human brain from them can change our entire perception of reality and the way we view this 3D world. Most so called UFO's we see are not theirs but ours, ET has allowed us to have very minimal knowledge and part of this technology. If an ET ship is ever seen by us they allowed you to see it period period period. You cannot get lucky or surprise them with a camera or video. There are no coincidences or mistakes made by them, they monitor everything and know everything taking place on this planet all the way down to your very personal thoughts.

Thought I would share this and get some of it off my chest. It's a free world so believe what you want. Cheers!"

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 08:54 AM

Originally posted by Too Paranoid to be Spooky
It is earthlings who is not ready yet. We are still into animals cruelty, corruptions, frauds, greeds, racism, wars and we earthlings had not even figured out how to devoid the laws of gravity, except using fire in our shuttle which is pretty lame IMHO!.

I agree with you there!

Also ask yourself this, why would life from out in the universe want to reveal themself's to us? What would be the point?

There MUST be a good reason IF there is life out there, for them not to reveal them selfs' to us!

I don't go for all that '' Well the goverment is hiding it, keeping it from the public'' If life from out in the universe wants to show them selfs to us they would nobother. They wouldn't need ''permission''!

We need to get our own S**t togeather before we start meeting Aliens!

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 09:26 AM
Of all the UFO footage, Battle of LA is my fave by far!

To OP, don't sweat it! When you see your first UFO the you will start believing.
Just remember UFO's are seen outside and not on the internet.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 09:54 AM
Just go outside and see the diversity that is life.
I can and has originated in countless place's. What do you want? A space being to prove to you life is special?
I need not desire something I cannot have or control.

Lets try to stop this self defecating need to find life outside of understanding. What ever happened to loving your family and being happy for just getting a chance?

If their were Aliens and they saw us differently, as beings of love and compassion they would probaly join us. Just speculation but who wants to hang out with a corrupt drug addicted whore of violence? Not my cup of tea even if my actions in life define me as such

Today I saw a flock of geese in New York traversing the softball field behind my house. It was great to see them eating and flapping in happiness. I walked the field and they acted as if I was not there. LOL
Thats why I love life

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 12:26 PM
"Why isn't there any proof of Aliens/UFOS ?"

Because, as you might have noticed (but few want to acknowledge) there has never been solid "proof" as we desire it, of the enigma. Can it effect reality as we know it? Obviously, or we wouldnt be talking about it.

But does proof exist...CAN it exist? I would say no, at least not in the sense of what we can understand as "proof" now.

In a very big way, this enigma has shown itself to be elusive, even in cases where solid proof by all rights should exist.

But it does not.

This to me, as I have said for years, points to a non-physical phenomena. Thats not to say it's *can't* be physical when it wants to be. But in such form as we know it, even when it seems to be in a tangible it?

This we simply don't know. It's more then high time to cease the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH), because in all these years of modern UFOlogy, it has gotten us absolutely nowhere.

Start looking in other directions, more in the direction of paranormal phenomena, and I think you'll be VERY surprised.

I see a lot of talk about belief. Don't believe anything, either know it, or dont. Don't believe anything past your own direct experience. No photo, no video, no book. Look into this mystery with new eyes that don't wish so desperately to see spacemen.

I know if you do this, you WILL discover as I have, that there's far, far more to this then ETs (in fact you'll see the ETH is actually naive compared to the complexity of the UFO/alien issue). You'll see connective tissues to other phenomena that will undoubtedly surprise the hell out of you.

Just look. Question.

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