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Where your favorite web sites REALLY come from?

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 03:39 AM
It's really interesting to find out where your favorite sites are located. For example, I opened a command (DOS) window and typed the command:

What was interesting is that this particular site eventually led to a data center in Dallas, finally connecting to a host and when I googled, that host was actually located in Washington, DC!
(Of course, the joke in my avatar is just a coincidence, ha ha)
I'll be Darned!??
Happy Hunting.

(I wonder if this thread will be banned also? let's see)

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 04:18 AM
It's funny, after having posted on ATS for some time now, I've received quite a bit of traffic to my own website from government and military agencies. Nearly everything I post on here is hosted on my own webpage.

I just checked today and I've already got a hit this month from (Defense Intelligence Agency). Earlier this year I got a number of hits from (Australian Dept. of Defense).

It just proves to me agency folks visit ATS and subsequently check up on some of the people that post here.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 04:57 AM
Just use a firewall and set it's security at the highest level possible. You might need a real firewall not a Norton type thing. After you do that you will get a popup every time your requests contact a new address, so you type in and you will see that to access several other web addresses are contacted by your browser, one that always wants to be contacted is (or something very similar akamai technologies), this "service" is the intelligence people claiming to be a hosting compay that helps spread the load weight of the internet...basically everything we do online is already monitored heavily, just use a REAL firewall and set it up to show you each and every address your browser contacts and it will take you ages just to open one web address simply because so many other "agencies" need to "register" your moves. Try this and contact all these companies that think they have an automatic right to register everything you type into your browser. Basically everything is redirected to intel...always...wake up!
I did it but they never replied to my emails....if you have time you can deny them access and keep the scum away from your surfing habits but it is time consuming, I might build software that keeps these agencies away, it's not complicated.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 05:21 AM
edit: my post didnt make sense sorry its late/early

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 05:42 AM
You are going to get a majority of them going to Texas and Florida. Most places don't keep their servers in house, and instead co-locate them to other places where bandwidth has bigger pipelines and is more abundant/cheaper.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 06:03 AM
The interweb works in mysterious ways...but not too mysterious.
Sometimes you'll get funny stuff happening depending on the situation.
Take my home cable for example. Some sites I browse have little apps that identify where you are coming from and present custom information tailored to you based on your perceived geographical location(typically dating ads) and in my case, it thinks I'm in a town over 100 miles away.
Users coming from AOL used to always appear to come from IP addresses based in Virginia regardless of where they signed on from.
This is where people start talking about proxies and hiding your true location from the places you visit.
Likewise, you can augment a server's perceived location in many ways using redirects, frames and other such methods.
Another anomaly you may run into is finding that lots of companies appear to be located in Delaware...something about business registrations that I haven't bothered to really care about, but if you wanna register a business, Delaware seems to be the place.
Another thing to watch out for is the WHOIS contact information for domains and IP addresses.
One of my earliest ISP functions was performing domain registrations and modifications for clients. I remember a fair number of domains had either outdated or incorrect contact details. Seems that once a person registers their domain, there is little incentive to keep the contact details updated...even less so nowadays as everything is pretty much based on an email address, user ID and password. As much as ICANN and Internic hound domain owners, I would guess a decent fraction of domains and IP subnets still have incorrect contact information associated with them.
Often, the biggest hint about an IP address location is in the names of the routers.
My current IP address lists me as being 20 miles away.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 11:25 PM

Originally posted by Evasius
after having posted on ATS for some time ...I've received ... traffic to my own website from government and military agencies.

got a hit this month from (Defense Intelligence Agency). Earlier this year I got a number of hits from (Australian Dept. of Defense).

proves to me agency folks visit ATS and ...check up on some of the people that post here.

We all should be so lucky. Most of our intelligence folks are young and don't know as much as we do. The younger ones use the net, while the older ones use darpanet.

I think it's great if more and more intelligence operatives use ATS to find out the truth about what's happening around them. Remember, most of them only get news from the corporate media and from their higher-ups.

The folks who post good stuff at ATS deserve applause and stars and flags.

As a body politic, we must always help inform one another. Remember: good people are good people, and bad people are bad people. Good people can be willingly educated. It doesn't matter where they are.

Primarily, the only bad apples that matter are the interlocking directorates of the City of London/Fed/Bank of England/Bundesbank/Rockefeller/Thyssen/Vatican-Bank/Illuminati empire ... and they're not on ATS.

Keep the truth coming.

And, if there are any intelligence folks tuning in, please start at the back of my string with the most recent posts having to do with the financial destabilization of the United States in the same way the Gehlen Org destabilized the Soviet Union & Eastern Europe for the Fed/City of London/Bundesbank interlocking board of directors -- and the funding of al Queda and ALL the current terrorist groups by City of London/Rockefeller/Brown Bros-Harriman/Stephanson et all:

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