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Alert! Al-Qaeda-Taliban Alliance Plans To Take Over Pakistan!

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 12:50 PM
But the US has nothing to worry about attack wise because Pakistan has no delivery system right? Wrong. Note the range on these. In my opinion this is THE biggest threat we face .

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 01:30 PM

Originally posted by bluemooone2
But the US has nothing to worry about attack wise because Pakistan has no delivery system right? Wrong. Note the range on these. In my opinion this is THE biggest threat we face .

If Pakistan was really a threat,than why did China last week make a double nuclear deal with pakistan to build 2 more nuclear plants?

The truth is if it wasn't for China helping Pakistan to build it's nuclear infrastructure in first place,Pakistan wouldn't have any nukes today.Read up on Pakistan's nuclear history and its development.

And please don't tell me the chinese are undercover Islamic terrorists too???

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 06:28 PM
Hey Mike, may be you should have a look at this... This might support your theory.

Check this fishy website as well: nistan-indias-vietnam/


posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 07:14 PM
Wars eh,

Government need wars, so they can have the peoples support and power behind them. Wars is what get people into reactive mode, they will do anything, when they are in a moment of fear.

Second point, war makes money, Government needs the easy money.

Third point, who gives these terrorists such as the taliban/Al quaeida money, the CIA and the US government.

Fourth point whos going to fight these wars, created by the CIA/US?
The American people.

Last point, are you going to react to it and fight these wars?

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 04:51 AM

Originally posted by the_spark
Hey Mike, may be you should have a look at this... This might support your theory.

Hi spark!

The link you provided reproduced an article written in a Pakistani tabloid by the head of a terrorist organisation that is known for it's rabid anti India stance. His name is Prof Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, whose organization spawned the jihadist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, which was based in Pakistan before 9/11 and was transferred to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir after that. The Lashkar operates primarily in Indian administered Kashmir.

The numerous training camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir now train the Lashkar and jihadists of other terror organizations for terrorist activities not only in India but also Afghanistan and other parts of the world. Needless to say, these are being run by Pakistan's int agency, the ISI as well as the Army and the para military like the Rangers (Border guards). A number of retired officers and other ranks are on active duty here! (A nice way of rehabilitating retired personnel, what?)

So what this terrorist Md Hafiz says about India sending 150,000 troops to Afghanistan, is so comical and nonsensical that it needs to be treated with the contempt it deserves. This is downright claptrap being uttered by a terrorist who is known to shoot his mouth, especially against India.

And the insinuation that India has been tasked by the U.S to open another front against Pakistan on its North Western borders with 150,000 troops in exchange for signing the Indo-U.S nuclear deal, is twaddle of the highest order!

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by mikesingh

Oops.. A terrorist website??
I think open public provocation against a country is to be condemned. Why is this not taken serious?? I hope other secret services knows about these kind of websites.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 03:22 AM
This is the real guarantee of peace. Imagine a SA without Pakistani Nukes, a SA taken over by crazy Indians belonging to BJP? A crazy nation rules the region that even do not grant any civic / basic rights to their fellow (and yes, low-cast Dalit) Hindus?

Pakistan is paying the cost of keeping the BALANCE in shape.

Intensifying India-Israel Relationship is the real context, if you really want to study the Pakistan picture. Whenever there is incursions in Gaza, Pakistan becomes in the line of fire by Indian (media) cannons. Why? Shift the focus of world attention.

Two cunning peoples (India & Israel) are jointed, see the region and the world at large, won’t be able to live with peace.

posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 12:12 PM
The saga continues...

New York Times - U.S. Questions Pakistan's Will to Stop Taliban

Published: April 23, 2009

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — As the Taliban tightened their hold over newly won territory, Pakistani politicians and American officials on Thursday sharply questioned the government’s willingness to deal with the insurgents and the Pakistani military’s decision to remain on the sidelines.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 09:19 AM
reply to post by Naturally Smooth

So things are getting pretty bad in Pakistan, what with a lame duck government in place and an army that hesitates to act against the Taliban. It's a classic case of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds!

After all, it's the Pakistani army with the help of the notorious ISI that has spawned the Taliban and supporting it with arms, ammo and logistics. Where's the money coming from? America. Billions of tax payers dollars ($17 billion so far!) that is UNACCOUNTED for!! So where's the dough going? No prizes for guessing! Apart from the Taliban, the brass of the Pakistani army has siphoned off millions! And their pockets run pretty deep!

What they're doing now in the Dir district by killing a few terrorists is more or less a show for Obama. Remember, he insisted that Pakistan would be given monetary aid only if the Pak army shows something for it!

Perhaps Obama will now allow the gravy train into Pakistan, which needless to say, will be used to further fund the Taliban and fatten the already bloated pockets of the Pakistani army brass!

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 02:49 AM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


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