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This Oct. 14th event had more depth than most people realize

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posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 06:40 PM
I really hate to add another October 14th topic to the billions that already exist, but I'd like to offer my take on what the events up to now without being drowned out by 4,500+ replies. If a moderator thinks this in the wrong forum or needs to be closed, I still want to hear people's replies to my comments, so if it needs to be moved (maybe to The Gray Area, not sure), I won't object as long as people see can still read it, and if a moderator just closes the topic nevertheless and says for me to post this in the huge topic anyway, I'll adhere to said judgment.

No matter how you look at it, whether it was Blossom Goodchild's original intent or not, the hype for this event was orchestrated. I have talked to many people in anonymous chat rooms (I won't say where; take it with a grain of salt if you must) where they were discussing how to get the maximum enjoyment out of this prediction. Some people were saying they would upload random hoax UFO videos, others were saying they would post on as many forums as they could, and others still were doing as much name-calling to both sides as possible.

The message of this event was basically "peace, happiness, and love," yet if you look at what has transpired, the exact opposite has occurred.

Users everywhere of all ages have been warring with one another about whether it would happen or not. If you believed it would happen, you'd be called a "gullible fool," and if you didn't believe it would happen, you'd be called a "nonbeliever" -- all of these usually followed by one or more emoticons. What I have noticed is that a lot of this is completely intentional, meaning that people are knowingly calling other people names with the soul purpose of getting a reaction out of the person. How is this promoting peace?

For a lot of people that believed this event, it provided a false sense of happiness, having people thinking that all their troubles would float away come Oct. 14th, whereas those who didn't believe would feel anger and sarcasm. Now that the date has just about finished, those who were originally happy are now sad and depressed, and those who were originally angry and sarcastic are now boastful and...sarcastic (I guess that one didn't change). Even worse, in my opinion, is those that felt glee the entire time, knowing they were "getting off" to everybody's turmoil.

Finally, much love was not had during this time. Sure, some people put signatures like "With much love, Commander so-and-so," but love is not supposed to be annoying if it is genuine. Before this event happened, there was much love from the believers and much hatred from the disbelievers; now, there is much confusion from the believers and 10x the hatred from the disbelievers.

In reality, this event has done the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do. Was it Blossom Goodchild's original intention? Maybe, maybe not, but whatever the case may be, if she wants to continue to promote the message she claims that she wants to spread, she would need to stop her channeling altogether and go into a different field lest she be seen as a hypocrite.

Looking back on this event, one has to consider all the possibilities:

· Blossom Goodchild really did believe a ship of light was coming today, and she is as shocked as the rest of the believers; the ship decided not to come today for some unforeseen reason
· Blossom Goodchild somewhat believed a ship of light was coming today, but as her prediction spiraled out of control, she lost control, and now she will spin it to benefit her somehow
· Blossom Goodchild was an intelligent hoaxer and was out to make a quick buck; if asked for reasoning, she would probably say "who was dumber, the false prophet or those who believed her?" (which is topsy-turvy logic to begin with)
· This event was actually a government/shadow/other project to test the public's reaction to such a bold prediction
· This event was actually a government/shadow/other project to have a solid point of reference with referring to other predictions in the future

Option 1 seems plausible. For all we know, Blossom Goodchild may have a mental condition and really believed what she was saying. If this is the case, she needs to get some help and sort out her problems while returning any money she made on any material related to Oct. 14th. Option 2 is somewhat plausible. I believe another Ufologist spun the truth around a bit, causing him to lose all credibility. Perhaps Blossom Goodchild believed her prediction, but due to pressure, decided to spice it up. This does not excuse her spinning it to her advantage, though. Option 3 seems to be highly evident to most people, but if it is true that she did this all just to make a quick buck, she used the most inefficient way of hoaxing that I have ever seen -- unless that was the intent. Option 4, although plausible, is highly unlikely. Organizations can use other methods of testing public reaction than a woman and an Internet hoax.

What I truly think it will ultimately come out to is closest to Option 5. Whether this was the main objective or not by the government, a shadow organization, Internet pranksters, etc., does not matter. The point is that few people are going to believe these types of predictions in the future when presented with this hoax. In most cases, this WILL be a good thing, since it should lessen irrational overreactions to predictions, but what bothers me is that it might get overused and be brought up for EVERY prediction in the UFO field -- and beyond. What if people start bringing this hoax up for stock market predictions, natural events, economic conditions, etc.? In the seldom chance an expert comes on ATS and gives a little inside information about what will happen in the next weeks or months in the U.S. with no proof other than his word, will the Blossom Goodchild hoax be brought up in his topic?

What I think should be learned from this are three main points: Overreacting is NEVER good and does nothing but cause headaches, people WILL take advantage of the situation if it provides them laughs, and, with these two activities being employed, peace, happiness, and love will most definitely NOT take place.

We need to move forward with caution, and deny ignorance.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 06:42 PM
All Oct. 14th UFO topics are to be discussed here:

GFL spaceship to appear Oct. 14th

Thread closed.


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