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Who benifits if the Goverment buys banks that fail?

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posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 07:45 AM
I was pondering last night.. Since the government/s do not speak for the people, who then do they really speak for?

Oh thats right... special interests groups who influence the government with finances.

So a clearer picture is to me is that companies and corporations are pushing for the governments to own the banks. Since there was no consensus with the public view on the matter. Since these entities, companies and corporations, own the government/s they now wish to own the banks as well buy having the governments step in with PUBLIC FUNDS to own shares within a bank or the bank in whole...

And at the cost of the taxpayer since it is their funds that will be buying these banks.

I live in Canada.. and we have elections today.. on my way to work this morning.. I saw two individuals waving political signs at a street corner. They were waving and nodding to the pedestrians and drivers passing by. I have no ideal who these individuals were or what their opinions were on Canada or its citizens.

The only thing that came to mind was their mindless, robotic, gestures as though they were my friend or individuals who were cherry and wanted those they interacted with to vote for their party due to their demure.

One of the individuals I noticed "robotically" nodded her head to each car as they drove by. I doubt she cared one iota of who as in each car and what their concerns are about this country.

Reminds me of the guy in a suit who had a huge sign over his head a few weeks ago doing the same thing.

These candidates make promises and recommendations.. but when elected.. sit back and collect a big fat free salary from the people for the term of their office without worrying about loosing their jobs because they cannot be accountable for not fulfilling their words/promises.

They did not take the "oath" before being elected....


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