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Dirty RICE Cries for more PRIVATE time to defend Job

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posted on Mar, 26 2004 @ 06:09 AM
Man, I am FED UP with Condi Rice. She testified 4 and half hours IN PRIVATE already. Won't testify in public. The 9/11 families are furious in protest of her hiding behind White House privelege. And NOW...

CNN: Rice Seeks More Time Before 9/11 Panel to Defend Against Charges

She's all scared of Dick Clarke's comments! Boo hoo... Aunti Condi had her lawyer request more PRIVATE time late last night in front of the 9/11 commission to DEFEND HER JOB. What a chronic misuse and abuse of the commision and it's time.

Clarke must have hit a nerve with the truth about Condi. She's INCOMPETENT. Otherwise she wouldn't be hiding in private and now asking for more time JUST TO ANSWER CLARKE. She's already been all over the news for days answering Clarke and talking about her 9/11 duties despite the fact she claims she can't do it on the record for the Comission. What a squirmy, indefensible, incompetent, self serving, ass covering, waste of space.

Clare was right. She IS incompetent. She had her chance... now the commision is bending the rules so the Bush administration can spin her a defense for political reasons only. Off with her head.

To hell with Dirty Rice.

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posted on Mar, 26 2004 @ 07:00 AM
Condy Rice refuses to go under oath and testify but she is willing to lie outright on TV to the American public!!!

She cries on TV about it being a precedent of the needs for national security.


Why won't she go before the 911 com?

Shes a lawyer, she does not want to purjor herself under oath, because she would then be disbarred and unable to practice law ever again once caught in all of those lies!!!

Right after her TV interviews she had done, Thom Hartmann was on his radio show calling out each of her statements & every point she made and smashed it with past whitehouse documents, many directly from her or her office, proving all statements made now to be lies and fabrications, purely for CYA!!!

I mean really, these BOZO's can't even get there own documented stories straight? It is going to be fun watching them all squirm under this microscope.
Like frying worms with a magnifying glass!!!

The bushonian cabal is falling down hard and it is over!!!

Get on back to crawford shrub, don't let the door hit ya in the arse on the way out!! Oh, and take all these ugly rat-bastards with ya!!!

Wishful Thinking:
Hey shrub, make sure you right a check back to the American people for all the money you and your cronies have stolen over the last 4 years; one from you, one from cheney, one from rumsfeld, one from powell and a bunch of em from your corporate pirates that have managed to gut our economy over the last 4 years!!!

Yeah well, I guy can dream can't he? Not that any of them could even put a dent into the enormous deficit and debt left by these so called fiscal conservatives.

Take back America in November 2004!!!

posted on Mar, 26 2004 @ 08:14 AM
Ascertaining their technical core competencies is a linear, easy exercise, as 1+1 will always equel 2.
But the thing that gets them on board for the long term is the determination of their character - something crucial to our partenering & professional success.
So, you learn to pick up the signs of how someone responds to behavioral interview type of question.

My findings after watching ALL of the players?

Clarke - unrehearsed from the frontal lobe answers. Uncalculated.

Rice - scripted, trying to hit all points previously laid out in whatever pre-stage meeting of the minds that developed them. Not a good public persona; she's consistently stuck in an artificial 'game face' scowl. Truth does not lock your facial expression into a scowl.....but the opposite does.

Rumsfield - unscripted but lying. Tremendous ego and a sense of entitlement as well as superiority is his angle. His backpeddle performance last Sunday from questions put forth by Tom Friedman indicated true confusion - a normally loyal scribe actually confronted the glaring inconsistencies in Rumsfield public statements and Rummy was shocked - partially because he believes his own BS.

Cheney - the most scripted behind Bush. Cheney, in the position of the attack dog, has his script compiled for shock effect as well as fabrication.

Spokemans Scott McCllelan - border line nervous breakdown. Actuall 'ticks' have become increasingly evident with his trouble on mouthing the lies.

Bush - scripted and likely on some type of audio feed. The epitome of an empty vessel. If they could get the reciever in thorugh security, I would almost gurantee that he is being fed his lines are the occassions that he seems lucent.

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