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Has Anyone Seen This Video Before? Watch The UFO Be Tracked

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 10:08 PM

Anyone see this before? It's fascinating. I cant remember where I got this from

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 10:10 PM
This one is actually kinda old. I've seen it many times before.
Though I have no memory of it's origin.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 10:30 PM
reply to post by Shino

This was filmed by Alberto Meyer, an italian amateur astronomer, on April 29, 2007. He shared a folder of his server in order to discuss it with some experts. But someone found it using Google P2P Search, downloaded it and uploaded to Google Video.

The video was originally located here:

Alberto Meyer, the guy who filmed the UFO (an amateur astronomer) shared it in a SPECIFIC discussion board, because he was interested in some explanation. What made the objects difficult to explain was its apparent u-turn. I did emailed Alberto, this was his first reply, via email:

the object only "apparently" changes its path: we can see the change of path if we do not consider that the focus was on the Moon. But, since the Moon was/is NOT still, and the focus was on the Moon, the apparent result is similar to the one of an object which changes path. The object NEVER changed its path: just a few times changed its speed. We debated it some time ago: at the discussion partecipated even the French scientist who discovered one of the newest moons of Saturn: after the discussion and the scientific analysis of the technical data, we assested that it was most likely a balloon which diameter was between 11 and 15 inches, at an altitude of approx 4 miles.
You probably downloaded the excel file in which the data about the subtraction of the movement of the moon is missing.

The size and the altitude were assessed beyond a reasonable doubt.
The problem was the apparent turn, but actually no turn took place

The telescope was tracking the Moon, so in order to see the real movement of the object you should "subtract" the movement of the Moon.
The documentation (provided by Alberto in the board where it was originally discussed)was available in the link i've provided above: to watch the video without considering that data is useless and deceiving: those data contains the values to be applied to the motion and the appearance of the UFO. This type of videos has to be watched with the documentation in the hands.
Here's the full documentation, and the description translated from the original .PDF file released with the video:

Subject: UTO
Date: Lunedì, 25 giugno 2007 15:34
Packing List:
June 25, 2007 Note:
Note: even if the name of this ZIP file has not been changed
I recently added the main AVI file (that was on a different server).
Now all the available files and data are stored into this single ZIP file


- UFO-Doublesize- Aligned.avi
A short sequence (300 frames) doublesized, aligned and croopped.

070429-Unidentified-Object / Doublesize-Aligned

- UFO-DoubleSize- StackComparison. jpg

The stacking of the above mentioned movie with some gamma and sharpness variations.

- 070429-Unidentified Lunar Spot.xls
Excel file with all the data about the observation.The file is locked (except for the yellow cell) to avoid unwanted deletions.Type
the password "password" to unlock it.

Note: the links below don't work anymore, but if someone is really interested i can ask to Alberto a new copy of the .XLS file
Anyway, please refer to this link
every now and then it works


- 070430-ReportSonda- Milano.png

- 070430-ReportSonda- Udine.png

Meteo data recorded the same night from the meteo balloons of Milano Linate and Udine.

- ASTRA sample Tracks.jpg

Image shoot by Mr. Stefano Sposetti representing the path of the ASTRA's bunch geosynchronous satellites

- 070429-h2252- GeoSync orbit tracks.png

Click HERE ( no hotlink because of the width of the pic)

The Moon position at the moment of the event (Starry Night Pro)
Have Fun!
Alberto Mayer

They have no doubts it was a balloon: the assessments made on this documentation were some hight level one, but it's perfectly understandable why the video caught so many people's attention.

Discussed on ATS:
Italian Astronomers stumble upon UFO on the Moon

Italian Astronomers Observe UFO Trek Across Moon

I hope this helps

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