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False prophets & Ravenous Wolves

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 06:09 PM
Hello to all, I am new to this site and this is my first real internet post on the NWO.

First of all I have been a reader, listener, viewer of the vast amount of information on the net.

I class myself as a "positive skeptic"

While I have seen many prophecies come to pass in that time it is still not concrete enough to pass judgment and say yes without doubt everything that is said is true.

It would be foolishness on my part to deny that there is indeed a plan afoot to bring about a "new world order" any man who denied such a thing would be either uninformed or a fool.

Again it would be foolishness to believe that there is no financial elite within the world and equally foolish to reject that there are very powerful families that are related, we all know the monarchies of europe were all related and people with that much power dont just "disapear"

So, yes I believe there is a plan for a nwo that is probably been devised by the elite financial and aristocratic/blue blood power. However the form this will take, its ideology maybe entirely different from what we have seen previously, perhaps an imalgimation of many different idiologys we have no real way of telling, the only indicator we have is how society is developing.

While I believe the world will take on more and more the apperence of a facisist world

I also see a world emerginng that appears to have a socialist/communist/capitalist ecconomic structure, socialist/communist in that it will be partially regulated..i.e controlled by the state/political power, capitalist in that it will be partially free to stimulate ecconomic growth.

While the political/governmental/social order seems to be going down the lines of slightly communist but mostly fascist. communist in the rejection of religion, i see a potential for a global major war in the mideast with three abrahamic religions used as a scapegote (funded extreeme islam, ashkenazi jews, and the western leaders under the guise of Christian fundementalism) to "destroy" these religions, and fascism as a police state. fascism is famous for nazi germany and its holocaust of 6 million jews. The communist soviet union religion banned and under josef stalin accountable for a 40 million holocaust of catholics.

With Christians Jews and muslems making up near enough 3.5 billion of the world populance a wholesale destruction of these religions and their adherents would give a good start in the depopulation of the world

Is it plausable that these three idiologys that were mere experiments of the 20th centuary are going to be combined into a "new world order"

Pope John Paul II was elected in 1978 he was from the eastern communist block, he played the major role in the destruction of communism and freed the east

Is it co-incidence that his successor pope B16 lived through the facist regime of hitler, even forced to serve in the hitler youth... his mission "the evangalisation of the west"

pope alluding to illuminati as "false prophets" and "ravenous wolves"

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 06:31 PM
Also see Pope Pius XI warning that there exists an Ecconomic elite bent on corruption of state and global dictatorship etc in his encyclical "Quadragesimo Anno

103. But, with the diffusion of modern industry throughout the whole world, the "capitalist" economic regime has spread everywhere to such a degree, particularly since the publication of Leo XIII's Encyclical, that it has invaded and pervaded the economic and social life of even those outside its orbit and is unquestionably impressing on it its advantages, disadvantages and vices, and, in a sense, is giving it its own shape and form.

104. Accordingly, when directing Our special attention to the changes which the capitalist economic system has undergone since Leo's time, We have in mind the good not only of those who dwell in regions given over to "capital" and industry, but of all mankind.

105. In the first place, it is obvious that not only is wealth concentrated in our times but an immense power and despotic economic dictatorship is consolidated in the hands of a few, who often are not owners but only the trustees and managing directors of invested funds which they administer according to their own arbitrary will and pleasure.

106. This dictatorship is being most forcibly exercised by those who, since they hold the money and completely control it, control credit also and rule the lending of money. Hence they regulate the flow, so to speak, of the life-blood whereby the entire economic system lives, and have so firmly in their grasp the soul, as it were, of economic life that no one can breathe against their will.

107. This concentration of power and might, the characteristic mark, as it were, of contemporary economic life, is the fruit that the unlimited freedom of struggle among competitors has of its own nature produced, and which lets only the strongest survive; and this is often the same as saying, those who fight the most violently, those who give least heed to their conscience.

108. This accumulation of might and of power generates in turn three kinds of conflict. First, there is the struggle for economic supremacy itself; then there is the bitter fight to gain supremacy over the State in order to use in economic struggles its resources and authority; finally there is conflict between States themselves, not only because countries employ their power and shape their policies to promote every economic advantage of their citizens, but also because they seek to decide political controversies that arise among nations through the use of their economic supremacy and strength.
109. The ultimate consequences of the individualist spirit in economic life are those which you yourselves, Venerable Brethren and Beloved Children, see and deplore: Free competition has destroyed itself; economic dictatorship has supplanted the free market; unbridled ambition for power has likewise succeeded greed for gain; all economic life has become tragically hard, inexorable, and cruel. To these are to be added the grave evils that have resulted from an intermingling and shameful confusion of the functions and duties of public authority with those of the economic sphere - such as, one of the worst, the virtual degradation of the majesty of the State, which although it ought to sit on high like a queen and supreme arbitress, free from all partiality and intent upon the one common good and justice, is become a slave, surrendered and delivered to the passions and greed of men. And as to international relations, two different streams have issued from the one fountain-head: On the one hand, economic nationalism or even economic imperialism; on the other, a no less deadly and accursed internationalism of finance or international imperialism whose country is where profit is.

Remedies here

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by Catholic

Well I don't agree that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism were experiments of the twentieth century. However, I think it is quite clear that certain individuals among the power elite have taken it upon themselves to commit evil acts while hiding behind masks of these three major religions.

Think about it. In order to bring the globalist agenda to fruition, some type of eclectic one world spirituality will also need to be established. But the holdouts will need to be eliminated before that can happen. So who is most likely to hold back from joining the one world religion? The answer is Christianity, Judaism and Islam. All three of them have good reason to distrust globalism in any form. And the power elites know it.

What better way to eliminate them than to set them up to look like they are the ones holding the world back from world peace and spiritual evolution to the Globalist Christ Consciousness? Get everyone hating them, and nobody will miss them when they are taken out of the picture.

A very sneaky and nefarious plan.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 08:34 PM
I just wrote a paper on why organized religion should be abolished.Started a thread to get some ideas going on the topic as well.The thread was taken over by some fundamentalist endtimers,telling me that I was working for the anti-christ,and this is what he would want,and blah blah blah:bnghd:

I think that the worlds organized religions ARE holding us back.One world government IS the future of the world,whether we like it or not.It does not have to be a bad thing,but it probably will be for many reasons.First,I do not think that the pope has our best interests at heart,just like Judaism and Islam do not.They are only interested in their organizations coming out on top.The sooner people recognize this fact,the sooner we can do something about it.The power these people have been given is a disgrace and the biggest fleecing of the public the world has ever seen.Nationalism has also stifled our technological growth.It used to be the thing that spurred technological growth,it has however,lost its effectiveness.

We,as people,have very little say in the matter,citizens the world over have been and are in the process of being programmed,de-fanged,and de-clawed.We can fight this all we want to.Our fight will be used against us.They will portray freedom fighters on the news as terrorists to take guns away from the rest of us.Even people in this Patriot movement have some severe differences that can be exploited and used against us.You can talk all you want about how tough you are,and how they will not get you,and thats fine,I hope it makes you feel better now,because that is all it can do and it will change nothing.

Sure,the pope writes very pretty and it will make you feel better that he is addressing some of these issues,but that is all it will do.Make you feel better.I do not have any illusions about the role the catholic church has played in the annals of human history,and am willing to bet a pile of Nazi gold in the Vatican basement that this pointy hatted man is in the know and in on this scheme.

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posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 07:28 AM
"Well I don't agree that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism were experiments of the twentieth century. "

Sorry I was unclear, I meant that Communism, Facism and Capitalism were perhaps experiments of the 20th Centuary.

"Think about it. In order to bring the globalist agenda to fruition, some type of eclectic one world spirituality will also need to be established."

I dont think it needs to be, but it would be prudent of the elite to do so, since man by nature is a spiritual being, any "order" based on absolute athiesm could not stand for long.

"What better way to eliminate them than to set them up to look like they are the ones holding the world back from world peace and spiritual evolution to the Globalist Christ Consciousness? Get everyone hating them, and nobody will miss them when they are taken out of the picture"

Kind of like a "forced rapture" as religious people start to disapear, other believers think its the "rapture"

".One world government IS the future of the world"

Actually its the history of the world, The Roman Empire controlled the entire known world. Its own Corruption and Christianity brought that to its knees. Its not that a world order is bad it is that it must be done by those whom we can trust.

Interesting that when the Roman empire fell the Church took over and governed each individual state through the monarchies of europe, it wasnt until the discovery of the new world (America) and the pope's decision to give the land to the spanish (south) and the French(north). that the Monarchies funded a reformation in the 1500's that over through Vatican control on the monarchies.

In a sense after the reformation (protestantism was the new world order) and protetantism was forced upon the people of europe, the counter reformation emancipated the Catholic faithful but England and the Anglo saxon communities remained protestant. As we know north America became British... What Am I to believe that all king henry VIII wanted to was get a divorce or his hands on the "new world".

There are members of the protestant feternity who believe it is there vocation to usher in the anti Christ, to carry out the prophecies in the bible, the bible warns us against these people as false prophets and wolves and will the establish the anti christ. These elite "protestants" those who are decendents of the european monarchy who funded the reformation are wolves in sheeps clothing...i.e Satanists masqurading as Christians.

This Project blue beam theory is a concern to me.... such a thing would indeed be very decieving...even to the elect.

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