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The fiat money system is a ponzi scheme

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 05:52 PM
As more people demand a better lifestyle this year than they did the year before, more money needs to be added to the system to meet the soaring demand for cash and electronic credits. And the money seems to be free for anyone who has enough influence and knows the right people. Need a bailout and you know Bob, hey no problem.

I think the rise in the stock market today is a reaction to the news that the government will continue to supply an unlimited amount of money to everyone who wants to play.

So if the money supply is endless that means that the price of everything can also start to increase, including the stock market, to keep up with the inflating money supply. It looks to me like the governments of the world are now prepared to hyper-inflate as one to make sure that the stock market goes up.

So I'm thinking that the shrewd investors made the wise money move and started buying as much as they could because they know that everything will cost more in the very near future.

And there seems to be a downside risk for people, who make a bad investment decision because anyone that knows Bob the bailout king has zero risk.

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