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ENDLESS amount of Government BAILOUTS and INSURANCE

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 04:55 PM
Does it worry anyone else what the world governments are doing to reassure the world markets. making false promises of...INFINATE FUNDS, FULL INVESTMENT INSURANCE, Endless bail outs.

How can someone take the government seriously when they say, WE WILL INSURE EVERY DEPOSIT! Thats not possible! It would bankrupt the government if it did happen, and if that honestly did happen there probably wouldn't be a government by this point.

Its kind of like me saying, (if i have $100,000) to all my friends. If you get into a car wreck, i will buy you all new cars. Maybee one or two, but if they all get in wrecks theres no way i can help the.

These government bailouts and insurance are useless, there just word play to make us feel better. All they are doing is just gambling their entire economies in the hopes everyone buys it and goes, WOW EVERYTHING IS INSURED! I CANT LOSE! Its a carnival game! It just looks better than it really is. The people running the carnival booth know exactly what the scam is.

I am jsut sick of these false promises being spit out to make us feel better. They are They are jstu saying anything to get the markets to rebound.

So im going to do the same thing as the government.

I will personally insure the world markets up to INFINATE AMOUNTS OF MONEY! against bank failures.... Yeah it sounds good right! Well i just hope to god i dont have to actually fallow through , because i cant....just like the governments.


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