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Nonsense? Schmonsense!

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 06:07 AM

Nonsense? Schmonsense!

The article is in Dutch but my comment explains most of it's dealings. Have fun!
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 06:07 AM
My name is Nicky v. Rijn from the Netherlands. I'm 21 years old. From the time I woke up in this reality I've always felt that our fate as humanity has been connected with the fate of extraterrestial entities. I've always had "knowledge" of this fact as if this was implanted in my DNA. I used to be very depressed about the world situation and the fact that people are desocialising in this world. From age 6 to 14 I didn't see my place in this world and even thought of suicide a lot. I've never made this a secret for i'm proud of the fact that my world vision has changed greatly.

My biggest problem in life was understanding why this world was such a mess until I discovered a lot of hidden information.
To give you a logical summary of this information I will use a theory I discovered a few days ago on the website (Dutch). It comes from a book written in 1935 called "Our Enemy, The State" by Alber Jay Nock.

It explains that our human consciousness in this world (Earth) is divided into 8 global "veils" of information. These "veils" can be penetrated to come to a better understanding of the world around us.

The 1st veil is the realisation that you yourself can keep yourself alive by eating and following other basic human needs. This is essential and every "living" person on this planet understands this.

Crossing the 2nd veil you discover world politics; this gives you the revelation that you can influence this worlds events by participating in the political domain and really change something. Only 10% of the people behind the 1st veil realize this.

Crossing the 3rd veil shows you that almost al natural resources including people atm are being controlled by a small group of dominant families on Earth. The basis of our world economy. Only 10% of the people behind the 2nd veil realize this.

Penetrating the 4th veil uncovers the fact that there are and always have been secret societies like the Illuminati and the Freemasons (yes, I know you are reading) who use their knowledge of the occult to keep the masses under complete control. Only 10% of the people behind the 3nd veil realize this.

The info behind the 5th veil will tell you that these secret societies are SO technologically capable that time-travel and interstellar communications are among their possibilities. This makes controlling the masses even easier. Only 10% of the people behind the 4th veil realize this.

Uncovering the 6th veil shows you there is reason to believe that the Reptilian demons from our darkest dreams are no hoax; they are real and are controlling the secret societies on Earth! Only 10% of the people behind the 5th veil realize this.

The 7th veil is a veil not many of us have passed and it is stated that only people like Ghandi had such a great understanding of this reality to be able to pierce it.

The 8th veil will reveal the energy of God itself (not a religious God; God = All energy in this multiverse) and I have yet to meet a human being that passed this veil.

People who see behind the 6th veil or higher want to exchange their knowledge but will find incredible resistence when doing so. They will be labelled "crazy" or "delusional" as expected.

Most people are behind the 1st and 2nd veils; people behind the 1st are the cannon fodder for today's armies and people behind the 2nd veil are the coöperative voters who together hold this "fraud of the age" together. Increasingly people behind the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th veil are coöperating with the powers that be because the see personal gain in this way of life.

The article states that only about 60.000 people on this planet can comprehend the REAL truth behind this and will thus always be labelled as "deviations" from the norm(al).

I wanted to share this information because I'm going to make my point now and with this introduction it will be clear to you what I mean. About 2 years ago a very important book about the Pleiadian civilisation crossed my path. It told me that we are all playing this "game" together in the multiverse and that our Pleiadian souls choose to "merge" with physical bodies like a human or animal body to experience this dimensions' "rollercoaster ride". It also explains that the human body has been developed by an intergalactic coöperation to be the ultimate "carapace" for the soul.

It tells me that in this particular world there is a power struggle going on which is meant to happen because this is the "game" we chose before coming here. The NWO, the reptilians, the human "herd", all players and aspects of the same game. See it as some kind of "matrix". We chose "this" particular scenario to experience how it feels to evolve from a simple human controlled by an renegade government to a new form of human that is really a "part of god" and can do anything.

I really believe this change is underway but I can't give any facts; just my gut feeling, thousands of theories and the realisation that more and more people are speaking about something like this. AND if you delve into the subject matter itself; it all connects. When viewing the world from this perspective it all makes sense, everything is here to be lesson for us. It just sums up. I have yet to uncover something I can't understand since I've known about these theories.

My conclusion is a bit awkward for some of you maybe; but here it comes. Don't you see that there has been increasing amount of activity around the 14th of Oct.? Don't you think it's odd that this is the first time a prediction has literally spread throughout every corner of the world? Do you think it's a coïncidence? Or do you have that strange feeling in your gut that domething is happening; something BIG; but you can't say what? Here I come to the conclusion that if you have studied all of this knowledge intensely it is VERY probable that something IS going to happen the 14 of Oct.
No Nonsense
Even the Mayans speak of this date....
You can say what you want but this is my feeling and it won't be long until i'm proven right or wrong.
I don't mind being any of both and if I'm wrong, it will just be a lesson for me so please don't flame me cause I just laugh at silly responses and might even like your comment

Love and Peace to all!!!
(visit the link for the full news article)

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